Color Manila 2016 Carnival tour Experience

     I was really jealous of my friends who joined the previous Color Manila events because it really seemed so fun! Sooo, out of my jelly spirit, I decided to join the January 2016 event. I was with my boyfriend in this one. He was hesitant at first because he’s not the sporty type (but he’s on the go! especially when I say so HEHE LUV U BABY). We registered online last December 2015 (payments are made thru credit/debit cards, fyi ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, just in case you are also planning to join. If you don’t have any, you can actually buy tickets from SM tickets). Anyway, I was really so hyped about it! Especially when we got our race kits! The theme of this year’s Color Manila was carnival. 
    So we woke up very early out of excitement. I’m not really sure if I slept. lol. We came to MOA grounds at 4 in the morning. We did some warm up with a twist because it is more like a party. There were indeed many runners! The gunshot for 21k runners was at 530am. Then the other gunshots for 10, 5, and 3k followed. We only chose 3k because it’s my boyfie’s first time to join a fun run, sooooo. It was not really a race. We were just running, walking, pacing, rolling, jumping and splashing colors. We really enjoyed being rain-colored. At first we passed by the shower, powered by the fire truck! Then, the happy spirit fever started when we were splashed with the blue color powder. Then, green, pink, yellow. anyway, here are the pictures ๐Ÿ˜€
The early birds! ๐Ÿ™‚
Ready to run, yay! ๐Ÿ™‚
The first splash of colors!
Sitting and lying down the pavement covered with vibrant colors! We were actually trying to get the colors all over us lol
Boyfie doesn’t wanna lie down tho. Too shy XD
They see me rollin, hatin. LOL. where the blue meets pink! Look at that color! 
So proud of you, baby! You did it!

After the run, we claimed the medals. Everyone gets a medal! YAY! As if we really raced. HEHE. Then, while we waited for the party, we tried the carnival games around and they were for free!
We kinda had some problem when we got into my guy’s car. The colors were literally everywhere. Good thing we had extra clothes, newspapers and towels which were soaked wet. We wiped the colors away but they were not totally removed.
We successfully had the colors removed but the happy spirit fever lasted for about two weeks. I don’t really know if we have really moved past the feeling but every time we see the pictures, we feel pumped again. With that, we decided that it’s going to be an annual jumpstart to our new year. Thanks, Color Manila! We really had F U N!
For more information, you can visit http://ColorManilaRun.com for their events and merchandise especially what they are about.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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