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A Watermazing Summer Experience in Aqua Planet (Travel Guide + Review)

It was early in the morning but it sure felt like midday. We didn’t dare check the weather forecast for some monsoons prior to our trip as we have claimed that the sun will be up and brimming like it has always been every summer. With no decent sleep but with a hearty breakfast from my favorite fast food that set the mood for the day, we excitingly took the last P2P trip that was heading from Trinoma to Aqua Planet. Rewarded with comfort by the reclined well-cushioned seat in a fast air-conditioned bus, we drifted and surprisingly woke up at the driver’s call on the passengers who were supposed to alight at Clark Airport. The skies are grey and the clouds seemed heavy. It’s indeed a double whammy – the driver forgot that we were supposed to get off at Aqua Planet and the sky is about to pour any moment. (A piece of advice, ya’ll, don’t forget to remind the driver and conductor that you’ll get off Aqua Planet). Good thing, the driver told us that he’d dropped us off Aqua Planet on his way back to Manila. We waited a few, anger subsided, and revived the excitement. 20 minutes later, we found ourselves walking to the entrance of one of the biggest and most modern water theme parks in Asia.

We did three things before our breaths were finally and literally taken away by the slides. First, we went to the Klook counter beside the resort’s entrance to exchange our vouchers for the RFID wrist band. Upon our entrance, we went straight to the cashier to reload our wrist bands for the cashless transaction. Lastly, we deposited our stuff to our respective lockers after changing and went straight to the first slide of summer for a watermazing experience in Aqua Planet.

Getting To and Away

Getting to Aqua Planet

1. Make your way to MRT 3. Take the North bound train and get off North Avenue.
2. Take the right exit in North Avenue station and look for the P2P bus from Trinoma to Clark Airport. These buses also drop passengers off directly to Aqua Planet. Travel time is 2 hours.
First trip of P2P buses that pass by Aqua Planet is as early as 5:30 AM. These buses travel from Trinoma to Aqua Planet four times a day. Last trip is at 8:30 AM. Fare is at Php 310.00.

Image result for p2p from trinoma to aqua planet

Getting Away

Option A: Take the P2P bus from Aqua Planet to Trinoma/ NAIA
Option B: Book a grab taxi
Option C: Charter for an on-call private vehicle that can pick you up and drop you off your desired destintation.
Driver: Jonjon Nicdao
Mobile (Globe): +63 945 368  
Mobile (Smart): +63 946 837 5823

Admission Rates

Weekday whole day pass
Kids 4 ft and below – Php 750.00
Adults – Php 950.00
Weekend whole day pass
Kids 4 ft and below – Php 980.00
Adults – Php 1,180.00
These admission fees include an all-day access to all the attractions, live vests, floaters, public tables and chairs and use of Wi-Fi. Take note that free entrance is given to infants.

Klook Exclusive Lane

Ticket Booking

1. Tickets may also be booked online via Klook. The guests can either print the voucher to be sent to their email addresses or screenshot it and show it to the counter. Booked tickets via Klook can only be used on the day it’s booked.
2. Walk in guests are allowed. They can just avail the ticket from the resort’s ticket booth.
3. Aqua Planet is open everyday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They do not entertain guests over night. The guests may check into hotels in the town proper and just book transfers going to the resort.
Upon showing the tickets or the vouchers, guests will be issued with wrist bands that will also be used as a means of payment since the resort is into cashless transaction.

Cashless Transaction

Aqua Planet’s cashless transaction saved me from a lot of hassle. I did not have to be stressed about carrying my wallet and key (for the locker) everywhere since my RFID wrist band a.k.a. the ‘planet band‘ served me those purposes. I just reloaded more than enough of the amount that I needed to get me through the day in the resort and refunded before I left.

#Watermazing Slides and Attractions

Stuffed with some good nuggets and sundae from the food outlet, I stood before the world-class attractions of the resort feeling more than ready for the thrill. Though they seemed to be way too larger than life, quality and safety are guaranteed with their rules.
The staff are very strict about the number or riders, weight and height requirement in each attraction most especially the slides. They weigh the guests and count them before letting them try the attraction. They do this to ensure everyone’s safety. There are actually 38 attractions in there but the sought after by the adrenaline junkies like me are the following:
1. Spiral Slide
2. Aqua Loop (single-slide)
3. Tornado (quad-slide)
4. Sky Shuttle
5. Super Bowl
6. Hurricane
7. Octopus Racer
8. Bubble Base
9. Orc Lagoon
10. Mermaid’s Bay
11. Wave River
12. Flow Rider
13. Wave Pool
14. Boogie Bay
The Octopus Racers

The Aqua Loop and Tornado

The view of the Hurricane from the Wave pool and Orc Lagoon

Sky Shuttle (left) and the Super Bown (right). These rides require at least 4 guests.
The Hurricane

The slide of my life is just a few meters art the whammy mercury. in the touch. 

