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The Ultimate Visayas Philippines Bucket List

This ultimate Visayas Philippines bucket list gives you an idea about the activities, places and food that you should not miss when visiting the provinces in this region. Go over the list and check which of these have you ticked off and which should you look forward to on your next travel!

The San Juanico Bridge is the Philippine’s longest bridge connecting the provinces of Samar and Leyte
Photo by: Jameson Go

About Visayas

Visayas is the central region of the Philippines. Among the the three island groups, it is the most archipelagic. It is divided into three regions namely the Western, Central and Eastern Visayas. Languages that are spoken at large are Cebuano or Bisaya in Central Visayas, Aklanon, Ilonggo or Hiligaynon and Karay-a in Western Visayas and Waray in Eastern Visayas.

Magellan’s Cross, Cebu City

The region is marked important in the Philippine history as it is where the Spanish colonizers, who established civilization and Christianity in the country, first settled in the early 1600’s.

Region VI: The Western Visayas


  1. Witness paradise and one of the most beautiful sunsets in Boracay
  2. Beach bum at the world famous white beach of Boracay Island
  3. Chant “Hala Bira!” while dancing in the streets of Kalibo during the Ati Atihan Festival
  4. Learn Pina weaving
  5. Commune with nature at the Bakhawan Eco Park
a girl with a unicorn floater at the beach
Basking in the sun at Puka Beach, Boracay Island


  1. Experience the local hot tub known as the Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao
  2. Get a refreshing bath at Malumpati Cold spring in Pandan.
  3. Go river tubing at Bugang River
  4. See the largest flower the Rafflesia in San Remigio
  5. Trek at the top of the hill in Malalison Island and wait for the sun to set
a giant wok on fire at the edge overlooking a river
Kawa Bath, Tibiao, Antique


  1. Eat as much seafood as you can at the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”
  2. Celebrate Capiztahan with the locals
  3. Visit the largest Christian bell in Asia at the Sta. Monica Church
  4. Visit the birthplace and house of one of the Philippines’ former president, Manuel Roxas
the replica of the largest bell of Sta. Monica Church, Capiz


  1. Taste the sweetest mango you could ever have
  2. Visit the Guisi Lighthouse which is the 2nd oldest lighthouse in the country
  3. Explore the nearby islands as you go island hopping
  4. More Mango, More Fun! Experience their annual Manggahan festival
  5. Try the famous mango pizza of Pit Stop
  6. Take a photo at the smallest plaza in the Philippines, the Plaza of Jordan, Guimaras
a lady in white in the middle of mango trees
Mango Plantation in Guimaras


  1. Go island hopping at the Gigantes group of islands
  2. Try out the La Paz Batchoy inside La Paz Market
  3. Visit the beautiful Miagao Church one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines and Baroque churches in the Philippines
  4. Experience one of the grandest festivals in the Philippines, the Dinagyang Festival
  5. Take hundreds of steps up to dubbed as ‘Heaven on Earth’ found in the town, the Garin Farm.
  6. Pay pilgrimage at the church built in the 1800’s, the Jaro Cathedral also known as Jaro’s Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria
a girl standing at the top of a staircase of an all-white heaven-like structure
Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo

Negros Occidental

  1. Wear your masskara and join in the week-long grand festivities at the Masskara festival of Negros Occidental
  2. Get your Chicken Inasal at the Manokan Country
  3. Head south experience the beaches in Sipalay
  4. Take a selfie at the Ruins
  5. Experience a whole new perspective on eco-tourism by visiting Danjugan Island
  6. Try Negros Occidental’s local coffee
  7. Chill at the biggest floating bar in Asia, the Tawhai Floating bar in Lakawon Island
  8. Spoil your sweet tooth with some cakes from Calea in Bacolod City
The Lacson Ruins, The Taj Majal of the Philippines

