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Camp Raya Adventure Resort, Bauan, Batangas

Has spontaneity hit you so hard that you’re tucked in bed at 4:00 AM and that the next thing you know is that you are awake at 5 in the morning in a ride with your backpack going to a paradise? Well, this is what happened to us recently and I’d say it made us instant newbie freedivers.

This ‘spontaneity’ took us to the underwater paradise of Bauan, Batangas. With no plans at all, we hit the road and crashed into Batangas’ very own version of bikini bottom – one of the most favorite freediving spots in Batangas.
    This laid back place at the south looks plain and normal above sea level. We expected at least a stretch of sand at the shore. But then, there was nothing but rocks and diving platforms.

Upon our arrival in Camp Raya Adventure Resort, we settled our stuff at a nipa hut, enjoyed our welcome drinks, wasted no time and got our diving gears.
Beginners could go snorkeling just around the diving area because the water is shallow in that place. Life jackets and buoy are also available at a price. 
But if you want to go freediving in Batangas, make sure you have a buddy and you at least know how to do it. Bladimir (Bladimir Dagat Remigio on Facebook) gave us freediving lessons. So there, after the orientation, we went into the waters not knowing what its bottom has to offer.

We weren’t ready to duck dive yet. lol. So we tried going deeper with the ropes at first.

The sea got us like, “Wait for it“. IT WAS SERIOUSLY AWESOME DOWN THERE! I was in awe and lost in the reverie the moment I laid my eyes with the goggles on underwater. There were at least ten kinds of fish (I could name and recall some of them though like the angel fish, jack fish, parrot fish, sword fish lol) that I have seen hurling over someone who throws food at them. It was such a glorious scene for me. Few meters from it is was something like 10 feet or deeper. There were giant clams and other fishes swimming in synchronization. Also, it was said that it was a spot where the resident turtle stays.

Gear Rental

You can rent fins, masks and snorkeling gears
1. short fins – Php 150.00
2. Life vest – Php 50.00
3. Diving/Snorkeling masks – Php 150.00
4. Aqua shoes/booties – Php 100.00
5. SCUBA BCD – Php 350.00
6. Regulator – Php 350.00
7. Tank – Php 250.00
8. Wetsuit – Php 300.00

What’s also not to miss in this place is the sunset. It is quite a perfect to relieve you from the tiresome floating and diving into the waters all day and it completes the laid back package of the place.

How to Get There

1. From Buendia, take a DLTB Co. Liner bus bound for Lemery. Alight at Xentro Mall Lemery. Fare is at Php 178.00.
2. Take a trycicle going to Lemery Public Market (Php 10.00 head). Tell the driver to drop you off Bagsakan Area.
3. From Bagsakan, take a pink/red trycicle going to Binukbok Parking, Brgy. San Luis, Balite. Fare is at Php 25.00.
4. Contact the staff to pick you up with the service boat and take you to the resort.


Should you decide to stay for a night, Camp Raya Adventure Resort offers a variety of accommodation type. The indicated rates include boat ride to and from the jump off point (parking area), overnight tent type of accommodation with beds, linens and blankets, full board meals (lunch, snacks, dinner, breakfast, lunch for the next day), coffee and drinking water and use of salt-water pool.

1. Tent/ Camping – Php 1,350.00 per head

This type can accommodate up to three persons. Take note that there are no electric fans, light bulbs and outlets at the tents. Charging of gadgets can be done at the common area.

2. Cabana – Php 1,500.00 per head

The Cabana can accommodate 4 to six persons. There’s a source of light installed. It is quite laid-back and relaxing as it also faces the sunset and the ocean.

3. Bamboo room – Php 1,550.00 per person

The room can accommodate 4 to 6 persons. There is a fan installed inside. There are also sockets, too.

4. Studio Room – Php 1,650.00 per head

The room can accommodate 2 to 3 persons only. This room comes with an air-conditioning unit.

5. Dorm-type room – Php 1,850.00

The air-conditioned room can accommodate 6 to 10 persons. 

Tips and Reminders

1. make sure reservations are made before you come to the place. We were lucky enough we’re well accommodated because it isn’t a day during the peak season.
2. There are no convenient stores at the cove so it is advisable that you bring food enough for your stay. You can buy some at the Lemery Public Market. You can also use their cooking utensils but you gotta do it with the basic set up. If you weren’t able to bring some, they can cook for you, too! Food is sumptuous, seriously!
3. As for the signal and Wi-Fi, HSPA+ is guaranteed, though. Electricity isn’t much of a problem.
4. Further, make sure that you bring enough sun protection with you. The underwater scene is quite addicting that it would probably make you stay for hours in the waters.
5. If you’re gonna do it DIY like what we did, make sure that you’ll be in Batangas Grand Terminal or any other terminals before 10:00pm. Or else, you will be taking the ride home the next day at 4:00 or 5:00am.

Hope this helps! Send me some love, though, if it did!

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.


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