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Coron Palawan Budget Travel Guide 2024

Pristine beaches with fine white sand, glistening turquoise waters, ginormous fascinating limestone formations, harmonious play of aqua and verdant, rich marine life, historical ship wrecks,  postcard-perfect view of landscape and seascape, golden rolling hills under a canopy of a pastel sky during the sunset, lovely welcoming people – a pure beauty over and above. This Coron Palawan travel guide will help you plan your trip to experience all these and see the beauty of this paradise!

About Palawan

Palawan is among the provinces belonging to Region IV-B MIMAROPA (Mindoro Occidental and Oriental, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan) situated at Southern Luzon. It has effortlessly astounded tourists from all over the globe with its natural beauty as it is considered to be among the best islands not just in the Philippines but the whole world and this is nothing to be contested about. It is also a humble abode to some spots that are considered to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage such as Puerto Princesa’s Underground River and Coron Island’s Natural Biotic Area.

The points of interest in this province include Coron, El Nido, Puerto Princesa City, Culion and the small towns and remote islands of Balabac. If you’re down for some underwater adventure coupled with breathtaking landscape, Coron is the place to be!

About Coron, Palawan

The Philippine map gives you two Corons. The first one has the Coron Town proper which is situated in the same island with Busuanga. Coron island on the other hand is a separate island from the town. These, together with Busuanga, Linapacan and Culion, are part of the Calamianes Group of Islands situated in northern Palawan. In these islands lie various pristine and long stretch of powdery-white and grainy sand beaches, lagoons, marine sanctuaries and a handful of World War II ship wrecks at the bottom of its jade ocean waters which are all equally awe-striking. 

 These stunning islands of Coron are also known to be a home to Tagbanuasthe descendants of some of the oldest people to settle in the Philippines. They still do reside and thrive in the remote islands of Coron, away from the ones that tourists often flock into.

Language Spoken

Though the locals at large could converse in Tagalog and English fluently, you’d often hear some of them speaking a native language called Cuyonin.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Coron is during the dry season in the Philippines – from March to the first few weeks of May. The ocean is at its best condition especially for island hopping tours and diving as the visibility during these months could be crystal clear and warm. However, take into consideration that these months also fall into the Peak season. Hence, expect the tourist spots to be crowded. You may opt to visit Coron during the non-peak season (June to October) however, expect the inclement weather coming in more frequently.

Getting to, around and away

By Air

  1. Local airlines such as Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines has flights on a daily basis straight to Busuanga (Francisco B. Reyes) Airport. It takes an hour flying from Clark and Manila to Busuanga Airport then a thirty-minute land travel from Busuanga to Coron town proper.
  2. From the airport, you may take a van to your hotel or wait for the shuttle sent by the hotel to pick you up. The land travel from Busuanga to Coron town proper takes an hour.

By Sea

From Manila to Coron, Palawan

2GO Travel sails once a week from the Port of Manila in Tondo to the Port of Coron. Make sure that you’ll check their website from time to time for schedule changes and updates.

From Puerto Princesa City to Coron, Palawan

2GO Travel sails once a week from the Port of Puerto Princesa to the Port of Coron. Make sure that you’ll check their website from time to time for schedule changes and updates.

From El Nido to Coron, Palawan

Coron is three to four hours away from El Nido by Sea Travel. Phimal and Montenegro Shipping Lines have ferries departing daily to and from these islands. Fare ranges from Php 1,800.00 to Php 1,900.00.

Bulog Dos Island

Getting around Coron, Palawan

In getting around, tricycle is their main means of transportation. As of April 2023, the basic fare for tricycle is at Php 15.00 per person. However, if you want to explore the town more, most especially at night, you may also just go by foot or rent a motor bike for Php 350.00  to Php 500.00 a day (gas not included).  

As for organized tours, the agencies have their shuttles and vans that would pick up and drop the guests off from their respective hotels to the boat docking or Loading area. Fare is included in the tour rates.

