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Bacalla Woods Campsite 2021 Travel Guide + Review

The urban is undeniably suffocating. Noise here and there fills our head everyday. The routine of getting up for work and going home to sleep tires us utterly. Often times, we crave for something that could loosen these things up – a break from the usual. Just when we thought that the life with instant and convenience is all we need, the world has something far more to offer than that – far more beautiful found in simplicity. This is what Bacalla Woods Campsite makes us realize. A cabin in the woods with a balcony facing the mountain ridges covered in luscious green and an infinity swing to throw yourself in the air together with your worries and anxieties? Shut up and get my money!

Bacalla Woods Campsite’s Cabin

About Bacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods Campsite was previously a secret hideaway of its owner, Vincent Ian Bacalla and his friends situated in a mountain side in San Fernando, Cebu. After keeping the place to themselves for a few years, it was recently opened to accommodate everyone who would like to relax over good music and stories or some bottles of light booze to share the view and chill mountain vibes they once enjoyed to themselves.

The Bacalla Woods Campsite Experience

This Bohemian rustic-themed campsite is nestled in the woods about seven kilometers away from the main road. Everything about it reminds its guests of the beauty and joy in living a simple life. There is no network signal at the site so you’re really gonna have to disconnect and leave your world and the social media behind for it is about time to connect with yourself or the people you are with and nature. What’s a day or two for that? Sometimes we really need to take some time to disconnect from the world for us to connect with people or even ourselves as it may make us realize things we do not know yet about us. Apart from that, there were also sign boards with some interesting quotes and witty rules hung around the campsite. Guests are free to move around as well at the cabin’s common area and use the dirty kitchen and the utensils.

How to Get There

1. From Cebu South Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Carcar or Oslob.
2. Alight at Eskina Ilaya. Eskina Ilaya is just past the bridge next to Pitalo church.
3. Tricycle drivers often refuse in taking tourists to Bacalla Woods so it leaves us no choice but to take the habal habal. The latter is more exciting and fun, though. From there, take a habal habal going to Bacalla Woods Campsite.
NOTE! Tell the habal driver to pick you up at your preferred time as there actually return to their parking.


1. Bus fare
Ordinary bus – Php 40.00
Aircon bus – Php 60.00
2. Entrance fees
Day Tour Php 100.00
Basic Camping Fee (for overnight stay inclusive of free breakfast) – Php 200.00
3. Habal Habal – Php 90.00/head and one way

Bacalla Woods Campsite Accommodation and Rates

1. Tent 
for 10 to 15 persons – Php 1,000.00
4 persons – Php 600.00
2 persons – Php 150.00
2. Hammock – Php 150.00
3. Fan Room – Php 1,300.00 (additional Php 200.00 for extra persons)
Guests can bring their own hammocks and tents and pay only for the basic camping fee. They also sell good quality hammocks for Php 1,600.00. They also have tents for rent in there.
You may book at: Bacalla Woods Campsite
or send an email to: bacalla.campsite@philippineextremesports.com

Things to do in Bacalla Woods Campsite

1. Get down for some good music! They have musical instruments such as percussion and guitar at the cabin
2. Swing to infinity and beyond. Entrust yourself to a skateboard held tight by a rope and hanging on a tree’s branch!
3. Ridges and Coffee. Sip some strong coffee by the balcony offering the campsite’s best view
4. Waterfalls trekking – Php 300.00 trek to Bugho Falls good for 6 persons with an additional Php 50.00 head for extra persons.
a collage of photos of a person in an infinity swing
Among the best things in this campsite is the infinity swing

Things to Remember

1. Strictly no walk-ins. They prefer being contacted for reservations prior to one’s visit. This can be done through sending a message to their official Facebook page: Bacalla Woods Campsite.
2. They only serve breakfast. Guests can bring their own food and use the dirty kitchen and the utensils with no corkage.
3. No convenience store around the vicinity. There are small variety stores at a distance and there’s one, too, by the campsite. However, the goods are only limited. Thus, it is a must to bring enough food, water and snack in your stay.
4. Since there are no network signal up there, make sure that you’ll tell the habal driver who sent you to the place to also pick you up on your preferred time.
5. Bring insect repellent.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.


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