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Discovering, Exploring and Creating Lifestyle in Lipa City, Batangas

I have passed by the city countless times because the terminal where public rides that would take me to my real destination is there. Little do I pay attention to what’s around because I’m often asleep; saving energy for all the fun that’s gonna happen soon as a I arrive to where I’m heading. well, little did I also know that I have been missing a lot in this city.

About Lipa, Batangas

Lipa is a first-class city of the province of Batangas. It is some 50 miles away from the metro and is accessible via South Luzon Expressway and STAR Tollway. It’s an ideal breather from the bustling mega Manila as it is just two hours away from it.

 It is nestled somewhere in between Mt. Maculot and the Malipunyo Mountain Range which protect it from disastrous natural phenomena like typhoons and volcanic erruptions.

It has also been considered as among the most progressive cities in Southern Luzon as investors have seen thriving potentials in it therefore different businesses crawl and rise everywhere.

Places to visit in Lipa, Batangas

There are lots of things that can be done and places to visit in the city. The list also includes the ones identified to be among the most instagrammable places in Lipa. You can go food crawling, shopping and visiting religious and historical spots in it. Among those are the following:

1. Cafe De Lipa

Lipa is known for Kapeng Barako and Cafe de Lipa is on top of the list of those who would visit the city and get a good cup of it. This coffee shop is known in the town to offer a good dose of caffeine and pastries in the city center. What I like about it is that it is a cozy and an ideal working space. Also, the roasting of their homegrown coffee beans inside the shop is quite a show.

Roasting the coffee beans! 

We got ourselves ice-blended drinks

Apart from hot and ice-blended beverages and pastries, they also sell coffee mugs, drips, gear and packs of their very own The Dark Side and coffee like Baraco, Excelsa and Arabica coming from the other parts of the Philippines.

2. Liam’s Lomi House

Liam’s Lechon Lomi

Batangas province is known for lomi, a dish made of thick egg noodles with thick egg soup. It has been offered in different parts of the province and the big question is, where can the best be found? Rumor has it that Liam’s Lomi House offers the best lomi in town for they won this lomi contest in Batangas. Hearing about it, I gave theirs a try. We waited for minutes in line and a few more for an available table. It was full house! I was even surprised to see how affordable the food in their menu is.

A meal for 6!

Once our orders are placed, we waited for others to leave then that’s when we settled. We were so surprised how big their serving is! Their bowl of lomi worth Php 75.00 is good for two to three persons already! A bill of around Php 600.00 got the six of us really full.

3. Agatha’s Cakes and Pastries

After a satisfying lunch at Liam’s, we literally just crossed the street to get some deserts. We got ourselves a box of cream puffs. Quite a desert! I expected it to be so sweet but turned out to be just fine after a bite. They also sell brownies, cookies and  cupcakes.

Red velvet cupcakes of Agatha’s

4. San Sebastian Church

Inside San Sebastian Church

I have always been fascinated by the art and architecture of Augustinian churches; and of course, it’s history. From 1605 to the 19th century, San Sebastian Churh was under the care the Augustinians.  It was relocated after the Taal Volcano eruption in 1754 destroyed it that is originally seated at the shores of Bombon Lake.

5. The Outlets

The Outlets is a newly opened lifestyle hub in Lipa. It is a one-stop place for dining, shopping and entertainment. It houses international brands with their items at a reasonable price! As of the moment, only few stores have opened.

Quite an Instagram-worthy spot, aye?

Driving around, to and from among these not-to-be-missed spots in the city made me realize things. First, everything is literally accessible in Lipa. The malls and other lifestyle hubs are just a few minutes away from one another and university, colleges and hospitals are seated along the major highway. There’s also a lot of banks around.  These make Lipa city an ideal place to live not to mention its cool climate due to its elevated location.

Considering how progressive the town is, Vista Land has chosen Lipa to be among the spots where their CoHo is soon to rise.

About The Orchard CoHo

CoHo stands for Condominium Homes, a rebrand of Camella Condo under Vista Land, one of the leading property developers and the largest homebuilder in the country. There are CoHo soon to rise in different parts of the Philippines and the one located in Batangas near Camella Lipa is called the Orchard CoHo. A vastness of 2.8 hectares is soon to house ten mid-rise buildings with all the necessary amenities and facilities such as the clubhouse, function room, fitness gym, swimming pool and play courts. It is also few minutes away from STAR Toll Exit. It is also called “University Condo” as it is nearby colleges and universities such as De La Salle Lipa, University of Batangas, Lipa City Colleges, APEC School and Canossa Academy Lipa City.

Since its buildings are midrise, construction won’t take much time and turn over is possible in just three years. The Orchard CoHo is up for preselling and its units are ready to be turned over by 2021.

Such a cozy space! Love how stylish the unit is!

I got a chance to visit the model unit of a CoHo in Lipa and was amazed with how spacious it is. This is a one-bedroom unit at 30 sqm. They also have two-bedroom ones. It is quite ideal for a small family and end use, too! Their Orchard CoHo is actually on a preselling period and we were told that the two-bedroom units are already sold out.

The bedroom

 The units were sold with its floors tiled, partition, cabinets and air-conditioning unit installed already! Also, what I like about it is that buyers may coordinate with them regarding their preferred interior design and they can do the job, too!

One of the goals of CoHo is to allow everyone living in it create and curate their own version of beautiful lifestyle. The facilities, amenities, malls, coffee shops, cinema as an extension to one’s home allow them to be able to create their lifestyle at their own convenience. Imagine, you can walk into a nearby exquisite coffee shop as your co-working space. Running out of goods won’t be much of a problem as a supermaket sits just inside the community. A world-class cinema for a wholesome viewing is just within the reach.

Condominiums basically serve two purposes nowadays. First, it can be a source of income if the buyer chooses to have it rented out. Second, it can be for end use. Either way, it is quite an investment; for the former as it comes with profit and the latter for convenience and a different lifestyle experience. If you are planning to invest on it, a lot of factors need consideration prior to making a decision on acquiring one. To help you with that, you may want to read about tips and hacks about Condo hunting here.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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