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Landingan Viewpoint, Nagtipunan, Quirino Province DIY Travel Guide 2024

We braved a long drive leaving the city behind with the holiday rush all around and headed to the off the beaten path in North Luzon. From the concrete jungles with the twinkling city lights at a distance, our views gradually shifted to a pitch black sky melting into a breathtaking shades of blue turning to pink and orange, the rays of the golden sun shining on the vast verdant plains and what seemed like a never ending hills of the landlocked province, Quirino. The drive was truly a feast for the eyes.  

We stole ourselves from this beauty for a quick shallow slumber just to rest our minds and bodies from the long drive. After two hours, we were back on the road, wheels rolling fast on the pavement just so we could arrive to our destination before the sun finally set. Little did we know that a lot of this province’s great wonders were ahead of us. After an hour drive from Cabarroguis, scenic wide plains with rolling hills in various shades of green on the background started to appear in front of us. We enjoyed the car’s blasting air-conditioner for a while until we rolled the windows down and felt the freshest air we’ve had on that day. It was getting damp and cold as we speed through the ups and downs of the long and winding road. Our shutters were restless as we click the button continuously with the desire to store a piece of the scene in our minds and of course, our memory cards. Disappointment was there, too, as our photos would not give justice to what was unfolding before us. When we finally gave up, we parked on the side – we have finally arrived in one of the unknown to many tourist spots in Nagtipunan.
The first thing that came into my mind upon seeing the viewpoint was Binurong in Catanduanes or Batanes and Sirao Flower Farm in Cebu rolled into one. But no, I’d rather not compare. Landingan Viewpoint has its own unique captivating charm. 

The other hill at the other side of the road offers a different view such as that of the next photo’s
According to the locals we were with, it used to be just untended hills now turned into a flower garden atop, overlooking the rivers, plains and Nagtipunan rolling hills. It promises a three-hundred and sixty degree-view of the  stunning natural work of art, the landscape. Most of the flowers in different vibrant colors are in full bloom. There were signs planted in the middle of the flower beds. I previously thought these were names of the flowers but they’re actually not. What was written on the boards were names of the Miss Asia Pacific 2019 candidates who visited the Quirino province as part of the pageant.  
The white boards were the signs that I was talking about with the names of the candidates of Miss Asia Pacific 2019
Landingan Viewpoint is a place that everyone can truly enjoy – kids and adult alike. The uphill climbs are made easy by the established and maintained trails and stairs which were never there before. There are also Cabanas where everyone can stay for free. We’ve seen families and friends having picnic during our visit, too.

My mom sitting pretty in one of the Cabanas with the sun starting to set behind her
The cabanas in Landingan Viewpoint
It was around 5:30 in the afternoon when we arrived. The clouds seemed heavy but the rays of the sun would occasionally peep through and shine on the rivers, fields, flowers and the hills.
There are no activities at all in Landingan Viewpoint but it is still worth visiting. If you are after extreme and exciting activities, the best places to visit would be Diamond Cave, Aglipay Caves, Siitan River, Ganano Falls and Governor’s Rapids. Landingan Viewpoint is a good start to a day of jam-packed adventure in the province.

How to Get There

From Manila

1. Take a bus from Cubao bound for Maddela, Quirino. Fare starts at Php 571.00 to more or less Php 670.00 depending on the bus type. Bus liners such as Five Star, Dagupan, Florida and Nelbusco has daily trips at least to and from Manila to Maddela v.v. Alight at Maddela Terminal.
2. From the terminal, take a jeepney to Ponggo. Ponggo is the center of the municipality of Nagtipunan.
3. From Ponggo, charter a motorcycle (habal-habal) or jeepney that can take you to Landingan Viewpoint.

From Cordon or Santiago, Isabela

1. Take a van going to Maddela, Quirino. Travel time is around one and a half to two hours depending on the traffic.
2. Alight at Maddela Terminal. From there, take a jeepney to Ponggo, Nagtipunan.
3. From Ponggo, charter a motorcycle (habal-habal) or jeepney that can take you to Landingan Viewpoint.
Most of the people visiting the attraction drove there with their private cars since it is indeed challenging to be commuting to the place
Should you decide to explore the different tourist attractions in the province, you may opt to charter or rent a motorcycle, van or jeepney from the terminals of Maddela or Nagtipunan.
The flowers of Landingan Viewpoint

Things to Remember when Visiting Landingan Viewpoint

Visited Landingan Viewpoint with my mom!
1. An Ecological fee of Php 25.00 per head shall be paid upon visiting the attraction.
2. Food and drinks can be brought to the place. However, please be reminded of the principles: Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints and Kill nothing but time.
3. Parking spaces are quite limited but some visitors would resort to parking at the side of the road. 
4. Best time to visit is in the morning (around 7:00 AM) as it is quite the time when the low lying clouds or the sea of clouds appear in the area.
5. Do not pick the flowers just for your Instagram goals. Let the flowers be.
6. Commuting to Landigan Viewpoint is a little challenging. The best thing to do is to charter a private ride (preferably jeepney or van) for a less hassle visit. Besides,  other attractions such as the Siitan River, Ganano Falls, Aglipay caves, Governor’s Rapid and Diamond Cave in Quirino can also be visited with the chartered vehicle. 
7. The Cabanas can be used for free. Just refrain from vandalizing it.
8. There are no nearby stores where you can buy food. Thus, if you intend to stay for long, make sure that you at least bring your snacks with you.
9. There are established trails in the attraction. However, it gets muddy and slippery when it pours.
10. Refrain from standing or sitting on and taking pictures beyond the established bars at the viewpoint. These are put up in there for your safety.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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