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Hirasei Japanese Restaurant in La Bella Tagaytay

Amongst the lush, towering trees sits a haven for people whose souls are aching for a relaxing loft. A Mediterranean-inspired place that possesses its own grandeur in terms of coziness and cuisines that are truly remarkable and dainty. A place that is purposefully made to warm everyone’s shell-shocked hearts.
La Bella Tagaytay is a place where diversity of sanative commodities are found from organic yet delicious foods that are perfect for vegan guests, a library that breaks the stereotypes of book genres, and hidden restaurants in Tagaytay whose food are indeed delectable both to the mouth and the eyes. Since it aims to expressly give its clients the world in a hundred percent satisfaction and the means of giving portable pleasures to its guests which is readily offered too by Hirasei Japanese Restaurant so the two were puzzle pieces that are fitting each other.

About Hirasei Japanese Restaurant

Hirasei Japanese Restaurant‘s founders belong to a Filipino family who lived in Japan for 29 years and came back here in their homeland to bring the golden tradition of Japan in terms of culinary. It is an absolute pack of authentic and traditional Japanese diner making it different from the other Japanese restaurants nearby. It first opened in 2017 near Tagaytay Twin Lakes branching out to another in the famous La Bella Tagaytay.


The restaurant owner managed to keep the traditional Japanese culture in its restaurant and at the same time kept in line the artistic way of presenting the delicacies and the restaurant’s trinkets culturally. Thus, creating an ambiance that will make you think you are in Japan as you step in the restaurant. Thus, if you are thinking as to where to eat in Tagaytay, this is among the places to be.

The Japanese Dining Experience

Hirasei Japanese Restaurant serve their food that is really pleasing in all senses. From a wide variety of main course meals like the all time Japanese favorites– ramen, sushi, sashimi, katsu and a waterfall of appetizers to get you enjoy the quality goodness from every bite. 
Presenting their best seller sushi: the Golden Dragon Maki. Do you love Tempura and Sushi? the Golden Dragon Maki is fried Ebi and Sushi rolled into one, literally! The plating is simple, sliced ebi sushi cuts, topped with fresh mangoes that is laid upon a sauce that is well designed by their own food artisan. The Golden Dragon Maki is sliced into 8 pieces which will make a pack of 3 aflame for the next dish!
Next we have is the Gyoza, no, not the typical crunchy shelled, meat wrapped gyoza that you are used to order at any local Japanese fast food chains, Hirasei’s Gyoza is the total ice breaker among all the other gyozas out there! It’s steamed to perfection and served with a sweet and sour Japanese sauce. One of the perfect appetizers that will surely give you the heads up to how good the next dish will be! 
the Sashimi platter or should I say, The Sashimi crate, will make you fall in love just by looking at it! vegetables cut into artistic ways to liven up the Sashimi party. Furthermore, the platter serves three kinds of Sashimi: Tamago (sweet egg rolls), Maguro (Tuna meat), and Sake (Salmon meat). All fresh and sweet, so good to eat! Kind of overwhelmed by the savory flavors? Worry no more because Hirasei also serves appetizers that will refresh you to get going! the two that we tried are deep fried vegetables and the Japanese salad. The deep fried vegetables are like vegan chicharon, the vegetables are mainly of herbs that are thinly coated then fried to light brown to achieve a thin yet crunchy texture. 
the Japanese Salad is made up of fresh, crisp vegetables, Japanese mayo and crab sticks. The last of the main course that was served before us, and also the most remarkable in my opinion and has become my favorite is the Hirasei Ramen, Hirasei Ramen is a combination of chashu (braised pork), udon (noodles) and its signature hot soup. Perfect for rainy days or if you’re just craving for ramen, Hirasei Ramen is a must try and is definitely good. So. Good.
To give a quick rundown of the special meals that Hirasei Japanese Restaurant served us are: Their best-sellers, the Golden Dragon Maki, Sashimi platter, Hirasei Ramen and also not to forget their tantalizing appetizers; Gyoza, fried vegetable basket and the Japanese salad. These are good for three to four persons, prize ranging from 2,000PHP to 2,500PHP. Want to have a remarkable, truly memorable and authentic Japanese dining experience? 
Visit Hirasei Japanese Restaurant at Hotel La Bella, Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay City, Cavite. For inquiries please contact them at (046) 412 3781 or 0945 785 1206.

How to Get There

1. Commute 

1. From Buendia or Pasay, take a bus bound for Nasugbu, Calatagan, Alfonso and Lian. Alight at Radar Itaas. Fare ranges from Php 90.00 – Php 98.00. Travel time is around two to three hours and a half.
2. At the drop off point, take a tricycle that will bring you to La Bella.
1. From Buendia or Pasay, take a bus bound for  Mendez. Alight at Mendez Crossing. Fare is at Php 87.00. Travel time is around two to three hours.
2. At Mendez Crossing, take a jeepney going to Nasugbu boundary or Alfonso. Alight at Radar Itaas. Fare is at Php 10.00
3. At the drop off point, take a tricycle that will bring you to La Bella.

2. Private Car

1. Take the Cavite Expressway and drive through Emilio Aguinaldo Highway passing by the cities and municipalities of Bacoor, Imus, Dasmarinas, Silang.
2. Once at Olivarez Rotunda, turn right to Tagaytay-Batangas highway.
3. Drive straight past Casino Filipino or National Bureau of Investigation-Tagaytay, Mendez Crossing.
4. Turn right to Radaar Itaas. Watch out for the Antonio’s Cabana sign.
5. Drive straight until you find the “La Bella This Way” sign.
1. Take the South Luzon Expressway  and take the Sta. Rosa exit.
2. Turn right to Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road driving past the municipality of Silang.
2. Once at Olivarez Rotunda, drive straight to Tagaytay-Batangas highway.
3. Drive straight past Casino Filipino or National Bureau of Investigation-Tagaytay, Mendez Crossing.
4. Turn right to Radaar Itaas. Watch out for the Antonio’s Cabana sign.
5. Drive straight until you find the “La Bella This Way” sign.

The Verdict

Is it worth the try? Yes. I give the food five stars as it is quite incomparable among the Japanese Restaurants I’ve been to. The place is a four star. But then, they are soon to open a new space up stairs which would let the guests eat on low dining tables with tatami; hence, a Japanese dining experience. The accessibility is a three out of five as it is a little far from the center of the city which then gives its ambiance a five star as its venue is quite peaceful and relaxing. Price is at four stars. Might be a little pricey for some. But then, the ingredients were really imported from Japan so I think it’s reasonable. Go and try Hirasei Japanese Restaurant and let us know about your experience!

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