Valencia Negros Oriental for a day
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Valencia Negros Oriental for a Day: 2024 Travel Guide

I stepped out of Sibulan Airport upon my arrival from an early flight – completely clueless about my first day in Dumaguete City. To be honest, I had no concrete plans other than diving at the old Bacong Port. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t go diving that day. Not wanting to let that day go to waste plus I can’t check in to my booked accommodation yet, I called a friend right away and asked for nearby places to visit in the province. Knowing that I’m an adrenaline junkie, he told me to visit Valencia Negros Oriental. With no hesitation, I hailed a habal at the airport and before I know it, we’re speeding up to the highlands taking my unexpected traverse in my trip to Negros Oriental.

About Valencia Negros Oriental

Valencia is dubbed as the “cleanest and greenest” town of Negros Oriental in 2017. It is a landlocked town in the highlands that is also known as a home to various waterfalls. Since it is just some Kilometers outside Dumaguete City, Valencia has been a top favorite side trip destination by tourists who have a day or two to spare. It is quite a place to get a breath of fresh air (and a bit of sulfur fumes) and be surrounded by lush green forest, take a plunge into cold basins of waterfalls or dip in a hot spring or get a view of the town atop a hill.

Places to Visit in Valencia

Old Casaroro Falls

Valencia Negros Oriental's Old Casaroro Falls
The Old Casaroro Falls

Casaroro falls fascinated me big time and took my breath (almost literally due to the trek). This 100-feet tall waterfalls cascade down into a deep basin below that flows through a stream.

There is a passage fee of Php 20.00 at the resort. If it’s your first time to visit the attraction, it is a must that you hire a tour guide. Their rate starts at Php 200.00. Wear comfortable footwear and expect that it will be soaked since you’ll be crossing a river going to the falls after some 335 steps down a steep, long concrete staircase.

Pulangbato Twin Falls

Unlike the other falls in Valencia, you need not to trek just to get to Pulangbato. Its name, “pulangbato” means red rocks which you’d actually see around the falls. According to the locals, the sulfur deposits caused the rocks in the falls and some other areas in Valencia to be in this rust color.

Entrance fees
Adult – Php 100.00
Children (10 years old below) – Php 50.00
2 years old and below & PWD – Free

If you wish to spend a day or even a night in Valencia, Pulangbato Falls is among the places to stay. Below are their accommodation rates:

Tables with umbrella – Php 200.00
Cottages – Php 300.00 to Php 600.00
Gazebo – Php 3,000.00 for 4 persons a night

Palinpinon Sulfur Vents

On your way to Tierra Alta after a good dip at Red Rock hot spring, you’ll pass by the mountainside sulfur vents. Some would actually call it the “Smokey Mountain”. A lot would still make a stop regardless of the foul smell (yet bearable) the sulfur is giving off since it’s just really fascinating.

The unpleasant smell of rotten eggs in sulfuric ventsin Palinpinon is due to the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) that are being released along with steam nd other gases as groundwater is being heated pin the rocks below.

Beside these sulfur vents is the Okoy river – a gateway to the stunning waterfalls in Valencia.

Red Rock Hot Spring

On a rainy day, a dip at the 37°c-warm water of a spring is quite ideal – that’s what the Red Rock Hot Spring offers. However, make sure that you’ll pay the spring a visit during off-peak seasons as it may get really busy especially on weekends.

Entrance fee: Php 100.00 for adults; Php 80.00 for children above 7 years old

Tierra Alta Residential Resort

One of the best ways to conclude a day of visit to this peaceful town is to watch the sunset at Tierra Alta while enjoying good food at their restaurant. This Greek-Mediterranean inspired hotel and resort sits atop a hill that gives a good panoramic view of the ranges and the Valencia. Lo and behold, they don’t collect entrance fees but wouldn’t it be nice to admire the view from this spot with at least a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate?

How To Get There

Fly from Manila

  1. From Manila, take a flight to Sibulan Airport in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental (MNL to DGT). Cebu Pacific, Air Asia and Philippine Airlines has regular flights daily to and from Sibulan Airport.
  2. From the airport, hail a habal-habal or tricycle (locally known as “pedicab“) going to the jeepney terminal at Luke Wright Street. Taking the ride outside the airport is a much cheaper option.
  3. From the terminal, take a jeep to Valencia. Travel time is around 30 to 40 minutes.

Sail from Siquijor

  1. From Siquijor port, take a ferry or a fast craft to Sibulan port in Dumaguete City. GL Shipping line, Montenegro and OceanJet has regular trips daily to Dumaguete. Travel time is around 2 hours. Fare ranges from Php 350.00 to Php 850.00 depending on the class type. ferries depart as early as 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM on some days.
  2. From Sibulan, take a tricycle or pedicab to the jeepney terminal at Luke Wright Street. Then, take a jeep to Valencia.

Land and Sea Travel from Cebu

By Bus

  1. Take a Ceres bus from the South Bus Terminal to Dumaguete City. These buses travel via RoRo from Bato Port in Southern Cebu across Tañon Strait to Sibulan port in Dumaguete City. The trip takes more or less 5 to 6 hours. Bus fare is at around Php 270.00 with a ferry fare of Php 70.00.
  2. From the buses’ drop off point, take a tricycle or pedicab to the jeepney terminal at Luke Wright Street. Then, take a jeep to Valencia.

Fast Craft from Cebu City

  1. From Cebu City, take a fast craft to Sibulan port. The trip takes more or less 4 hours of sea travel.
  2. From Sibulan port, take a tricycle or pedicab to the jeepney terminal at Luke Wright Street. Then, take a jeep to Valencia.

Ferry From Lilo-an Port, Cebu

  1. If you’re traveling from South Cebu, you may go to Lilo-an port and take the ferry to Sibulan Port in Dumaguete. Travel time is around 20 to 30 minutes. With a fare of more or less Php 60.00 including the terminal fee.
  2. From Sibulan port, take a tricycle or pedicab to the jeepney terminal at Luke Wright Street. Then, take a jeep to Valencia.

From Bohol

  1. From Tagbilaran Port, take a fast craft to Sibulan port. The trip takes two hours and the fare is at Php 900.00.
  2. From Sibulan port, take a tricycle or pedicab to the jeepney terminal at Luke Wright Street. Then, take a jeep to Valencia.
Pulang Bato Twin Falls

Sample Valencia Negros Oriental Day Trip Itinerary

6:30 AM – Breakfast
7:30 AM – Departure from Dumaguete City
8:00 AM – Start trek to the Old Casororo Falls
10:00 AM – Pulangbato Twin falls
11:30 AM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Hot Spring
3:00 PM – Sulfur Vents
4:00 PM – Tierra Alta, snacks
6:00 PM – Back to Dumaguete City

Special thanks to Jameson Go of for organizing my day trip itinerary in Valencia Negros Oriental. Know more about here: Travel Itineraries for Travelers by Travelers — Mangroove PH

Sample Valencia Negros Oriental Day Trip Budget

Habal rental – Php 1,000.00
Gas – Php 200.00
Casaroro falls entrance fee – Php 20.00
Casaroro guide fee – Php 200.00
Pulangbato Falls entrance fee – Php 100.00
Red Rock Hot Spring entrance fee – Php 100.00
Food – Php 100.00

TOTAL: Php 1,720.00
Take note that this is a sample budget for a solo traveler for a day in Valencia Negros Oriental.

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