Fitness Journey

a lady working out, doing leg raises Welcome to Queen's Fitness Journey! This contains articles about fitness including tips on effective diet plans and workout routines. Disclaimer: Take note that my diet plans and workout routines may only work to some people especially those whose body type is the same as mine. However, some tips may also be applicable to a many.

  • National Rice Awareness Month: Why Brown Rice?

    Capping off the National Rice Awareness Month 2021

    November is National Rice Awareness Month. The Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) invited everyone to join and participate in a series of activities, campaigns and webinars that would help us gain a deeper understanding about rice and to become RICEponsibly healthy. NRAM 2021: Be RICEponsibly Healthy The theme of this year’s National Rice Awareness Month is Be RICEponsibly healthy. Part of this campaign is the #BeRiceponsiblyHealthy Virtual run. In this event, the registered participants have to run a total of 5 Kilometers for the whole month of November. More or less twenty content creators participated in the said campaign. We took turns sharing on our platforms our…

  • Health and Fitness Myths Debunked

    Health and Fitness Myths Debunked

    Health is wealth, indeed; that is why we invest on it. We spend time, money and effort for our health and fitness. However, have you actually asked yourself if you’re investing on it wisely or you are still stuck into the myths? Don’t defer your own progress! It’s time to know better. Learn the truths behind these health and fitness myths that you might have been believing into for the longest time. Disclaimer: I am no fitness expert nor a nutritionist. My health and fitness has been a work in progress for years now and these myths and truths are based on my research, own and a few fellow enthusiasts’…

  • a lady in yoga clothes ready to workout

    Effective Diet and Workout Tips

    Almost everyone developed new interests and routines while on lock down due to the pandemic. Among those is on dieting and workout. You may have been seeing your friends or the people that you follow on social media posting their pre and post workout flex and selfies. You know in your heart that for once, you’ve thought of being serious about working out. Until that one day in quarantine, you woke up and have finally decided to start getting fit. With that, here are some effective diet and workout tips that might help you in your fitness journey! Effective Diet and Workout Tips 1. Set your goals and plan a…