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Where to Stay in Coron: BACAU BAY RESORT CORON

To wake up in Coron, Palawan is like living one’s summer daydreams. Imagine spending your days hankering barefoot on its island’s powdery, bone-white sand beaches, diving into historical shipwrecks and healthy, vibrant coral reef, bathing into the beautiful scenes of fascinating limestone karsts and swimming into its clear brackish lakes. Your dream getaway, of course, wouldn’t be complete without a place to rest comfortably after a day full of fun adventure. In my recent visit, I found out about a gateway to the paradise this island destination has to offer. Again, I got a chance to witness the surreal beauty of Coron, Palawan with Bacau Bay Resort.

About Bacau Bay Resort Coron

Bacau Bay Resort Coron is seated at the bay in Sitio Jolo and opens up to Dicanituan and Baquit Islands, seemingly detached from the busy town that is just five minutes away. It is surrounded by mangroves (know in Tagalog as Bakawan) where it got its name. This sprawling 1.6 hectare hotel resort has 80 premier and deluxe rooms combined, a presidential suite and various facilities and amenities that guarantee its guests, young and old alike, a relaxing getaway closest to nature and a home to this slice of paradise. The resort opened last March 2019 which is now making a come back in 2022’s dry season – more than ready to welcome guests from all over the world as they experience the best of Coron, Palawan.

Bacau Bay Resort at Coron Bay
Bacau Bay Resort tucked in a mangrove-fringed Coron bay

Our Bacau Bay Resort Coron Experience

A shuttle from Bacau Bay Resort Coron came to pick us up from the airport. Kuya Ryan, the driver, helped us with our luggage as we paced quickly towards the ride since it’s been scorching hot. The moment we set foot in it, the cool air welcomed us and so did the lingering refreshing scent of lemongrass. As we settled, Kuya Ryan handed us bottles of cold water. Everything happened swiftly but that was quite a welcome.

We drove for less than an hour to Coron town where the hotel is. It just felt good to be back in this familiar road. We were just amusing ourselves with the hills that seemed bare and barren under the sun; and before we know it, the shuttle has pulled into a stop at the hotel. We carried our stuff to the foyer where the general manager also welcomed us. As we exchange greetings and stories about our flight, the staff handed us fresh cooling towels that also smelled like lemongrass. We patted our faces and arms with it which brought an instant refreshing feeling to us. While waiting for our rooms to be prepared for check in, they also handed us glasses of iced lemongrass, honey and ginger tea. “It’s a signature”, we reckoned.

Bacau Bay Resort Coron Rooms

After the warm exchange at the lobby, the staff took us to room 225 at the East Wing. We stayed in a Deluxe room that welcomed us with a comforting scent of lemongrass, too. It is equipped with air-conditioning, hot and cold shower, toiletries, hair dryer, 32-inch television with Cable channels, safety deposit box, a minibar, espresso machine/ coffee maker with complementary tea and coffee, Wi-Fi and a digital alarm clock with bluetooth speaker. The resort also provides guests with hygiene kit that contains a face mask, hand sanitizer and wet wipes.

Beside the bluetooth speaker is a note with QR codes that would lead the guests to the resort’s website. Aside from this, the note also contains a QR code to a whitenoise playlist that would help guests to fall asleep.

the view from our humble balcony

Every room has a balcony with a view of the sprawling garden; others, the Coron Bay. Some rooms at the West wing, on the other hand, have small verandas with stairs leading to the garden.

Bacau Bay Resort Coron: A Place for Slow Travel

Since I had time to spare, I went out of the room for a walk around the hotel. Together with the General Manager, Sir Gilbert Uy and a staff, Kuya Twing, we explored a part of this 1.6-hectare property. With that tour, I realized that the resort is quite a place for slow travelers. On some days, I could opt to just stay, enjoy and relax since I could also do a lot with its facilities and amenities. After all, its among the many essence of traveling — to enjoy and relax.

Bacau Bay Resort Coron’s Facilities and Amenities

Amihan Restaurant

Inside Amihan Restaurant in Bacau Bay Resort

Amihan, Bacau Bay Resort Coron’s in-house restaurant offers a palatable treat with its wide-range of local and international cuisine made from locally-sourced ingredients; among which that we tried were the clams called Kibao and samaral. These ingredients puts a local touch and taste of Coron to the food in the menu. From ala carte to set meals, Amihan Restaurant’s food do not disappoint.

Indoor and al fresco dining are available at Amihan restaurant. With its al fresco dining, you may enjoy a breath of fresh air with the view of the garden’s lush greens and the wide swimming pool from below. The indoor dining, on the other hand, offers a cozy dining experience with the tropical hues.