The Tornado
This slide made me hold my breath all throughout – no shouting nor screaming happened, just pure silence, prayers and nervousness

The Wave Pool. Fun is doubled on weekends at 2:00 to 4:00 PM as the management invite DJs to pump everyone up to the beat of their sound

As much as possible, the guests are not allowed to take anything with them (i.e. hand-held cameras and jewelries) during the slide to ensure safety. Further, not only the adults would enjoy the visit but also the kids as there are zones with pool and slides that they can best enjoy.

The god-awful weather that day paused the operations of all of the attractions every now and then. The rain would fall heavily then the sun would shine in all its might right after – as if no downpour happened. Guests were sent out of the attractions and will only be allowed to get in after the rain has subsided. It gets really crowded on weekends so longer queue to the slides should be expected. 
Regardless, we had a watermazing experience together. We hopped from an attraction to another countless times laughing out loud, pumped by adrenaline. What I also loved about it is that we didn’t have to carry the heavy floaters all the way up to the top of some slides. They have machines that will automatically carry those. Also there are slides which require at least four members. We were three that time so we had to look for someone (another guest) who would willingly join us. Lastly, since we also visited on a weekend, we were able to join the pool party held at the wavepool from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The management usually invites the local sought-after DJs in the region.

Cabana Rental

1. Beach Cabana
2. Bubblies Cabana
3. Palera Cabana
4. Island Cabana
5. Aircon Cabana
6. Familia Room
7. Nova Lounges
8. Galaxy Suite
We didn’t rent any cabanas during our stay as we’d rather leave our stuff in the locker and stay at the free tables and chairs during our rest time. Our stuff were safely kept in the lockers, anyway. Valuables aren’t to be worried about though when renting cabanas as each of it is also provided with a safety deposit box.

Where to Stay

Since Aqua Planet is only open up to 5:00 PM and does not offer any overnight accommodation, guests may opt to check in to the nearest hotel. The following are among the decent, cheapest and nearest in Aqua Planet:
1. Areiv Inn
2. Red Planet Hotel (Angeles City)
3. Clarkton Hotel
4. Palace Hotel
5. Oasis Hotel
6. Hotel Vanna
7. Valentino’s Hotel
8. Vera Hotel
9. Oasis Hotel
10. Jo Carter’s Hotel and Suites
You can actually check on the rates and room availability on Trip Advisor

Other Facilities and Amenities

1. Lockers. Guests can rent lockers for only Php 150.00 for the whole day. It can fit a medium-sized bag. The wrist bands themselves may also serve as the key to the lockers.
2. Bathrooms. There are several washrooms/ bathrooms and changing rooms around the resort that the guests are free to use. Towels and soaps, on the other hand, are not provided.
3. Gift Shop. Souvenirs, swim wears and other essentials like sunblock, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. can be bought at the gift shop. Just make sure that you have already reloaded your wrist bands.

Aqua Planet’s lockers

The Food Outlet

Tips and Reminders

1. There are ATMs around the resort (Maybank and BDO). There are kiosks near the food courts where you can reload your RFID wrist band. The remaining balance in the wrist bands can be refunded. 
2. Make sure that you’ll take care of the wrist band. The management will collect Php 300.00 for lost and damaged wrist bands.
3. The earlier, the better. Apart from being able to maximize your stay, the chance of waiting in line is lesser.
4. Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the resort. There are at least four to five big food outlets inside where snacks, drinks and rice meals can be bought. You can actually get a decent rice meal at Php 150.00.
5. Wearing of proper swimming attire is strictly required. Guests who are not wearing such are not allowed to use the slides and swimming facilities.
6. Guests should bear in mind that the resort implements single entry and exit. Re-entry is not allowed.
7. Whether you’ll use the facilities or not (i.e. will only accompany kids or other guests), the same entrance fee has to be paid.
8. Handheld cameras are not allowed in most of the slides. Taking pictures for commercial purposes are also not allowed.
9. There are tables and chairs with umbrellas around the resort that the guests can use for free.
Overall, my weekend was well-spent with all the water fun, twisted slides and top-of-my-lungs kind of scream out of joy and excitement. If you’re praying for the realest barkada outing, Aqua Planet is among the best places to be as it is just two hours drive away from Manila.

Contact Details

For inquiries and more information, you may reach them at:
Telephone: (045) 649 8500
Email address:

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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