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Top Places to Eat in Sagada

What could appease a wandering soul who just came back to población, tired and famished from a journey through the scenic trail? I’d say it would be a heavenly plate of food. If you find yourself in such a situation in this cool, tranquil place in Mountain Province, here’s the list of the top places to eat in Sagada and the food that you shouldn’t miss in each.

A Glance into Sagada’s Gastronomy

On the Traditional Plate

The Igorots (mountain dwellers) of the Cordilleras are largely carnivorous or meat lovers. They have developed their own unique ways of preparing or cooking their food, especially the meat; which made their dishes more special and ‘exotic’, too.

Their region is popularly known for etag: an indigenous, cured or preserved slab of meat. They preserve this meat for weeks (or longer) through salting. Then, they’ll proceed to smoking it with specific woods to achieve a certain taste or simply sun-drying it. Fret not about the white molds like the ones in cheese or the maggots. The meat may have developed these due to exposure to elements, but you can always wash and boil them off of it. It has been guaranteed safe by many!

Another well-known dish originating from Cordillera is called Pinikpikan. It came from the word ‘pikpik’ which means to beat lightly. Pinikpikan is called as such since the preparation involves beating a live chicken prior to actually cooking it. It is done to bring the chicken’s blood to the surface or its flesh. This process is what made this food ‘controversial’. They believe and have proven that doing so improves the taste or flavor of the meat.

No Artificial Seasoning Added!

You might complain that its bland or it lacks something but it’s just the absence of artificial flavoring or seasoning! Our tastebuds may have gotten used to it that the food prepared without it seem bland for us. Well, most of the restaurants in Sagada do not use such to add flavors to their dishes. They would only go for salt and herbs to add flavors to their food. It’s one of their healthy options in preparation that I must say they can really be proud about.

On Sagada’s Plate Today

With the influence of the culture outside of their own, the Kankana-eys may have picked up several practices and recipes but it is still evident how they want to preserve their heritage. It can be observed with the fusion food that they offer especially in their restaurants. Out of creativity, they started offering cross-culture fusion food such as etag pizza, pinikpikan pasta and others. However, if you still wish to taste the classic, there are still restaurants that offer them. Apart from these, don’t forget to add on your must try their famous home-made wheat bread and locally made yoghurt!

Top Places to Eat in Sagada

Ganduyan Inatep

Not known to a many, Ganduyan is the traditional name of Sagada. Inatep, on the other hand, means one-room houses with cogon grass roofs (left photo). An inatep or a traditional house is usually built and transferred from the old village. These houses can’t be built in the community due to fire hazard so they would only transfer it once its done. What’s fascinating about these traditional houses is that, these are built without hammering nails into its woods.

Dining in Ganduyan Inatep, then, is like getting a taste of a local dining in their traditional house while enjoying an enticingly, hearty meal. Don’t miss out on their Etag and Chicken yoghurt inatep, though. After stuffing yourself with good food, you can go on a walk at Ganduyan Museum (in which the inatep is an extension of) to learn more about the Kankana-ey and Sagada’s rich culture and history.

The Shire of Sagada

The Shire of Sagada may be relatively the newest of these establishments in town but it has a lot to offer. This hotel and restaurant seated in the mountainside is quite a wonderland for Tolkien’s The Hobbit fans as its structure is inspired by the Hobbiton. Apart from the scenic view that this picture-perfect hygge offers, it is also a place to try Etag pasta and Pinikpikan pizza.

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Sagada Happy House Restaurant

Happy House offers traditional Filipino food and of course, the town’s very own signature dish, Pinipikan.

Among the best things about the Happy House is that, you can also request for a specific dish that you may want them to serve even if it’s not on the menu. However, you may have to advise them probably a week or a few days to check if the ingredients of the dish you prefer are available. Another good thing about it is its location.

Sagada Brew

If there’s a place to eat in Sagada that serves a spectacular plate of goodness but would not disappoint one’s tastebuds, it’s going to be Sagada Brew. They have the best, worth-every-penny set meals due to its generous serving and enticing plating. Pasta, Callos and Herb Chicken are among the food that you shouldn’t miss here. To spoil that sweet tooth of yours, you might want to try their delectable desserts especially their very own lava cake!

Dongdaemun Korean Restaurant

Formerly known as the Kimchi House, Dongdaemun is the first and only Korean restaurant in Sagada. They offer Korean chicken, curry and even samgyeopsal (Korean barbecue). Take note that they don’t just offer Korean dishes. They also offer mouth-watering Filipino food. Drum rolls – they are also known to serve a good bowl of Pinikpikan!

Lemon Pie House

If you are a breakfast person with a big heart for pies and pastries, then, the Lemon Pie House is for you. This cozy restaurant that looks like a log cabin from the outside is located along the South Road in Dagdag, Sagada.

Salt and Pepper

One of the well-known and oldest restaurants in town is Salt and Pepper. This rustic, cozy restaurant has been featured in several shows in national television, local movie and vlogs, too. Being in here feels like a beer and booze on a Friday football night with a countryside vibe. Apart from its visually satisfying interior, Salt and Pepper will draw you into it with the aroma of the food that they are preparing. Among the bestsellers in their menu are the Chicken inutom and Etag pizza.


Masferre is one of those places to eat in Sagada that has a really ‘homey’ vibe. There are these areas that look like a living and dining room with photographs hanging on the wall. Guess, what? They’re not just random photographs. These are actually captured by the Father of the Philippine Photography, Eduardo Masferré. Mr. Eduardo Masferré’s father is a Spanish and his mom, on the other hand is a women of Kankana-ey. His works showcased the life of the native people – his people. This is quite an interesting matter to discuss over steaks and chicken cooked to perfection at their restaurant.

Yogurt House

If you think you can’t decide right away as to what would you exactly want to eat, go find yourself seated at The Yogurt House. This restaurant offers American, Asian and Filipino cuisine and take note: the best place in town to try their local yogurt.

Gaia Sagada Cafe

If you just got back, famished, from an exciting adventure in Sumaguing Cave, you may want to consider a stop at Gaia Cafe. This cafe is known to be the only one in town that offers Vegetarian meals in their menu. You may enjoy your food while you bathe into the beauty of the stunning view of the valley that it offers as it sits on a cliffside.

Photo by Mike Santiago of Upper Ground Concept

Isangwow Cafe by the Clouds

If you wish to witness the sun rising above the hefty sea of clouds without enduring long walks, Isangwow Cafe by the Clouds is the best place to be. Apart from the heavenly scene that the cafe offers, it’s also known for its inverted structure and their hearty breakfasts, too!

Places to Eat in Sagada, in a Nutshell

These are just few of the many and best places to eat in Sagada. After spelunking in its cave systems, hiking to witness a sea of clouds or a walk around the town to learn about the Kankana-ey tribe and their culture more, a gastronomic trip is also quite an activity to venture in Sagada since the town has a rich culinary culture that would satisfy both the stomachs and the interest of travelers on history and heritage.

Which of these places have you tried and would want to try next? What else should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments section!

Explore Sagada!

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