Indeed, Amihan Restaurant did not disappoint. During our dinner by the man-made beach, we feasted over slabs of baby back ribs that melts in the mouth, a soup with Kibao and tanigue, shrimp and vegetable kebabs, pork barbecue, samaral – everything fresh and grilled. It was an amazing play of taste in our mouth as we partnered the grilled food with its unique sauces and signature beverages. Take note though that these food are not regulars in the menu. If requested with the ingredients readily available, the restaurant could do it for the guests.

Swimming Pool

Bacau Bay Resort's pool

A few steps from the main lobby lies the vast pool of three dephts – a 2-feet deep kiddie pool and a 4 to 7-feet one. The pool lures you to take a plunge; if not, just lay around and relax at the daybeds lined by the pool side. It’s open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Aside from the daybeds by the pool side, there are pergola cushioned patio daybeds and hammocks around to hang out into or for some siesta under the trees. How it looks at daytime is just as equally stunning and inviting as it is at night with all the lights.

Isla Pool Bar

If the guests wish to relax with some of Bacau Bay Resort Coron’s signature cocktails by the pool, the Isla Pool bar is the place to be around. It is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM and also offers room service.

The Pier

The resort has its own pier where the boats for the island hopping tours catering to the Bacau Bay Resort Coron’s guests could dock. What we loved the most about the pier is that, it is also among the best place in the resort to witness the sky melt into pastel colors at sunset. The wooden walkway at the end has catamaran nets on both sides with massive satin pillows and cotton blankets for guests’ use.

Serena Pier Bar

If you feel like sipping some tropical-inspired cocktails and nibbling snacks by the catamaran nets at dusk, Serena Pier Bar could give you that. The bar is open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. So, if you feel like enjoying the tranquility by the natural waters and mangroves at any time of the day, it is the best place to be.

Alon Spa

After a fun yet tiring trip to Mt. Tapyas and a relaxing dip in to Maquinit Hot spring, I booked for a full body massage at Alon Spa to conclude the day. I was amazed by the overall service. Prior to the massage, the staff asked me to accomplish the consultation form. This form helped the masseuse and I as regards the right massage for me at the moment even considering not just my reference but also my personal medical information.

They offer Swedish, Shiatsu, a combination of these two, Ayurvedic Head Massage, Oriental Foot Massage and Thai Foot Massage. Since I did a lot that day, I needed a massage that would get me relaxed from head to toe. So, I chose the combination of Swedish and Shiatsu. I visited the spa at around 10:00 PM and got an hour of massage. Currently, the spa doesn’t offer a room service. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to take a little stroll from the room to the spa and vice versa.

Fitness Center

Fitness Center at Bacau Bay Resort

The resort has a 24-hour open Fitness center, too. It has stationary bicycle, elliptical, commercial treadmill, bench press, bands, full rack of dumbbells, TRX, gym mirrors, yoga mats and television. There’s a basket full of fresh towels, hand sanitizer and water dispenser for guests’ use to freshen up after a good workout. If ever that guest needs assistance in operating with the equipment, there is also a telephone by the table on the side.

Kids’ Area

Bacau Bay Resort's Kids Area
An area both for kids and kids at heart!

Kids will have much fun at the resort as they could not just go swimming but there is also an area especially for them ( and the kids at heart, too). The enticingly colorful room is equipped with a television, foosball table, board games including the fun, traditional Pinoy game called sungka, plushies, table tennis and art space where they could work on some leaf art. Apart from the indoor amenities, there is also a lawn badmindton area by the garden that they could also enjoy.

Bacau Bay Resort Coron’s Staff

What has even made my stay in the resort worthwhile was the staff. From the moment we landed at Busuanga airport, we stepped into the resort and stayed for days, everyone – the front desk officers, the guards, the hotel and restaurant staff and the General Manager were consistently smiling and checking us out should we need assistance on anything.

Bacau Bay resort's lobby
The resort’s lobby is just as light, warm and welcoming as their staff

During the tour, we had a personal butler (Kuya Marjo) who came with us and really took care of us other than the tour guide. Every now and then, he would hand us a lemongrass-scented cooling towel so we could freshen up after sun bathing and swimming, some snack and a bottle of cold water.

The Sun and Sea Experience with Bacau Bay Resort Coron

If you wish to see the best of Coron town, islands, beaches and marine life, you may book your tours by the Recreational Information Center at the lobby.

Day 1: Coron Town Tour

We went on a Coron Town Tour late in the afternoon during our first day. We took 800 steps to the top of Mt. Tapyas first to witness a breath taking sunset. Then, we took a relaxing dip at the saltwater hot spring of Maquinit after a tiring yet fun hike.

Day 2: Island Hopping Tour

On our second day, we finally got a chance to see the beauty of Coron’s islands with our island hopping tour. We visited Barracuda lake, Skeleton shipwreck, Banul beach, Twin lagoon and Kayangan lake – some of the best and sought-after destinations in Coron, Palawan.