Where to Eat

There are lots of budget-friendly eateries and mid-range restaurants around the town. If you’ll be staying somewhere in Tapyas Road, you may have to go downtown. On days with good weather, you can just walk around since it is proven safe to be roaming around at any time of the day and night in Coron. If not, you may ask the staff from the front desk to get you a tricycle. Among the must try’s are the following:

  1. Trattoria Altrove Coron – Authentic Italian Dining experience to enjoy brick oven style pizza
  2. Pacifico Bar and Restaurant Coron – A place to enjoy light, fresh, tasty, healthy meals and some beer at night!
  3. Santino’s Grill – Home of Best Ribs and Seafood in town
  4. Umami Kusina – An Asian fusion restaurant
  5. Wild Fern Bar & Restaurant – Offers hearty Filipino dishes that inject a type of creativity
  6. Island Brasserie – House of pizza, steak, salad, sandwiches & pasta
  7. Le Voyage – A restaurant offering plant-based selection
  8. The Old House Restaurant Coron – Offers fried chicken and past

Where to Stay

Coron, Palawan has a wide range of accommodations available: from budget-friendly hostels, homestays, inns and lodges to upscale hotels and resorts. However, one thing that is common among these is that: most are not beach front nor located in the island; especially if they are at the mainland of Coron (except Two Seasons which is located in Bulog Dos Island). Among the top places to stay ranging from the most budget-friendly to luxurious ones are the following:

  1. NCB Homestay (King Michael Hotel) – Check rates and book here
  2. Cebuana’s Travelers Lodge – Check rates and book here
  3. Coron Vista Lodge – Check rates and book here
  4. HIRAYA HOMESTAY by The Yellow House Coron – Check rates and book here
  5. Avisala Hostel – Check rates and book here
  6. Mountain View Garden Inn – Check rates and book here
  7. Bayview Coron Kawa Resort – Check rates and book here
  8. Blue Waters Inn Coron Palawan – Check rates and book here
  9. TAG Resort Coron – Check rates and book here
  10. Coron Underwater Garden Resort – Check rates and book here
  11. Coron Soleil Garden Resort – Check rates and book here
  12. Sunlight Guest Hotel – Check rates and book here
  13. Coron Hilltop View Resort – Check rates and book here
  14. The Ridge Coron – Check rates and book here
  15. Bacau Bay Resort – Check rates and book here
  16. Two Seasons Coron Island Resort – Check rates and book here

Sample 4 days 3 nights Coron Itinerary

DAY 1: Arrival and Coron Town Tour
02:00 PM – arrival at Busuanga/ ETD to Coron Town Proper
3:00 PM – ETA Coron Town Proper/ Check in
4:00 PM – Start of Coron Town Tour

Places to Visit:

Mt. Tapyas
St. Augustine Church
Lualhati Park
Cashew Factory
Souvenir Shop
Maquinit Hot Spring  

DAY 2: Super Ultimate Tour
7:00 AM – Breakfast
8:00 AM – Start of the tour

Places to visit:

Kayangan Lake
Barracuda Lake
Twin Lagoon
CYC (Coron Yacht Club) Beach
Siete Pecados
Las Islas Corals
Sunset Beach

DAY 3: Escapade Tour
Malcapuya Island
Banana Island
Bulog Dos Island

DAY 4: Home Bound
7:00 AM – breakfast
8:00 AM – transfer to airport
9:00 AM – ETA Busuanga Airport
10:00 AM – back to Manila  

On home bound, it is advisable that tourists/guests leave two hours earlier than their flights since it takes almost an hour traveling to the airport.

Tour Rates (as of April 2023)

Packages are inclusive of the environmental and entrance fees, pick up and drop off from hotel to the bay area, lunch, life vest, drinking water and guide fee. Tours usually start upon pick up at 8:00 AM and end at around 5:00 to 5:30 PM (except from the Town Tour). The usual rates of tour packages are as follows:

Coron Island Tour A – Php 900.00

Kayangan Lake
Reef Garden
Las Islas de Coral
CYC Beach
Sunset Beach
Green Lagoon

Coron Island Tour B – Php 1,200.00

Barracuda Lake
Twin Lagoon
Skeleton Wreck
Reef Garden
Smith Beach  

Coron Island Ultimate Tour – Php 1,500.00

Siete Picados Reef Garden
Kayangan Lake
Twin Lagoon
Skeleton Wreck
Las Islas de Coral
Sunset or Atwayan Beach
CYC Beach
TO UPGRADE TO SUPERULTIMATE (Ultimate Tour with Barracuda Lake) – add Php 200.00

Island Escapade Tour – Php 1,500.00

Malcapuya Island or Ditaytayan Island
Bulog Dos Island
Banana Island

Reef and Wrecks Tour – Php 1,300.00

Pass Island
Lusong Gunboat
Lusong Coral Garden
East Tangat Wreck

Safari Tour – Php 1,750.00

Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary
Ocam-ocam Beach
Malbato Church
Busuanga Town proper
Concepcion Falls

Should you want to visit, Pamalican Island and Black Island, you’ll have to add up Php 600.00 to each destination. As of 2020, a municipality order was released requiring every tourist to pay an amount of Php 100.00 for the Safari Tour. This Php 100.00 is said to be an environmental fee. An additional Php 125.00 on the other hand is optional in Calauit Safari as this serves as a payment for the transfers to and from the receiving area of Calauit Safari.

Coron Town Tour with Hot spring – Php 800.00

Lualhati Park
Souvenir Shop
Cashew Factory
Maquinit Hotspring
Mt. Tapyas View Deck
St. Augustine Church

For more inquiries and reservation, you may reach Jun and Emily Yong at: MOBILE: (+63) 9205532361 / (+63) 90540665704
EMAIL: or  

Sample Budget 4 Days 3 Nights in Coron

DAY 1: Arrival and Coron Town Tour
Airport transfer to hotel – Php 150.00
Coron Town Tour – Php 800.00
Hotel – Php 900.00
TOTAL: Php 1,850.00

DAY 2: Super ultimate tour
Tour fee – Php 1,700.00
Dinner – Php 100.00
Hotel – Php 900.00
Tricycle fare – Php 30.00
TOTAL: 2,730php

DAY 3: Island Escapade Tour
Tour fee: Php 1,500.00
Dinner – Php 100.00
Hotel – Php 900.00
Tricycle fare – Php 30.00
TOTAL: Php 2,530

DAY 4: Departure
Transfer to airport – Php 150.00

GRAND TOTAL: Php 7,110.00 (airfare not included)

Tips in Traveling to Coron

1. Souvenir Shops

There are several souvenir shops around the town but the one that opens the earliest and which sells the same items the cheapest is located in front of Mt. Tapyas’ parking lot. The usual 3 for 100 souvenirs can be bought at 4 for Php 100.00 at Dhadz Souvenir and Pasalubong Center. They also sell legit pearls for as low as Php 80.00 per pair. They have shirts which starts at Php 120.00 – Php 150.00. You may also buy some at the airport from Island Souvenirs as they always have th best and unique designs. For some good quality shirts of different designs, you may go to PaForma Boutique Souvenir.

2. Flight booking

Book a flight that arrives as early as 8:00 AM and departs late in the afternoon so you could at least enjoy your stay to the maximum.

3. ATM at the town

There’s a BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island-Coron Branch) and Landbank in the town proper. However, it is still advisable to bring enough cash most especially if you are to stay outside the town proper. Some establishments accept GCash as a mode of payment.

4. Bring action or waterproof camera

Bringing action cameras would be of great help in documenting your activities most especially the underwater ones. Coron’s underwater, lagoon and beaches are equally stunning.

5. Bring dry bags with you when on tour

6. Bring aqua shoes

Wearing of aqua shoes would help. There are spots where you need to swim and be in the waters but there are sea creatures like sea urchins that may harm your feet.

I also consider and recommend Coron, Palawan to solo backpackers. I recently did a solo backpacking trip in the town and stayed for a week. It has been amazing! And when I say amazing, it’s not just the points of interest I’m talking about. This includes the people, too! I didn’t have any bad experience in here!

Did this article help? Anything you would like to add in this Coron Palawan Travel Guide? Let us know!

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