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Top Reasons Why You Should Stay at Bacau Bay Resort Coron

With the unique and naturally beguiling gifts bestowed to it, Coron has made it to the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and the South East Asia. Its raw islands, bone-white, fine sand beaches, limestone formations, lagoons, fascinating coral gardens and historical shipwrecks have drawn tourists from all around the world to this blessed town. I myself could and would never get enough of this beauty that I keep on coming back for it whenever I have a chance to. This year, I was able to rediscover the marvels of Coron as I found out about a new gateway to this paradise. The longer I stayed, the more that I have found reasons to come back to the island and spend my days in Bacau Bay Resort Coron. Here’s why.

Bacau Bay Resort's pool at night
Bacau Bay Resort Coron at night

Why You Should Stay at Bacau Bay Resorts Coron

A Step Closer to Nature

In my previous visits in Coron; well, in all other provinces I went backpacking into, I would always stay in inns or hostels. I have set my mind that I only need a cheap yet decent place to rest as it’s the scene and attractions I am there for in the first place. More often than not, these inns and hostels do not have a view since they aren’t located close to nature but are mostly seated in the busiest streets of the town.

After years of frolicking from one town to another, I then thought of engaging into slow travel. This would involve staying in hotels tucked away from the usual busy streets I’d prefer to be in before. In these times, I would find myself just easing into the mornings of the days when I decided to just stay in. Among the best places that I consider for such is Bacau Bay Resort Coron.

Bacau Bay Resort at Coron Bay
Bacau Bay Resort from the wharf

The resort is nestled in a bay surrounded by mangrove with a wharf that extends out in the waters. In the afternoon, I would take a walk to the resort’s private wharf with catamaran nets where I can lazily hang out and bathe into the beauty of the glorious sunset by the Coron bay. There were giant pillows and blankets to snuggle down into which cozied my sunset watching endeavor. It was calming to watch the sun shy behind the jagged-top islands across the resort dotted with yachts and locals on their long, wooden canoes.

When not musing at the wharf, I would find myself taking a walk around the sprawling garden or just by the hammocks under the trees, flipping page after page of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

5-Star Hospitality with their Professional yet Friendly Staff

Another thing that I loved about Bacau Bay Resort is the hospitality of their staff. The moment we landed in Busuanga Airport, transferred to the hotel, stayed for days ’til the last moment prior to our departure, they took an active part in making our vacation worthwhile.

Everyone has their smiles naturally mapped on their faces from earliest in the morning when I walked from my room to the restaurant for breakfast; and throughout the day. They were all nice and polite as well as they attend to my personal requests. Among the staff that I remember so well were Kuya Ryan, Kuya Twing and Kuya Marjo whom we were with most of the time – receiving us an accompanying us on our tours and transfers.

Top Notch Recreational Spaces and Amenities

Bored you’ll never be if ever you decide to stay in for a day or two in the resort as it indeed has a lot to offer. It boasts an expansive outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, bar or lounge, sprawling lush fauna, 24-hour fitness center, full-service spa, kids’ area and even a private picture-perfect wharf where one can enjoy the golden hour with some snacks and drinks.

After a long day out in the sun hopping from an island to another, I decided to hang out a bit at the wharf ’til dusk. Since I’ve been running here and there and diving the whole day, the weariness kicked in the moment the adrenaline in my body ran low. So, to conclude a fun yet tiring day, I went to Alon spa for a relaxing full body massage. This made me up and pump early the next day – all ready for a workout at their gym and a swim at the pool.

Going Intercontinental but with Coron’s Local Touch

Other than the breathtaking scenes and sprawling gardens of lush green, I must say Bacau Bay Resort is a place for sophisticated palates. During our stay, we went far and wide with our gastronomic adventure at Amihan Restaurant.

I consider the dinner on our second night as quite a highlight in my dining experience in Amihan Restaurant. During our dinner, we indulged ourselves to both local and international cuisine with the flavors of Coron. Though the town itself does not have a particular dish to boast, they were still able to put a touch of Coron on our food with the dishes’ locally-sourced ingredients such as Kibao (local clam), Samaral fish and cashew.

During the dinner, we had the bouillabaisse soup with fish and seafood including the Kibao for starters. For the main dish, we tried the grilled Samaral fish and some seafood and vegetable kebab, barbecue with a range of special sauces, baby back ribs and more.

Hassle-free Coron Tours

the famous Kayangan Lake of Coron, Palawan, Philippines is among the Reasons Why You Should Visit Coron
The iconic, post card-worthy view of Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan

Staying in Bacau Bay Resort to see the beauty of Coron, Palawan is just the most hassle-free experience I’ve had. I didn’t have to go elsewhere for the planning of my tours since they have their Recreational Information Center to help me with it. Further, they have their own wharf where I would gladly wait for the boat; thanks to the dramatic yet peaceful sunrise scene at the bay to keep me company. Lastly, I have never been taken care of during a tour the way their resort staff did. Every now and then, our personal butler on tour would hand us fresh towels to dry us up immediately followed by refreshing lemongrass-scented ones and a bottle of cold water or snacks.

Booking and Reservation

For inquiries, booking and reservation, you may reach Bacau Bay Resort Coron through the following:
Address: Governor’s Drive, Sitio Jolo, Poblacion 5, Coron, Palawan, Philippines 5316 
Phone Number: +63 995 760 3444; +63 995 760 3445
Mobile Number: +63 945 385 7702
Reservation: +63 2 7759 9888 local 1876
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Coron Travel Requirements (as of June 2022)

If you’re planning to head to Coron, Palawan soon, here’s a list of requirements (as of March 31, 2022) that you need to prepare:

  1. Vaccination Certification for fully vaccinated tourists; or 24-hour valid negative antigen or RT-PCR COVID-19 test result for tourists with incomplete or no vaccination.
  2. Hotel booking confirmation
  3. Flight tickets
  4. Tour vouchers
  5. Approved S-pass.

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