Booking and Reservation

For inquiries, booking and reservation, you may reach Bacau Bay Resort Coron through the following:
Address: Governor’s Drive, Sitio Jolo, Poblacion 5, Coron, Palawan, Philippines 5316 
Phone Number: +63 995 760 3444; +63 995 760 3445
Mobile Number: +63 945 385 7702
Reservation: +63 2 7759 9888 local 1876
Instagram: @bacaubayresortcoron
Facebook: Bacau Bay Resort Coron

Sample 3-Day Coron Itinerary with Bacau Bay Resort

DAY 1: Check in and Town Tour

6:00 AM – ETA NAIA, check in
7:50 AM – ETD for Coron, Palawan
9:30 AM – Arrival at Busuanga Airport/ ETD for Bacau Bay Resort
10:00 AM – ETA Bacau Bay Resort/ Early Check in
12:00 AM – Lunch at Amihan Restaurant
1:00 PM – Rest/ Tour around the hotel
4:30 PM – ETD for Mt. Tapyas
4:45 PM – Hike to Mt. Tapyas
5:30 PM – M. Tapyas summit
6:30 PM – Maquinit hot spring
7:30 PM – Change, back to Bacau Bay Resort
7:45 PM – Freshen up
8:30 PM – Dinner at Amihan Restaurant
10:00 PM – Full body massage at Alon Spa
11:00 PM – Rest

Day 2: Island Hopping Tour

7:00 AM – Breakfast
8:00 AM – The Pier, Departure for the Island Hopping Tour
9:00 AM – Barracuda Lake
10:30 AM – Banul Beach, Early lunch
1:30 PM – Skeleton Shipwreck
2:00 PM – Twin Lagoon
3:30 PM – Kayangan Lake
4:30 PM – Back to Pier
5:30 PM – Sunset at Serena Bar
6:00 PM – Freshen up
7:30 PM – Dinner at Amihan Restaurant
8:30 PM – free time
10:00 PM – Rest

Day 3: Chill at Bacau Bay Resort and Homebound

5:30 AM – Watch the sunset at the Pier
6:30 AM – Fitness Center
8:00 AM – Breakfast
10:00 AM – Swimming at the Pool
11:00 AM – Freshen up, pack up
12:00 NN – lunch at Amihan Restaurant, check out
1:00 PM – visit the pasalubong center and souvenir shops at the town proper
2:00 PM – ETD for Airport
3:00 PM – Fly back to Manila

Parting words

We left the island all happy and satisfied but wishing for more; wishing we could stay longer. It was indeed a great experience to be back in Coron with Bacau Bay Resort. Our soul and senses were more than pampered with the services they have offered us. Like its signature scent, lemongrass, it was refreshing, revitalizing and relaxing. Everywhere we go since then, the smell and taste of lemongrass would remind us of a home in paradise – of Bacau Bay Resort.

Coron Travel Requirements (as of April 2022)

If you’re planning to head to Coron, Palawan soon, here’s a list of requirements (as of March 31, 2022) that you need to prepare:

  1. Vaccination Certification for fully vaccinated tourists; or 24-hour valid negative antigen or RT-PCR COVID-19 test result for tourists with incomplete or no vaccination.
  2. Hotel booking confirmation
  3. Flight tickets
  4. Tour vouchers
  5. Approved S-pass.
Twin Lagoon, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Play time at Twin Lagoon

How to Get There

By Air

  1. Local airlines such as Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines has flights on a daily basis straight to Busuanga (Francisco B. Reyes) Airport. It takes an hour flying from Clark and Manila to Busuanga Airport then a thirty-minute land travel from Busuanga to Coron town proper.
  2. From the airport, you may take a van to your hotel or wait for the shuttle sent by the hotel to pick you up.

By Sea

From Manila to Coron, Palawan

(As of March 2022) 2Go Travel’s St. Francis Xavier vessel departs on Wednesday evenings from Manila to Coron port arriving in the morning the next day. It goes back to the port of Manila on the other day, around afternoon and arrives the next day as well.

From Puerto Princesa City to Coron, Palawan

(As of March 2022) 2Go Travel’s St. Francis Xavier vessel sails once a week from Puerto Princesa City to Coron v.v. The ship departs at around 2:30 AM or 11:59 PM every Thursdays or Fridays from the port of Puerto Princesa City and arrives at Coron at around the next day.

From El Nido to Coron, Palawan

Coron is three to four hours away from El Nido by Sea Travel. Phimal and Montenegro Shipping Lines have ferries departing daily to and from these islands. Fare ranges from Php 1,800.00 to Php 1,900.00.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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