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Where Nature Meets Adventure: Mountain Lake Resort, Cavinti, Laguna

Wide spaces and fresh air are always my greatest breather. My heart and my mind are in an instant state of relief and decongestion from all the worries and anxiety as the vastitude takes it away from me. There is this freeing feeling in my core; sensing a tinge of giddiness in my bones, allowing frivolity in my life, absorbing every element in my soul – as  I see the blue sky a canopy to a land covered in green that grows luxuriantly everywhere. I embrace everything in peace and silence – all these I felt the moment I set foot in Caliraya Spring Mountain Lake Resort.

About Mountain Lake Resort

Caliraya Spring Mountain Lake Resort is among the many resorts in Cavinti, Laguna that offers a great venue to unwind and be one with nature. Its 300-hectare vastness holds first-class facilities and amenities such as the Clubhouse, The Residence Hotel, the Marina where most of the fun and exciting things happen, La Cucina Restaurant, Caliraya Spring Golf Course and majestic lakes.

It has been first known as Caliraya Spring offering a good venue to play golf until the Mountain Lake Resort is introduced some five years ago.

We went there on a weekend but it seemed like we had the place to ourselves. Also, we didn’t dare miss their exciting activities!

The Mountain Lake Resort Boat House

Photo by Riza Acebuche of Rizanoia
We stayed in the Boat House – a true seat of calmness and serenity be it day or night. We arrived at 11 in the morning and checked in right away. We found ourselves in awe in a boat house afloat one of the many man-made lakes in the resort. There’s a short bridge that connects it to the land. It is but an air-conditioned lovely nipa hut with glass windows. A side of it facing the lake is a floor to ceiling glass door draped with curtains. Tucking it to its reveals a magnificent and the most calming view of the greens. Outside the glass doors is a balcony with chairs and tables. It is also quite a spot to catch some fresh cream dory (fishing is actually allowed in the lake).

The room is equipped with air-conditioner, fresh linens, towels, bed-side furniture, television with cable channels and a chest refrigerator. Its bathroom is separated. It is located a few meters from the other end of the foot bridge. The bathroom is a bamboo-enclosed, open-ceiling type with hot and cold shower, toilet and lavatory. If you usually get up at around midnight to use the toilet, you’d really have to take few steps out of your bed.

The rustic bathroom of the boat house
photo by Charmilyn Lucena of Travelust PH

Mountain Lake Resort Room Rates

Apart from the boat house, there are also other types of accommodation in the resort.

The Residence Hotel

The following rooms are located in the Clubhouse.
1. Standard Room – Php 2,640.00
2. Deluxe Room – Php 3,080.00
3. Superior Room – Php 3,740.00
4. Family Room 

The lovely Instagram-worthy common areas at the Residence Hotel
The lovely Instagram-worthy common areas at the Residence Hotel

The Boathouse – Php 4,180.00

Photo by Rizanoia

The Amihan Cottages

1. Amihan Small Cottage (good for 4 to 6 persons) – Php 3, 575.00
2. Amihan Big Cottage (good for 8 to 10 persons) – Php 5,390.00
3. Amihan VIP Cottage (good for 4 to 5 persons)  – Php 5,390.00

Glamping Tents

1. Glamping Tent (Twin Sharing)  – Php 1,870.00
2. Glamping Tent (Quad Sharing) – Php 3,080.00

What to Do in Mountain Lake Resort

1. Swimming – The guests can swim at the pool as early as 6:00 AM up to 10:00 PM. This is free of use to all of the guests who have checked in to any type of accommodation in the resort. Use of pool for those who are visiting for a day is at Php 300.00 per head.

2. Zip Line – One of the not-to-be-missed activities in the resort is zip lining. It lets you fly safely across the peaceful lake that is some 30 meters below you. Best time to do it is during the sunset as the sky gives a perfect backdrop to your flight. A ride costs Php 150.00.

The lake that you’ll fly across as you go through the zip line

3. Biking – Explore the vastness of the resort with a bicycle for only Php 250.00. You may also go around in tandem for only Php 350.00.

Photo by Rizanoia
4. Bubble Soccer – One of the most fun activities that we had in Mountain Lake Resort is the Bubble Soccer. It’s a duel between two teams whose members are inside a giant bubble. The team who pushes a member outside the ring gets a score! Rate starts at Php 250.00 for a pair playing in 30 minutes.
5. Horse Back riding – One of the fun way to go around is through Horse back riding in the morning. Guided horseback riding is at Php 350.00 for 30 minutes.
6. Kayaking – Fun and excitement are doubled at Mountain Lake Resort as they also offer water fun activities. One of which is Kayaking. You can paddle anywhere in the lake for an hour for only Php 350.00. A kayak can carry up to two persons.
7. Lake Cruising – If you wanna explore the lake without getting soaked in sun and waters, you may try the lake cruise. With a group of 8, you can already cruise around for 30 minutes for only Php 250.00 per person.

