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Mahina Mermaid Monofin: A Review

Merdàl, a Philippine-based mermaid lifestyle store, recently sent me a gift that truly made my mermaid heart flutter: a Mahina Mermaid monofin! I’ve planned on getting myself one ever since I took my SSI Try Mermaid class with the Pinay Mermaid. Now that it’s finally here, I have thought of sharing the deets about the mefin and an honest review for every mermaid dreamers out there.

Diving with my merdal merfin underwater

The Mahina Mermaid Fin

The Material

The Merfin itself is made of recycled materials particularly rubber. Mahina specifically made it an eco-friendly one to align it with its advocacy on ocean conservation. The tips might get easily bent especially if stored improperly. However, it can easily get back to its form due to the nature of the material. On the other hand, it might weigh a little heavy as you carry it around on land but it is neutrally buoyant in the waters. The merfin doesn’t actually weigh me down despite it weighing around 4 to 6 pounds, perhaps.

The Foot Pocket

I got a Mahina Mermaid fin size 5 – 7, an Adult Small size. I personally love its foot pocket as it is not extremely tight around my feet (I am a size 7, by the way). It is also easy to wear and remove it. It doesn’t have any latches nor anything that you need to fasten; just an ankle strap that is part of the whole foot pockets where you can remove your feet from in just a flick of the strap. Thus, you need not to worry about straps that would unlatch anytime. For extra comfort and efficiency as well, you should wear fin socks or booties. There might be instances that it might slip off though there really are less chances unless your fins are a little big for you. To avoid getting the wrong size for you, you may refer to this size guide below.

Mahina Mermaid Foot Pocket size guide
Mahina Mermaid Foot Pocket size guide

The Colors

These mermaid fins are dyed with organic pigments. Merdàl has four colors available in their store: the Aquamarine, Black, Gypsea and Orange.

I chose the orange one since I really love how vibrant it is. It has streaks of yellowish gold that glisten when the rays of sun piercing through the surface hit it as I swim with it underwater. What I also love about this color is that, it stands out when worn. Thus, it really is visible when you take photos and videos underwater.


Just as Mahina Mermaid promises, it really gives an authentic mermaid swimming experience. In terms of performance, the monofin swiftly propels me underwater in few kicks. Of course, this still depends on how proper one kicks. This is maybe due to the wide and flat feature of the fin itself that displace much water causing a somehow good propulsion. It was a little challenging for me at first as I got used to bi-fins made of lighter materials than rubber. It took me awhile before I could finally get used to floating and swimming at ease in monofin. Hence, if you’re new to mermaiding, too, I suggest you carry around a floater or buoy that would somehow keep you up and floating.

a lady in an orange mermaid fin seated at the pool
Every swim with the Mahina Mermaid fin is a core and leg workout as well

Traveling with Mahina Mermaid Fin

It is indeed a bulky load if you travel with it. You can either carry it around by its foot pockets’ strap. You can also have it vertically folded in the middle then store it in a bag. As aforementioned, the Adult merfin weighs around 4 to 6 pounds so it really does add weight to your stuff. If you choose to carry it through the latter option and you’re traveling by plane, chances of having your bag checked in might be less. However, you might want to consider the stuff that you put it with in the same bag. Avoid storing it in a bag where you’d also put items that might scratch or cut it. Further, you might not want to store it as such for long as this may cause the fin’s deformity.

A lady carrying a mermaid fin at the pool side

Mahina Mermaid Fin Care & Maintenance

Due to its material, there are lots of things that you might really need to consider to make your Mahina mermaid fin last longer. First, you should always wash it with fresh or tap water after using it in the ocean. Further, avoid using alcohol, solvent or petroleum-based substances to clean it. In terms of storing it, don’t hang the ankle straps nor let it stand on its tips as these may cause deformation; or worse, the strap might snap. Better yet, have it lay flatly on a cool and dry surface. Lastly, do not leave it exposed under the sun for long especially when not in use.

Start Mermaiding Today with Mahina Mermaid!

Make your own mermaid dreams come true through getting your own Merfin from Merdal Mermaid Store. Merdal Mermaid, by the way, is an official distributor of Mahina Mermaid in the Philippines. Apart from Mahina Mermaid fin, they also sell mermaid tails and skins.

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Watch my unwrapping video of a PR gift from Merdal Mermaid Store!

What do you think about this fin? Will you get one to make your mermaid dreams come true? Tell us about it!

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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