Taal Vista Hotel's view of the lake and volcano
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Top Reasons to Stay in Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City

I’ve been living in this city for years; hence used to the view and weather that a lot would endure long hours of drive and traffic jam for. Believe it or not, I often find myself literally lost for words when asked with, “Where’s the best place to eat or stay in Tagaytay City?” Given a chance to experience and stay at Taal Vista Hotel, I saw my city through fresh eyes and just found out about an answer to the question I’ve always been asked. Three days in this hotel made me realize that there are several reasons for you to experience it, too. With that, here’s what you should know and would really look forward about staying in it!

Taal Vista Hotel's facade
Retained the lodge’s original structure

The History of Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel is the second oldest in the Philippines next to Manila Hotel. In 1935, Manuel L. Quezon, who had his eyes and heart for the town due to its charm, decided to turn Tagaytay as a tourist destination. He would bring his constituents to the city as it is just nearby the metro for cabinet meetings. Since then, the hotel has been a home and a witness to many significant historical events under different occupations. During those times, people knew it as Taal Vista Lodge. The lodge became a leading tourist attraction between 1956 and 1964 when the town became one of the major tourist destinations in the country. Among those who never had enough of Tagaytay’s beauty especially that lodge by the ridge is Mr. Henry Sy, who later has it under SM Investments Corporation.

Engrossed in Taal Vista Hotel’s history

Fast forward to this day, this 82-year old 4-star hotel is still considered to be one of the best places to stay in Tagaytay City and here are the top reasons why.

Reasons Why You Should Stay in Taal Vista Hotel

View of Taal Lake and Volcano

Waking up next to eat, dining while admiring it, name it! No one is never left enchanted by the timeless beauty of this view. Taal Vista Hotel has rooms with glass walls and balconies, a restaurant and a view deck with al fresco dining experience and picnics facing the lake where the smallest active volcano sits. These are definitely the ideal way to enjoy the view. It’s so enchanting that it would always call you for a glance or a stare!

Taal Vista Hotel Lake Wing Building room's view
the view of Taal Volcano and lake from my room at the Lake Wing Building

We booked a room at the lake view wing and we would always wake up to the view. It’s glorious in the morning; as glorious as how it was during sunsets, too, below the pastel or golden skies. There were days that the volcano would either seem golden, blanketed with low-lying clouds or just vivid in details at noon time. It is just truly lovely in all ways.

Taal volcano’s details as seen from Lake Wing building

A Place for Gastronomical Adventures

While the ridge is lined with several restaurants that offer the view tourists came for, some would really stand out in the battle of taste. Among those are Taza Fresh Table and Veranda, the restaurants inside Taal Vista Hotel. The dining experience in these restaurants are a whole new adventure for the palate. Either a full course meal under the stars, lunch al fresco or a glam picnic with some charcuterie promises a satisfying treat.

During our stay, we got to experience the breakfast at sunrise, a full course meal for lunch at the veranda, dinner under the stars and the glam picnic for snacks! We might have not left the premises of the hotel for days but I must say, our palates have gone far and wide with our taste buds.

On our last night, we also got a chance to try their Dine Under the Stars experience! It was magical and one for the books, indeed!

Close to Tagaytay City’s Points of Interest

Came to the city for a view or to enjoy an exciting Sky Eye ride at the second highest Ferris wheel in the Philippines without going through a ttaffic jam on a weekend? The answer sits just beside it. Taal Vista Hotel even has a private entrance to Sky Ranch Tagaytay where you can enjoy the excitement and thrill the theme park offers! If you’re down for a short walk or drive for a cup of coffee, bowl of warm lomi or some shopping, it’s just few kilometers away from the establishments that have those.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay on the left, as seen from my room’s balcony. Can you see the entrance?

We almost felt like not leaving the hotel since it has almost got everything that we need but if you drove far and for hours to see the most out of the city, a drive around it would be fun, too!

Warm and Attentive Taal Vista Hotel Staff

Upon our arrival, the staff had been very welcoming and were always ready to assist. In every corner or area where there’s one, we would just know that they are there because they never fail to greet us with a smile beneath the face masks. Every time we dine at the Veranda, we won’t have to look for a staff to assist us with what we need. They would check on us every now and then; even ask if we need something.

Indeed, customer service is highly satisfactory. We didn’t just enjoy our stay for its place itself and the food. We also love how courteous, professional and welcoming its people are.

Values Sustainability

On our first day, the staff showed us around for a History walk and a tour. That afternoon, we did not just learn about its history but we also observe how the management values sustainability in various ways. One of these is their organic garden. Further, according to their staff who took us around, some of the ingredients that their restaurants needed are locally sourced. Also, just a few meters away from the garden, we found their own compost pit for their biodegradable wastes.

Taal Vista Hotel's organic garden
Taal Vista Hotel’s organic garden

Almost everywhere in the hotel, there are reminders for everyone about the simple acts that they can do as part of their sustainability advocacy. Some of which were encouragement of reusing, recycling and repurposing items in the guests’ rooms and at the dining area. Though these are simple, they are ways to educate people about our acts’ impact to the planet.

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Taal Vista Hotel's Botong tree
Taal Vista Hotel’s Botong! Can you guess how old this tree is?

Guests’ Safety is the Top Priority

In this time of pandemic, a lot of people seem skeptic about staying in hotels since they would often accommodate guests from various place of origin. Never have we felt this the moment that we set foot in Taal Vista Hotel.

Upon our arrival, the guards required us to accomplish the health declaration form. Then, the Front Office desk staff asked for our vaccination cards upon check in. Further, they are very strict about the observation of the health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. Also, they regularly sanitize high-touch areas and surfaces.

my room for days! Honestly felt safe and at home in here

On our way to our room on the top most floor of the Lake Wing building, we didn’t have to directly touch the elevator buttons since they have installed sensors for touchless interaction. As we walk along the corridors, we noticed that rooms that are ready for guests’ occupancy have this “Sanitized” sticker between the door itself and the jamb. Even the toilet has the sanitized sign and the hotel thoughtfully provided us with a hygiene kit containing sanitizer and masks.

A Whole New Place Amidst the Bustle

Taal Vista Hotel sits beside just by the one of Tagaytay City’s busiest highway. But, the moment that you have step inside the hotel, it will definitely give you that feeling that you are in a different place. No honking cars, revving engines, merry tourists – just you, your company and a view of the majestic lake and volcano. The best thing is, it seems to exist outside the bustling city but everything you may want or need is just a few meters, a kilometer or two away from you. Anyway, why resort to getting caught in a jam if the hotel has and could provide you with what you need for a relaxing getaway?

Has a Top Quality Souvenir Shop

If you wish to take home a piece of the place you visited, Souvenir shop is the best place to be. Guess, what? Taal Vista Hotel has its own Kultura Butik inside its premises! Known for locally crafted items and souvenirs, Kultura is one of the best shops to drop by for ‘pasalubong‘.

Kultura Butik

Taal Vista Hotel, in a Nutshell

We honestly enjoyed our stay in the hotel. It’s a much needed breather from all the stress brought by our day jobs and the pandemic itself. We came home refreshed and ready to face the reality once again. What do you think about Taal Vista Hotel? Would you also love to stay in here in the future or have you experienced staying in here, too? Let us know in the comments section!

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