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Metro Eats: Finally Tried Denny’s Diner (A Review)

Looking for a place to dine is always a challenging one in the Metro as there are indeed a lot of choices out there. There goes the ones with new taste and new twists – a fusion of everything. They look enticing that a gastronomic adventure sounds a very good idea. While some are into a food exploration, some have already confined them selves into restaurants where their taste buds are familiar and in favor with already. I am a picky eater which makes me part of the latter. I don’t like trying new tastes that much as I don’t want to end up disappointed. However, word of mouth and influences from people whom I know well make me try new tastes. Among the ones which I find myself wanting to try upon being told is that of Denny’s Diner

About Denny’s Diner

Denny’s Diner, a western-originate diner, specializes on American hearty breakfast and other meals. It came into the Philippines eight years ago serving its best and adapting into the Filipino taste without compromising its own quality.

Presently, there are six Denny’s Diner around the Metro. These include one in Robinson’s Place Malate, Manila, Uptown Parade 9th Ave in Bonifacio Global City, Level 4 Garden Restaurants in Trinoma, Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Rd, Eastwood Mall and Ayala North Exchange in Makati City and the recently opened store in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2. The other stores outside metro are located in Vista Mall in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Robinson’s Galleria Cebu in Cebu City.

Our Denny’s Experience

I personally love breakfast. I could last a day eating nothing but the food that are usually served for breakfast. On that rainy Saturday as Joseph and I were walking down the streets of Metro, my cravings for breakfast meals suddenly kicked in. Since I was very famished and too lazy to look and walk around, we got into the heaven sent Denny’s as it was just located at the ground floor near the entrance of Robinson’s Place Manila. So here’s a little review about Denny’s Diner.

The Place

We safely tucked ourselves in a cozy space of Denny’s in Robinson’s Place Manila on that rainy Saturday afternoon. The place, though literally chill, feels warm due to its colors.
It has a typical American retro diner interior style. Its well-ventilated, lit and cushioned seats make the dining experience better. It can accommodate small to large groups who wants to dine together be it inside its cozy area or alfresco.

The Food

I ordered Chicken Caesar Salad because I have been craving for salad albeit my allergy on chicken dishes, Pancake Slam, Waffle Slam, Orange Mint Juice and Oreo Milkshake these, according to their attending staff, are among the best sellers of the diner. The Salad is composed of fresh lettuce and tomatoes, bacon and grated Parmesan cheese poured with their special salad dressing which I really like. It’s different from the other kewpie I have ever tried. It has that sour biting touch but perfectly compliments the taste and texture of the fresh veggies. The Pancake Slam is composed of two-piece pancake, two different kinds of sausage and strips of bacon and eggs. The pancake is literally the size of my hand and I actually loved their pancake mix. The maple syrup just sits there right at our table and we can pour it into our pancakes to our hearts’ content. The Waffle Slam is composed of the same thing. The waffle doesn’t harden overtime which is a winner for me because it literally takes me time to finish my food. The Orange juice was given a twist for they put mint leaves on it. It tastes oddly satisfying because it is a little less citrusy and minty at the same time. Lastly, I so love their Oreo Milkshake because of its thickness and that it doesn’t taste overly sweet. Their big serving is worth the food’s price.

Can’t resist their Chicken Caesar Salad!
The Orange Mint and Oreo Milkshake that will surely bring all the boys in the yard

The Waffle Slam

The Pancake Slam
The menu also includes waffles and pancakes, soup and omelette, appetizers and salads, some famous Filipino dishes like adobo, bangus belly, arroz caldo, pork chop belly, beef tapa, burgers, pasta, hot and cold beverages, skillets, sandwiches, ribs and meat balls and desserts. To cater to the Filipino taste, Denny’s Diners tweaked their menu and included Filipino food in it.

Customers’ Service

We were greeted with warm smiles on a rainy day which made the mood lighter despite the gloomy weather. We were assisted to a table and were handed with the menu by the attending staff who’s all smiles at us. The manager also roams around to check on the customers and their dining experience. They attend to our needs and requests politely and in no time.

The Verdict

I give Denny’s five star for food taste and serving, customer service, location and ambiance and a four for its price which makes me personally recommend it to anyone. I would consider myself a regular epicure in the diner if I’d only be based in the Metro. People with great appetite for American breakfast and meals would really love it just like how I do.

Contact Details

For more details, queries, updates and promo, you may reach them through the following:
Facebook page: Denny’s Philippines
Official Website: Denny’s Philippines 
Telephone(02) 772 3371   
Denny’s Diner is open 24/7. Also, they are on express food delivery such as Zomato, Grab Food and Food Panda. 
Have you also tried Denny’s Diner? How’s your dining experience with them? Share it with us!

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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