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A Weekend at L & J Country Estate in Mendez, Cavite

I have always wanted to bring my family somewhere most especially my mom and my grandparents. I want them to relax and get a breath of fresh air some place else. Also, it is a way to give back to them for all the things that they have done for me. However, I could not take them far since my grandparents could not really travel far and long anymore as it may get them tiresome. Bearing that in mind, I searched for places near our home where they can relax at the same time enjoy. Since we are based in Tagaytay City, that’s when I thought of L & J Country Estate. I thought that the place is more than perfect for them. WellI was not wrong.

Our L & J Country Estate Experience

Photo captured by Ma’am Loida Diesta-Dimapilis
Since events are usually held in the place on Saturdays and Sundays, I decided that we check in on a Friday afternoon. We arrived at dusk at a view of a lovely sunset turning the skies into warm shades and the cold air brushing against our skin. We could only hear nothing but the crickets and some distant chatters from other guests. We settled at the rooms by the pool and filled our lungs in with the freshest air at the farm. It might be located in Mendez, Cavite but the air and the breeze is as cold and fresh as that of Tagaytay City’s. We were relieved in an instant from all the stress and anxiety from work. I was even more relieved upon seeing my mom and grandparents smiling and laughing – the most priceless thing I’ve ever seen.

Dinner at Café Julita
Their caferestaurant, Cafe Julita, is not yet fully operational; thus, the management only caters to guests’ dining reservations. This can be coordinated with them during your booking and reservations. We definitely had no regrets on choosing to dine with them since they serve organic food that I find perfect for my grandparents due to their diet restrictions. We had full board meals from them.

A Place to Unwind and Enjoy

L & J Country Estate is actually more of an events place. However, since they offer rooms, facilities and amenities and other activities as well, the owners decided to accommodate ‘staycationers’ especially on days when there are no events. I thought we would just stay in there to swim, eat and chill at the room but then, I was wrong! There’s indeed a lot of things to do that young and old alike would definitely enjoy. These activities make L & J Country Estate an ideal getaway for family near Tagaytay City.

Mommy and Ama chilling outside the room

Things to do in L & J Country Estate

1. Swimming. Get a refreshing dip at their pool that is 2 to 5 feet deep. Kids and adult could safely swim and enjoy. I love how they keep its waters clean and lukewarm. For guests on a day trip, swimming is possible shall there be no events on the day of their visit.

My grandparents enjoying the lukewarm waters of the pool
2. Riding the ATV. One of the most exciting activities we tried in there is riding the ATV! The space to drive around might be a little limited since they are still developing it but it was fun!

They got 3 ATVs available. Two adults and one for kids
3. Touring around the Organic Farm. L & J Country Estate highly promotes organic farming and its benefits. Actually, the whole place itself is an organic farm. It isn’t a plain farm with animals in cages or stables and beds of plants and crops or anything if that’s what you’re thinking. They fused with aesthetics making it look more like a garden. They also offer Organic Farming courses for those who are interested to learn more about this activity.

At the dragon fruit farm
4. Enjoying the organic food. One of my most favorite things about L & J Country Estate is their farm-to-table concept. They offer organic food straight from their farm. The good thing about it is that, the food presentation is remarkable and the taste is even more exceptional! I will never forget how my grandparents enjoyed the food free from any guilt.

An abundance of organic goodness on our plates for breakfast!
5. Fruit Picking. On our stay, we went picking dragon fruits as there are lots of them ready for harvest. There were also passion fruits and pomelo waiting to be picked.

Picking some dragon fruits at dusk with Ma’am Lani Diesta
Find the passion fruit!
6. For kidsPlaying at the kids area. They also have a play ground for small kids equipped with seesaws, Mary-go-round, swing, slides, monkey bars and kids’ rides.

An area for the kids!
7. Visiting the Aviary. They also have an aviary where different species of birds are taken care of.

Where the birds are!


The room for two by the pool

1. Day Tour

L & J Country Estate accommodates guests who would want to tour for a day. Guests can enjoy a tour around the farm, a sumptuous lunch and a dip at the pool shall there be no events. ATV ride has a separate fee. Among the amenities that guests on a day tour can enjoy are the swimming pool, organic farm, ATV trail, Kids’ playground, Aviary and the resting areas.

2. Overnight Accommodation

For overnight stays, there are rooms that could accommodate two to a group of fifteen people. Breakfast is included. Guests can enjoy all the amenities and facilities as these are included on the overnight rate except from the ATV ride. You may contact the management through the contact details posted below for the rates and arrangements.

How to Get There

L & J Country Estate is located at Brgy. Anuling, Mendez, Cavite a 15 to 20minute drive from Tagaytay City. Commuting is a little challenging though. Shall you decide to drive to the place, just check pin on the map above. For those who will be commuting, here are the directions:
Option A:
1. From Pasay or Buendia, take a bus bound for Nasugbu, Calatagan or Lian. Alight at Mendez Crossing (Tagaytay City).
2. From the crossing, take a jeep bound for Mendez. Get off at 711 Convenience Store. Look for the tricycle terminal. 
3. Take a tricycle to L & J Country Estate. If the driver is not familiar, you may tell him that it is located Timmy Cruz’s. You may also take a tricycle from Mendez Crossing near Ministop.
Option B:
1. Take a bus from Pasay bound for Mendez. Alight at Mendez.
2. take a tricycle to L & J Country Estate.

Contact Details

For more inquiries (especially rates), booking and reservation, you may reach them at: 
Mobile: +63 925 8515264
Mobile: +63 927 317 5530
Facebook: L & J Country Estate
There is no place like home, indeed. But home could be more fun and lovely at L & J Country Estate as it was literally a better place for us! Have you visited it, too? Tell us about it!

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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