Work with me

Work with Me

The Queen’s Escape has had collaboration with different local and international brands, tour agencies, hotel and resorts and several establishments related to diving and traveling in the past years to present. It has mainly contributed to the marketing goals of its partners through the services that it offers.

Media Kit

A collaboration with the Queen’s Escape could also mean a promotion and exposure to over 86,000 followers on Facebook, 25,900 followers on Tiktok and almost 23,400 highly-engaged followers on Instagram. Further, its website has over 30,000 to 40,000 views on a monthly basis.

The Queen’s Escape Brand Collaboration

Mostly, the Queen’s Escape travel blog and vlog works with brands and establishments whose visions and missions are aligned with its advocacies including Sustainability at large, Responsible Traveling or Tourism, Ocean Conservation, Health and Fitness. The following local and international brands are the ones that this travel blog and vlog has worked with:

Services Offered

  1. Sponsored posts
  2. Online flagship in pages and website through links and product placement in photos and videos
  3. Brand Ambassadorship and Affiliation
  4. Honest, detailed and professional reviews
  5. Professional photos and videos which you are welcome to use commercially or for your own purposes


For sponsorship or collaboration, you may reach The Queen’s Escape Travel Blog and Vlog’s administrator through the following platforms:

InstagramThe Queen’s Escape Official Instagram Account
FacebookThe Queen’s Escape Official Facebook Page

Send us a message and let us work together!