Ayutthaya, Thailand Travel Journal

                   I came to Thailand alone on May 11, 2016. The next morning, as I was checking on my things, I found out that my toiletries were incomplete. So I went out for a morning walk hit the nearest 711. It was 8 in the morning but it felt like it was 10 already so I ran. I found the nearest 711 some five blocks or six (irdk) away from the university hotel. The moment I stepped out of that door, I really don’t know which way to go anymore. See, I love going to places but I don’t have the sense of North East West South thingy. So, there, there. I got lost. To make the long story short, It took me an hour and a half before I could get back to the university hotel. With that, I realized that my wanderlusting soul isn’t fit for travelling alone so I’ll just wait for my super super friends.

  The next day, my super friends came. There were 11 of us. I was kinda bored because they weren’t making any move nor showing interest on going somewhere else. The conference was on May 13 and we got a day to explore. I really don’t like sitting in a room when I am somewhere else (#ADHDAlert) I really want to do something else. Flashback, the night before they came, I talked to the receptionist of the university hotel. I asked her about the places in Thailand that I have googled prior to my flight. That’s when I came up with an itinerary. At first, I put in the itinerary Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and Ayutthaya Province and  showed it to the receptionist. Thank God google translate existed we were able to understand each other. She told me it’s not possible to hit those destinations in one day because of the traffic. The three temples are in Bangkok and Ayutthaya is somewhere North. So, I decided that we’ll just go around Ayutthaya for a day. She helped me with  the arragement of the ride for us because the driver could not really speak in English. After that, we’re settled. I showed them the itinerary and they all agreed to it! I’m so ready for a tour! I MEAN WE.

          We left Thanyaburi at 9 in the morning and we arrived in Ayutthaya at 11am. Our first stop was Ayutthaya Floating Market because we wanted to had lunch first. When we went out of the van, I think the sun melted what’s left of my body fats. That’s when I told myself, “Hindi na akong magrereklamong mainit sa Pilipinas”. When we arrived, we took photos and settled for lunch. While we were eating, there was an ongoing play which showed the history of Thailand and how they fought colonizers. Here are some of the pictures that we took in Ayutthaya Floating Market.

  After we had our lunch, we went back to the van getting ourselves ready for the next stop: Wat YaiChai Mongkhon. Finally! A temple! I did some literal temple running right there. Again, the scorching heat did not stop us. The heat never bothered us, anyway. AURA! We broke into groups and decided to go back to the van at 2pm. Here are my pictures! ๐Ÿ˜€
There, there. The white reclining Buddha! Replica of the one found in Wat Pho

Yay! Signature pose right there!

Right after Wat Yaichai Mongkhon, we went to Wat Maha That. It was said to be something like Malacanang bombed during a war. What we found in there is a beautiful disaster. Everything is made up of bricks. There were also Buddhas around. It is the home as well of the replica of the reclining Buddha found in Wat Pho and the Buddha’s face found at the root of a tree. Here again, are the pictures!


            We were supposed to go to another temple but my squad was too tired and weary. It was 4pm when we left Wat Maha That and it was still hot. They said they couldn’t stand the scorching heat anymore and aircon is their only salvation. With that, we decided to go to Big C (mall) to have our dinner and retire. Overall, that day was superb! I retired with a spoiled wanderlust soul! AND I WAS NOT LOST HIHI :”>

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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