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TACTICS Water Gear: Good Quality and Affordable Dry Bags for your Adventures

Being caught in a downpour while strolling down the beautiful streets of a city or trekking on a trail of a mountain and feeling the splash of the ocean water against our skin when sailing from an island to another are indeed among the best and epic experiences we get from traveling. These are some the greatest things traveling could ever give – to make us feel of every element there is and find the joy in it. It truly feels good and amazing until our valuables, especially gear and electronic gadgets, get soaked. It happened to me once while I was on an island hopping tour when my dry bag failed to do its only job. I told myself that it will never happen again so I got myself new ones from Tactics Water Gear: the Rover Waterproof Bag and the Ultra Dry Bag.

Tactics Rover Waterproof Bag (30 Liters)

My most favorite of all the Tactics bag I have is the Rover waterproof 30 Liters bag since I’m usually out there in the ocean. It is the first waterproof bag I’ve ever had that is a backpack It is made of 500 Denier of nylon PVC tarpaulin, quite a durable material keeping my stuff protected from the waters, dirt or sand. I can easily wipe off those from the bag.
Note: the higher the Denier, the thicker or denser the material. Denier is used to measure the strength and durability of the material. Since the Rover Waterproof backpack’s material is dense and the bag itself is big, it weighs a kilogram or two without anything in it yet. I have become so particular with this one as I don’t want my stuff getting soaked again.

Straps are not stitched but welded; thus, seams are secured and there are no holes for possible leakage. The best thing about it? It can carry stuff up to 15 kilograms! Since I usually carry a lot of stuff, gadgets at large, when traveling, I find this bag perfect for my outdoor and water adventures.

The main compartment has a wide opening with a small flip cover with a zipped pocket and a reflector. The flip can be fastened with the lock buckles in front of the bag. My belongings stayed dry all throughout with its folding lock system kept tight with the lock buckles. The lid can simply just be folded or rolled three times then locked, and voila, my stuff are safe. 

The backpack straps may be stitched but my important belongings stayed dry inside due to its double padding on the back panel that easily dries up. The part of the straps with the stitches had its seams welded inside the bag. There is also a laptop compartment cushioned with 3-millimeter thick neoprene. Stuff inside are safe with the roll-top closure or the fold lock system which prevents the water from coming in anyway.

Another thing that I liked about this Tactics backpack is that it has multi-functional straps on the side where I can fasten my camera’s tripod, tent or any other stuff that I can’t put inside the bag itself. These straps are adjustable and are also wielded perfectly.
Tactics Rover Waterproof Bags come in four colors: the black, blue, olive green and gray. You can have yours for only Php 1,995.00 on Lazada.

Tactics Ultra Dry Bag (5 Liters)

It’s not often that I’ll literally take all my things with me when traveling from a place or an island to another. Most of the time, I carry with me my mirror-less camera, a power bank, phone charger, money and cellphone and leave the other stuff behind. With that, I also got myself Tactics’ Ultra Dry Bag (5 Liters).
The dry bag is made of 500 Denier of nylon coated PVC tarpaulin. Just like the Rover waterproof backpack, its seams are welded well instead of stitching it. The material is light-weight making it ideal to be carried anywhere with a few stuff in it. It can carry up to 2.5 kilograms; a weight ideal to be carried around as it is not bulky nor won’t get too heavy.

Tactics Yellow ultra dry round!

The folding lock system also keeps my things safe and dry inside the bag. The lid can just be folded and this can be more secured by fastening it with the good quality plastic lock buckles. The dry bag also has D rings where I usually hang my water bottle that is large enough to be put inside.

The Folding lock system with the lock buckles
Though waterproof, it is not advisable to get this bag submerged deeper and for a long time for the pressure may force the water’s entry into the bag. What I also liked about the ultra dry bag is that it has two straps which allow me to wear it like a backpack instead of a sling. Thus, the weight is equally distributed on my shoulders.
The Ultra Dry bag comes in yellow, red, sky blue, black, gray, pink, purple and blue. It is also available in 2L, 10L and 20L. You can get the Tactics dry bag for only $16.95 here. You can actually personalize your Dry bag by having your names printed on it! Here’s how.

Get your Tactics Water Gear Bags Now

Visit the nearest Tactics Water Gear branch near you. The following are their branches in the Philippines:
1. Tactics Water Gear – Glorietta
2. Tactics Water Gear – Market! Market!
3. Tactics Water Gear – SM Mega Mall
4. Tactics Water Gear – SM Mall of Asia
5. Tactics Water Gear – SM City Marikina
6. Tactics Water Gear – Quezon City
7. Tactics Water Gear – SM City San Lazaro
8. Tactics Water Gear – SM City BF Paranaque
9. Tactics Water Gear – SM Southmall
10. Tactics Water Gear – SM City Fairview
11. Tactics Water Gear – SM City Dasmarinas
Far from any of these physical stores? You can also order online and check on Tactics Water Gear pricelist! Click here.

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Tactics Water Gear stall at SM City Dasmariñas

Clean up Drive Challenge from the The Queen’s Escape

We enjoy traveling because it lets us see and experience the great things this world holds. Let’s keep it untouched and free from the negative impacts of human activity by at least doing something for it. What’s a five-minute trail or beach clean up for a whole day of touring around? Make it a practice to pick up something that does not belong there like the trash. If you’re also a Tactics Waterproof Bag user, our bags got D rings which could make a room for an extra mesh bag that can be used for a clean up drive. Can you do it?

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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