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10 Things You’ll Love about Z Hostel in Poblacion, Makati

Hostels, for me, are just merely budget-friendly places where you can stay a night or two when traveling; a resting place after a tiring tour. The only considerations that I have when booking into one are the comfort that it provides and the affordability of the rooms. Apparently, Z Hostel is these and moreZ is everything I didn’t expect a hostel to be and here are the ten reasons why.

1. Free Walking Tour

Every four in the afternoon, Z Hostel offers a PoblaZion Walking Tour to its guests for free. Yes, you read it right, for free. Ever since I started traveling, never have I encountered nor checked in to hostels that offer free tours. Those who would like to experience and be part of this tour could come and wait at the lobby. No registration nor need to sign up prior to it. During my stay at Z, the very articulate and full of energy Jian Miranda (@jianmiguels) was our tour guide. It was one of the coolest and funnest walking tours I have ever joined into! We learned a lot from him and took us to streets and corners of Poblacion we’d never find out about if not for him.

2. Meet new friends from all over the world

What I noticed about Z Hostel is that most of its guests are backpackers from all over the world. I was able to make friends with some of them during the walking tour. If you’re traveling solo and happened to check into Z, I guarantee you, you’ll never have dinner and breakfast alone after the walking tour. If  you let them, they would join you and talk about a lot of interesting things under the sun especially culture and traveling. Some of them would even ask you to join them on pub crawls and invite you for drinks at happy hour.

3. Learn about Poblacion

Endless parties. Wasted people on the streets. Unbearable crowd and noise. These used to be my thoughts about Poblacion until I joined the walking tour by Z Hostel which introduced me as to who Poblacion really is. It is a place where music and arts of various genre thrive; a place where some bars bring you closer to the country’s art and culture. It has got an interesting history, too. It is among the places in Makati to taste wine, beer and good food. Z changed my view about Poblacion. It actually made me fall in love with it and made me want to keep on coming back.

4. Know about the lit places, bars and parties in the city

Agimat. One of the coolest and amazing bars I’ve ever seen

I have never had a thing for bars and the night life but right after the walking tour, I found myself leaving my room at the hostel at 8:00 PM and hitting the bars we visited. I’ve never seen such bars which value arts and craft above anything else. We could have not known any of these if not for the walking tour we joined into.

The Ruins. My most favorite place in the walking tour!

Joe’s Brew is one of the 6 local beer breweries in located in Poblacion Makati and one out of 60 in the Philippines

At Kondwi. They usually have art installations at the second floor. On our visit, they were putting up something new that involves lights!
Dr. Wine! Everyone got a free shot here lol

5. Fun ways to explore Manila

Apart from PoblaZion Walking Tour, Z Hostel also offers tour around Manila. They offer tours in Binondo, Intramuros through the Bambike and Market of the Old Manila. They also offer tours to a well-known attraction outside Manila called Masungi Georeserve. These tours are rather done in a DIY manner and with other guests of the hostel. It’s especially perfect for those who would stay in Manila for a day or two as a layover. Schedules and tour availability are posted on the information board at the lobby.

6. Try the local food at the streets

One of the things that one should have in his or her bucket list when visiting a country is to try its street food. Apparently, Z Hostel lets everyone cross this one out of the list as part of the itinerary of the walking tour is to try the famous Filipino street food. On our tour, we had the all-time Filipino favorite skewers: the barbecue, helmet, isaw (intestines),betamax, adidas (chicken feet) and others. Since it’s also the holiday season, we were able to chance upon and try the Christmas local food such as puto-bumbong and bibingka which are usually sold near churches.

7. Learn Tagalog words the best way (For foreigners!)

During the walking tour, Jian thought the foreigners five Tagalog words that matter: Salamat (thank you), Kili-kili (armpit), Tagay (cheers), Kumusta (How are you?) and Mabuti (Fine, in response to Kumusta). These words were taught to the foreigners we were with in each destination we have gone to and they truly learned it the best way. He even discussed a little about the history of the Filipino language especially how the Spanish influenced it at large. Worry not, the way he discusses things are never boring. It’s all said with humor.

8. Room sharing with backpackers

Nope, this isn’t the one for room sharing. This is where I stayed, the private room. I actually spent most of my time outside with my new found friends from the walking tour lol

You’ve got a choice, actually: Will you spend the night alone in a private room or with backpackers from all over the world? Z Hostel offers both kind of accommodation: a private room for one or two or a dormitory type with bunk beds in a room. There’s a hostel dormitory type for male and one for female. Each bed has a charging station and a pin light. Its rooms are cool for a hostel, too. Expect a fully air-conditioned, pretty spacious, clean one equipped with Wi-Fi, toiletries, towels, linens, pillows and mattresses.

One of the must try at their cafe is the crispy bagnet! Also, I love how big their servings are!

 Rates also include a hearty breakfast breakfast that is is served at 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Should you be hungry at anytime of the day, their cafe by the lobby is also open for 24 hours. Just make sure that you have the RFID with enough money in it. You can reload it, though, anytime at the front desk.

9. The Z Hostel Roof Deck

One of the best spots in Z Hostel is their roof deck. Aside from being a place for art and music that brings people together, it promises a stunning view of sunset at the city against its skyline and pretty awesome city lights at night.

Parties are also held at the roof deck, free drinks are guaranteed at 6:00 PM after the walking tour! You may check their Facebook page for its schedule.

10. The vibes of the Z Hostel Staff

I really had a rough day since it took me literally 5 hours from Tagaytay City to Poblacion. However, everything shifted in a snap the moment I entered Z Hostel. The staff at the front desk gave me the most genuine and biggest smile I’ve ever seen that day and welcomed me warmly. They introduced themselves, checked me in quickly, oriented and reminded me about a few things especially the RFID and told me to enjoy the stay in Z. I was even assisted to my room. Everyone in there was lovely and full of energy that I felt purged from all the stress and agitation of my travel. Good vibes are literally everywhere.

Things to Remember when Checking into Z Hostel

1. Take note that they are on a cashless transaction. Always bring your RFID band with you and don’t lose it. you can always check on the available amount in your RFID at the front desk or at the cafe. Just drop by the front desk should you want it to be reloaded..
2. Spread good vibes and let theirs roll in you. Everyone, both the staff and other guests, in the hostel is fun to be with. You just got to mingle with people.
3. There are no televisions in the room. Experience the real thing and the fun outside your room.

There are more things to love about it and the ones mentioned in this Z Hostel review just among them. Be a hardcore party goer or just a simple backpacker, this is quite a place to be. I intend not to spill the deets about the places we’ve gone to because that’s for you to find out when you join the walking tour. 

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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