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Art in Island’s Hiwaga ng Pilipinas: An Attraction Straight Out of Your Imagination

After they introduced the fascinating 3D + Media Art Show in 2017, Art in Island, the biggest 3D Art Museum in Asia, launched their newest attraction called Hiwaga ng Pilipinas yesterday, November 11, 2018.
Hiwaga brings the different treasures of the Philippines together through the black light art that will surely amaze young and old alike.

The Hiwaga ng Pilipinas Experience

At the entrance, I was stamped with an invisible mark that came with surprise as it lightened upon my entrance to a whole new magical world brought by the attraction. As I entered the dark room, I saw the beauty in black and was surprised by thousands of stunning lights and neon colors bursting out to life.
It is quite a magical way to experience art and the Philippines’ tourist attractions, the flora, fauna, landscapes and mythical creatures, for it tricks you in a way that it is as if you are part of it as well. It is more than just a visually appealing scene because it doesn’t just awaken your senses but it shows you something straight out of your imagination.

The Launching 

The event which was held at the Central Hall of the museum started with an invocation lead by Alay sa may Kapansanan Association, Inc. (also known as AKAI). It is followed by their marketing manager and CEO welcoming and inviting the guests to witness and experience Hiwaga ng Pilipinas as they offered free access to the attraction  for the visitors that day. After a short intermission of AKAI, the visitors were lead to the entrance of Hiwaga for the ribbon cutting participated by the CEO, directors and yours truly. 

Art in Island’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jae Kyoung Yun, giving his welcome remarks

The Marketing and Designs Team Manager, Ms. Niña Aliga, introducing the concept of Hiwaga ng Pilipinas to the audience

Alay sa may Kapansanan Association, Inc. (also known as AKAI) leading a heartfelt invocation
Hiwaga ng Pilipinas is found inside Art In Island 3D Interactive  Museum. The guests have the option to visit this solely or as an added attraction to the 3D Art Museum tour. If the guests would only visit the particuar attraction the following are the rates:
Adult – Php 500.00
Student/Senior/ PWD – Php 400.00
On the other hand, if the guest chose to avail the 3D Art Museum tour, an additional Php 200.00 can be paid instead to be able to experience Hiwaga.
To make the most out of Hiwaga Pilipinas, the following guidelines shall be observed:
-Spot the Philippine animals and guess the tourist attractions
-Take the photos from the suggested photo points
-Pose as if you’re in a fairy tale
-Turn off camera flash
For a more worth while Art in Island experience, watch the 3D + Media Art Show which is considered to be first in the Philippines. This showcases the stories in Bible’s Book of Genesis through an awe-striking projection mapped performances with lights and sounds which are carefully wrapped around Art in Island’s 30-feet tall panoramic 3D Pantings at the center hall. Show schedule are as follows:
To keep you posted with their new attractions, promos and for your inquiries, you may reach and follow them at:
Facebook: Art in Island
instagram: @artinisland
email address:


-Take the MRT and get off Cubao-Araneta station
-From there, you may walk for 10 to 15 minutes to Art in Island passing through Gateway Mall to Savemore. Turn right as you pass by Cubao expo’s corner. Few meters from your right turn is a small passage as a shortcut to Art in Island. You may also take a cab or Grab straight to Art in Island.


-Food and drinks are not allowed inside the museum. They have a cafeteria, though, near the exit.
-You may either roam around bare foot or with their foot socks. Don’t forget to wear your happy and fashionable socks then!

-Always check their Facebook page for announcements. They sometimes get a lot of visitors in a day for they also entertain school field trips.
-There are points where you can stand upon as you take the photo, these spots give you the best POV of the 3D paintings.

The Queen’s Escape Giveaway [ended]

Art in Island has hundreds of 3D paintings that will make you ‘part of the art’
The Queen’s Escape is giving away four tickets to Hiwaga Pilipinas and another four tickets to Art in Island 3D Itneractive Art Museum. To win, simply follow these steps:
1. Like Art in Island 3D Interactive Art Museum and The Queen’s Escape’s Facebook page.
2. Follow The Queen’s Escape (@annegumiran) on instagram.
3. Like and share this post with the hashtag #TheQueensescapexHiwagaPilipinas for the Hiwaga tickets and #TheQueensEscapexArtInIsland for the Art in Island 3D Interactive Art Museum tickets.
4. Tag someone whom you would like to bring with you to Art in Island on the comments section and tell why you two deserve to win the tickets.
Make sure that your posts are set into public and the hashtags are there. Only those who strictly followed the steps will be considered.
This giveaway runs from November 12, 2018 to December 3, 2018. The winner will be announced at the The Queen’s Escape’s Facebook page at December 3, 2018.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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