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Lakawon Island Resorts and Spa: Is it worthy the hype? A Review and Guide

Making its way on the travelers’ bucket lists, Lakawon island has effortlessly attracted everyone with its laid back ambiance, long stretch of cream sand, turquoise and clear waters and its iconic floating bar. This 16-hectare luxurious island resort is situated between the south of Panay Island and the north of Negros Occidental. Its jump off, Cadiz Viejo City, is a two-hour drive from Bacolod City – just in the perfect spot to take the tourists downtown to a quick tropical escape. 

Registration at the Main land (port) and Getting the Card for the Cashless Transaction at the Island

 I personally find this one fascinating as everything about traveling to Lakawon Island is centralized and organized. Take note that they are about cashless transaction in the island (not credit and debit cards). Thus you need to acquire the Lakawon Island card from the port that you’ll use  for this.
STEP 1: Get a call number. Wait for your turn to be called.
STEP 2: When called, register on their website. You’ll be assisted by their staff. You’d have to input your name and the rest whom you are with.
STEP 3: Wait for your turn to be called at the cashier.
STEP 4: At the cashier, you’ll have to claim and reload your card including the registration fee (350php) and a certain amount that you’d like to be reloaded and used in the island. If you won’t be able to spend everything, you can refund it AT THE ISLAND. They do not refund at the main land. Also, you can take home the card with you and use it the next time that  you’ll visit Lakawon Island. The card costs 20php.  
NB: You can also reload at the island. Just look for the offices near the gazebo and the restaurant.

Where to eat?

You can bring your own food from the main land but you’ll have to pay for the corkage fee at Php 50.00 per head. On the other hand, if you decided not to bring any, you can always eat at the restaurant or at Tawhaii Floating Bar. However, take note that Tawhaii Floating Bar only offers snacks (pica and sandwiches). Prices are somehow okay. Php 150-250 is the ideal range for budget meal per person. We ordered two bottles of soft drinks, nachos overload and clubhouse and we were charged around Php 440.00. If you’d compare it to the prices at cafes, they are somehow at the same range. 


The Umbrella huts at the beach front

Day Tour Information

Day Tour Fee – Php 350.00 (per person)
inclusive of Entrance fee, Terminal fee and two-way boat ride
*Entrance fee to Tawhaii Floating Bar is not included
Day Tour Accommodation
Umbrella Hut – Php 600.00 good for 6 persons only
Family Cottage – Php 1,200.00 good for 10 persons only
*additional Php 100.00 shall be paid for every extra person
Corkage charge Php 50.00 per person

Room rates for overnight stay

Rate (per night)
Room Type
No. of Pax
Room Feature
Php 8,950.00
Premiere Suite A
4 persons
 (Php 1,000.00 for additional pax)
Breakfast included, 1 King size bed, 1 Queen size bed, linens, terrace, cable TV, ref
Php 9,880.00
Premiere Suite B
5 persons
(Php 1,000.00 for additional pax)
Breakfast included , 1 Queen size bed, 3 single beds, linens, terrace, cable TV, ref
Php 11,850.00
Condo Suite
6 persons
 (Php 1,000.00 for additional pax)
Breakfast included , 1 King size bed in master’s bedroom, 3 single beds linens, terrace, cable TV, ref
Php 11,580.00
Barkada Suite
6 persons
 (Php 1,000.00 for additional pax)
Breakfast included , 1 Queen size bed, 2 single beds, linens, terrace, cable TV, ref
Php 4,500.00
Junior Suite
(Garden view)
2 persons
 (Php 750.00 for additional pax)
2 single beds, terrace, cable TV, ref
Php 5,500.00
Junior Suite
(Sea view)
2 persons
 (Php 750.00 for additional pax)
2 single beds, terrace, cable TV
Php 3,500
Pearl’s Place
4 persons
 (Php 500.00 for additional pax)
2 single beds with pull out, cable TV
Php 2,500
Bamboo Huts
4 persons
 (Php 300.00 for additional pax)
2 single beds and extra foam
Php 4,850.00
Pearl’s Place
8 persons
Air-conditioned room with 4 bunk beds


Kayak – Php 600.00 for an hour, good for 2 persons
Bandwagon – Php 2,100.00 for 15 minutes, good for 6 persons
Banana Boat – Php 2,000.00 for 15 minutes, good for 8 persons
Paddle Board – Php 500.00 for an hour, good for 1 person
Mermaid Tail – Php 350.00 for 30 minutes, good for 1 person
UFO – P2hp 2,100.00 for 15 minutes, good for 6 persons
Tawhaii Floating Bar – Php 285.00 per person, Unlimited access for the whole day

At Tawhai Floating Bar

Some of the most photographed spots in the island, under the bridge leading to Tawhai Floating Bar

Tawhai Floating Bar

Tawhai floating bar is dubbed as largest floating bar in Asia. Living up to what its name promises, “relaxed”, the bar can be best enjoyed by everyone who’s visiting the island to experience the ocean breeze and go basking in the sun in a luxurious way. The visitors can enjoy light snacks and some booze in here. Children who are twelve years old and below can also get in only if they have an accompanying adult. Jumping from the deck to the waters is also allowed given that waivers are signed. Apart from this, there are also floaters on one side where guests can also jump to, play and enjoy.