Region VII: The Central Visayas


  1. Say hi to our little friends at the Tarsier Conservation Area
  2. Feast with your eyes at the sight of Carmen’s Chocolate Hills
  3. Go through night and day experience at Loboc River paddling at day and go firefly watching at night
  4. Beach bum at Alona beach in Panglao island
  5. Explore the underwater wonders of Panglao
Bohol’s Abatan River


  1. Go crazy at Carcar tasting their lechon
  2. Viva Pit Senior! Experience the grandest festival in the Philippines, Cebu‘s Sinulog Festival
  3. Feel the thrill in canyoneering at Kawasan Falls
  4. Head north and explore Bantayan Island and its beaches
  5. Swim with thousands of sardines in Moalboal
  6. Visit Magellan’s cross in Cebu City
  7. Visit the statue of Jesus as a child in Basilica Minore del Santo Nino de Cebu

Negros Oriental

  1. Swim with the turtles at Apo Island
  2. Ride a bangka in Bais to see the sunrise, dolphin watching and the Manjuyod Sandbar
  3. Take home some sansrival and silvanas
  4. Chill in the afternoon at the Rizal Boulevard
Manjuyod Sandbar, Bais City, Negros Oriental
Photo by Jameson Go


  1. Go cliff jumping at Salagdoong beach
  2. Experience the Tarzan swing at Cambugahay Falls
  3. Hop into your rented motorbike and go beach hopping around the province
  4. Look for faith healers or buy some love potion and voodoo dolls as pasalubong from Siquijor
  5. Dive with the barracudas, jack fish and other sea creatures at Tulapos Marine Sanctuary
Tarzan swing at Cambugahay falls, Siquijor

Region VIII: The Eastern Visayas


  1. Chase waterfalls around the province
  2. Rent a motorbike and fell in love with the landscape of the province
  3. Find Hinagatan’s Shifting Sandbar
  4. Appreciate the beauty of Sambawan Island
  5. Get a refreshing dip at Tinago Falls
Biliran’s Tinago Falls
Photo by Jameson Go

Eastern Samar

  1. Visit the famous Balangiga Bells and learn about their history
  2. Surf in either Borongan or Calicoan
  3. Swim inside Linao cave
  4. Go to the historical island of Homonhon


  1. Cross the San Juanico Bridge by foot
  2. Get tanned in Kalanggaman Island
  3. Pay respect to the Yolanda victims at the M/V Eva Jocelyn Shrine
  4. Go on top of Linataon Peak
Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte
Photo by Jameson Go

Northern Samar

  1. Witness the beauty of the rock formations in Biri
  2. Learn the unique and distinct language in Capul
  3. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous rock formation of Rakit Dakit
  4. Visit the pink sand beaches in San Vicente
The fascinating rock formation in Biri
Photo by Jameson Go


  1. Ride torpedo boats in Paranas Samar
  2. Taste their tahong chips
  3. Go on an adventure at the Sohoton Caves & Natural Bridge Park
  4. Buy some tikog banig inside Saob Cave

Southern Leyte

  1. Measure how high the Agas-agas Bridge is
  2. Look for some whale sharks in Pintuyan Southern Leyte
  3. Visit the historical island of Limasawa Island
  4. Rent the cabana in the middle of the sea for a day in Tagbak Marine Park

The Philippines Bucket List Series

There is seriously a plethora of places to visit and activities to try in the different provinces of Visayas. This Visayas Philippines bucket list only serves as a guide at the same time gives you an idea as to what you can expect to those places. The above mentioned ones were just few in the top list of the many travel enthusiasts. You can always go on and embark on an adventure in a different path and try new things.

Stay tuned for the Mindanao, Philippines bucket list! For the mean time, you might want to check the Luzon edition. If you intend to visit all the provinces in the Philippines, hence the Project 81, this list is something that can surely help you with.

Did we miss anything in this Visayas Philippines bucket list? Let us know about it!

Special thanks to Jameson Go for contributing to the completion of this ultimate Philippines Bucket List!

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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