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Best Camping Sites in Batangas

Have you ever wondered why going somewhere, say the outdoors, make you happy and feel recharged? This is because certain activities and outdoor elements naturally induce your happy and feel-good hormones. These fuel us to go through our hustles. Once in a while, we all need to escape the hustle, constricting walls and the concrete jungle. We deserve a change of scenery, to just sleep under the stars, breathe in some fresh air. Sure, such getaways could mean relaxing luxurious trips. But, you’ve also got options. Wouldn’t it be nice to be simply spending your days at peace in campsites? If you’re from the south and are planning to do so, here are few of the best camping sites in Batangas that you might want to check out and visit soon!

Decathlon's Quechua 2 Second Pop Up Tent
Quechua 3 seconds pop up tent and foldable camping chair from Decathlon Philipines

Gulugod Baboy

If you would love to camp at the summit with a beguiling view of sunrise and sunset, stunning landscapes, islands and the seas without enduring hours of trek, then Gulugod Baboy is the place to be. It is honestly one of the best camping sites in Batangas. Though a minor climb, you can get to its summit and campsite the easiest way through driving straight to the parking lot that is just a five-minute trek to your destination.

The campsites offer a view of Batangas, Balayan Bay, Verde, Sombrero and Maricaban Islands and even that of Mindoro’s. Unlike any other campsites, there are convenience stores near the parking lot (though items sold are limited to food and drinks) and some toilets and bathroom stalls.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy's campsite, one the best camping sites in Batangas
Gulugod Baboy’s Campsite

After a night at the summit, you can always drive to nearby resorts at its foot for a refreshing dip and dive in the ocean. Among the best things to do after the camp is to snorkel around as Anilao is a home to a healthy and thriving reef.

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Fortune Island

The Acropolis of Fortune Island

Fortune Island is seated off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas. It used to be an exclusive luxury island resort which was closed eventually due to the lack of fresh water source. The island is also said to be prone to devastating typhoons due to its location. Despite its abandonment in 2006, the island kept its charm with the remnants of its luxury standing still. In 2016, a different management opened the island to anyone who would like to visit it.

Apart from camping and beach bumming, the visiting tourists could also enjoy activities such as cliff jumping, snorkeling or diving, trekking to the acropolis and star gazing at night. Take note though that there’s no electricity, fresh water source and convenience stores in the island. Hence, it is a must that you bring everything that you need on your trip. Further, if you intend to visit the island, you should know that you are likely to take an hour of a battling-with-waves kind of boat ride. Thus, it is encouraged that you travel to and leave it early in the morning or not later than noon. Its jump off is some two to three hours drive from the metro.

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Layag-Layag Beach

Layag-Layag beach is located in a cove at Brgy. Papaya in Nasugbu, Batangas. It became one of the top favorite budget-friendly beaches to visit in Batangas around 2016, booming 2017. The beach has a stretch of creamy white sand, clear waters with a thriving marine life to enjoy if you love snorkeling and diving. Aside from swimming and snorkeling, the visitors could enjoy taking pictures at the rock formations, cliff jumping and also island hopping as it is just few minutes away from the other natural attractions that the town has.

After a few years of fame, the Local Government Unit closed the beach for a while due to the negative impacts of overtourism. It went under a rehabilitation; then, opened to public once again. Visiting the cove requires several minutes of a chill boat ride after two to three hours drive from the metro.

Shall you decide to visit, expect the most basic accommodation in the beach – no electricity, no fresh water source, toilets, nor convenience stores. This is why most tourists would only opt to visit the beach for a day.

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Manuel Uy Beach

If you are a drive, park and camp by the beach enthusiast, then Manuel Uy Beach could be good for you. Manuel Uy is a beach and camping site in Batangas where convenience is guaranteed. It has several toilets and showers, nearby resort with a restaurant, beach rangers who also clean the beach right there and then. If you do not have tents, tables, you may rent from the entrance. Shall you want to set up a hammock, there are lots of trees around that would allow you to do so. They even set up a charging station but charging each gadget has a price. Parking isn’t much of a problem as long as you arrive early.

Manuel Uy Beach aerial view

The beach is wide enough to hold hundreds of tourists at a time. It has crystal clear waters at some part with some areas filled with sea grass. There’s just one thing that you need to know about: the waters are shallow. Hence, you need to walk farther to be able to at least enjoy a dip.

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COVID-19 Travel Updates and Requirements

As of the moment only Layag-Layag Beach, Gulugod Baboy and Fortune Island are open to public. If you are visiting these places, make sure that you’ll bring a three-day valid Medical Certificate and a valid ID (For Layag Layag Beach). The Manuel Uy Beach Resort Management recently stated through their official Facebook page that they temporarily closed and will let everyone know if they are opening soon.

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Best Camping Sites in Batangas, in a Nutshell

It’s indeed fun to be spending our weekends or days off close to nature to recharge. However, we should remember that as we enjoy the outdoors, we also have a responsibility to keep some things untouched as much as possible and leave it undamaged. In this way, other people could also enjoy what nature has to offer.

These are just few of the many camping sites in Batangas. If you live by the metro and you feel like taking a quick breather, here are some place to be. Were you able to visit any of these or other camping sites not in our list? Let us know about it through the comments section!

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