How Traveling Healed Me

     Traveling, though indeed a form of luxury, has been considered by many to be not just a simple getaway on days off with friends and family but also a a therapy. Numbers of testimonies have proven how traveling saves one from desolation and inevitable downs and confusions in life. There goes the depressed, the lost, the confused, the broken hearted and the like who set foot on the threshold to medidate and embrace a new perspective. 
     If you feel like you’re in distress, go get that slice of paradise – travel.

     Few months ago, a lot of things happened and they indeed left my heart in havoc. Yes, there goes the sleepless nights, the consoling pillows who knew every secret and tear I shed. But then, I could not just let myself battle for long for it will only make me miserable. Hence, ad hoc solutions were made – coffee, friends and traveling. The latter made the process of healing fast.
     Remember, you are the master of your own brain and mind, you have the power of what to think and what not. Give yourself some time to rewire it. Look at the bright side.
     Just like any other things, traveling also does appeal to the bottom of our hypothalamus. The view atop summits, the rich life underwater, the fresh air, the sunshine and sick awesome sunsets, the fine sand beneath our feet, the pristine waters, the sea of clouds and such scenic view make our heart skip a beat. Well as for me, they are these endogenous opioid or beta endorphin allowing the release of dopamine in my brain hence giving me the sense of utopia. Thus, the depressing thoughts vanish gradually as I expose myself to these for a couple of days. The dopamine is only just a part of it, there goes adrenaline too to get you a blood rush out of  excitement. Jump off cliffs. Go surfing. Explore cave connections and go spelunking. Ride rollercoasters. Try skydiving or parasailing. Go floating or swimming. Explore and hop from an island to another. Chase waterfalls. There’s more this beautiful life has to offer. You just got to leave that door and explore.
     Most of all, remember that you are the alpha and the omega of thinking about healing. Allow yourself to be healed because no one will decide about it but you. People around you can do something about it but if you won’t allow yourself, then their collective effort is at disposal.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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