Photo by Rizanoia
8. Banana Boat – If you are into getting soaked and having fun in the waters, you may try the Banana Boat with your group. For only Php 1,500.00 a group of five can enjoy this activity for 15 minutes.

9. Swan Boat – Instead of just sitting and rowing, you can also try paddling around the lake with the Swan boat for only Php 350.00 an hour. This is already good for two persons.

Photo by Rizanoia
10. Jet Skiing  – Looking cool and fun as it has always been, Jet ski is also one of the fun water activities that you may try at the lake for Php 2,500.00 per person for 30 minutes.  
11. Fishing – Fishes caught are sold at Php 150.00 per kilogram. The activity costs Php 250.00 in which rental of the rod costs Php 300.00. Bait on the other hand is at Php 75.00.

Charmilyn Lucena of Travelust PH and Jenry of The Jerny Travels and Inspiration fishing at the Boat House
12. Duck Feeding –  Ducks swim and run freely around the resort. You can also mingle and feed them at Php 50.00 a cup.

13.Playing at the Obstacle Course – The place is an ideal destination for those who would like to go on a team building trip. Aside from the wide venue, they also offer several team building activities and facility such as the obstacle course. This will make you walk on ropes, hang like Tarzan, climb a pole, balance on a log, crawl on mud and more!

14. Astro Camping – We totally missed the loveliest constellations and milky way that night as the weather was extremely unpredictable. The sun was too bright at noon then the next thing we know, were running into shade to stay dry from a downpour. On nights with clear skies, guests can do astro camping in an area past the pool. There is a telescope as well that one may use for free. Best time to do this is from 2:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
15. Playing Golf – Golf equipment can be rented in the resort

Photo by Rizanoia
16. Camp fire/ Bonfire – Make some smores under the night sky, share some beer and exchange stories and laughter over the bonfire for only Php 800.00/ pit for three hours.
17. Kalesa – Experience how people go from a place to another during the old times with the resort’s Kalesa for only Php 80.00 per person for 30 minutes.
18. Fun Slides – There are three fun slides that you can try around the resort

19. Cross the Hanging Bridge – Crossing the bridge is necessary shall you want to try the activities on the other side of the lake such as the ‘Finding Nemo’ and Obstacle Course. The Amihan Cottages are also situated on the other side.

Riza Acebuche of Rizanoia braving the Hanging Bridge

How to Get There

by Private Car

Option A: EDSA to Cavinti, Laguna via Rizal

1. En route at EDSA Ortigas Avenue and take the Cainta Junction.
2. Head to Taytay via the junction.
3. Drive through the municipalities of Rizal.
4. Make a U-turn at Brgy. Bagong Silang.
5. Take this highway heading to Lumban. Look for Mountain Lake Resort.

Option B: Manila to Cavinti, Laguna via South Luzon Expressway

This trip takes more or less 2 – 3 hours from Manila. Be reminded that this route gets heavily jammed on weekends if you’ll be driving from Laguna to Manila. Suggested alternate routes may be taken.
1. Make your way to SLEX then take the Calamba Exit.
2.Upon reaching the intersection near SM Calamba, drive down right to the road heading to Los Banos, Pagsanjan, Bay, Pila, Sta Cruz.
3. Drive straight til  you reach the Sta. Cruz – Pagsanjan junction. At the junction, take the left leading to Lumban.
4. Take the right on the next junction and drive straight till you reach Caliraya Spring Mountain Lake Resort.

NOTE: You may use Google Map or Waze that may also lead you to your destination.

Commuting from the Metro to Mountain Lake Resort

From Cubao
1. Take a HM Transport or DLTB Co. bus from Cubao to Pagsawitan, Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The trip may take 2 to 3 hours.
2. At the drop off point in Pagsawitan, take a jeep or tricycle bound for Lumot.
3. Tell the driver to drop you off Mountain Lake Resort.
4. Take the resort’s shuttle at the gate to the lobby to check in.
From Buendia (Leveriza)
1. From Buendia (near Gil Puyat LRT Station), take a DLTB Co. or Green Star bus bound for Sta. Cruz.
2. At the drop off point in Pagsawitan, take a jeep or tricycle bound for Lumot.
3. Tell the driver to drop you off Mountain Lake Resort.
4. Take the resort’s shuttle at the gate to the lobby to check in.

Booking and Contact Information

For Inquiries and Reservation, you may reach them at:
Telephone: +632 7230781 local 120 & 121. Direct  02-257-2244
Fax: +632 7443875

You can via these contact details or you may also try to book via Metrodeal.

My Mountain Lake Resort Experience, in a nutshell

Photo by Rizanoia
I actually went to Mountain Lake Resort with my mom during Mothers’ Day. We both had a fun and relaxing weekend together. The activities are not just for the young and active ones but also for the aging yet rocking individuals. She enjoyed the lake cruise while I, the banana boat. We also enjoyed doing some activities together like kayaking, swan boating and swimming. When tired, we shared the lovely view of the wide golf course over good Filipino food on our plates. It’s indeed a good treat for my mom on a special day. We’d surely be back with the whole family! How about you? Would you also bring your friends and family here?

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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