Bar’s Operating Hours:

Weekdays: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Weekends: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Getting To and Away

By Sea
From Manila
You can travel from Manila to Bacolod City by sea with 2Go Travel. Their Bacolod bound vessels cruise on a daily basis from and to Manila for 22 hours. Check their schedules and book here —-> 2Go Travel Schedule 

From Iloilo
From Iloilo city, take a fast craft to Bacolod City. There are no direct boats nor ships, big or small, from Iloilo to Lakawon or Cadiz. Thus, you still have to take a land trip from Bacolod to Cadiz, then boat from the main land to Lakawon. Fast crafts sail on a daily basis from 6:00am to 5:00pm still in consideration of the weather condition.

By Air
Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have several flights to and from Bacolod every day.

Upon your arrival to Silay Airport, follow these:

From Silay Airport
Hail for a cab. Head to Bacolod City’s Ceres North Bus Terminal.

From Bacolod
>From the North Bus Terminal, look for buses bound for Taboso, Escalante and Cadiz Viejo (departs regularly). If heading to Lakawon Island, best time to leave the city is from 6:00am to 1:00pm. Tell the driver that you will go to Lakawon and they’ll drop you off in a tricycle parking in Burgos Public Market. It will take you two hours to get there at Php105.00 fare.
>Take a tricycle that will take you to the port going to Lakawon Island. Fare is at Php 150.00 for a ride up to 6 persons.
>From the port, you still have to ride a boat for 15 minutes to the island.
Take note: boat schedule starts as early as 7:00am up to 5:00pm on good weather condition. Additional charges are incurred for special trips.

In going back to Bacolod, there are private vehicles hailed by other guests that will also offer to take you with them for Php 300.00. They can also send you directly to your accommodation in the city. Shall there be nothing like this upon your visit, you can just take a tricycle back to the parking where you were dropped off by the bus. 

Contact Information

For inquiries:

(island) +63 917 555 2625
(main land/ port) +63 927 699 8738
(Bacolod) mobile: +63 917 502 2625
(Bacolod) telephone: (043) 433-3960
(Bacolod) telephone: (043) 433-3259
Facebook: Lakawon Island Resorts @LakawonIsland

Sample Lakawon Island Day Tour Itinerary

06:00AM – Breakfast
07:00 AM – Cab from Bacolod to North Bus Terminal
07:20 AM – ETA, bus terminal/ Board to bus
07:30AM – ETD to Cadiz Viejo
09:30AM – ETA Burgos Public Market/ Take a tricycle to the port
09:45AM – ETA Port to Lakawon/ Registration, waiting for boat
10:00 AM – ETA Lakawon Island Resorts and Spa
10:00 AM onwards – Water activities, Picture taking, Beach bumming, Chilling at the Floating Bar
04:00 PM – Wash Up and Pack Up
05:00 PM – boat back to Port
05:15 PM  – ETA Main land Port/ tricycle to Burgos Market
05:30 PM – ETA Burgos Market, wait for Bus 
*Or, you may opt to share with the other guests who hailed a private ride back to Bacolod City.
07:30 PM or around 08:00 PM – ETA in Bacolod

These are among the instagram-worthy spots in the island

Sample Budget for a Lakawon Island Day Tour

Bus fare (Bacolod to Cadiz Viejo) – 105php
Tricycle fare – 150php/ 2 pax
Day Tour fee – 350php
Food – 300 php
Tawhai Floating Bar admission fee – 285php
Tricycle fare – 150php/2 pax
Bus fare (Cadiz Viejo at Bacolod) – 105php
TOTAL – Php 1,295.00 

Things that you should remember when traveling to Lakawon Island

>Bring reusable water bottle
>Use reef-friendly sun block lotion
>Always throw your trash in the bins around the beach
>Take nothing but pictures, Kill nothing but time
>Always keep an eye to your valuables, the management will never be liable for any loss
>Bring dry bags for your stuff
>Take note of the boat schedule
>Walk ins are entertained 

Is it Really Worth the Hype?

For me, it’s a YES. Definitely not a waste of money for the sake of experience. I personally love the ambiance and its laid back set up, from the bridge to the beach to the floating bar. Cleanliness and orderliness is well-maintained as there are trash bins around the beach and staff always roaming around checking the vicinity every now and then. Though the sand is not as bone-white as it is in the picture and not as  fine as Boracay’s, it still largely adds up to the tropical vibe the place gives. The shore and the turquoise waters are clean and clear. The staff are also welcoming and would accommodate the guests well.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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