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DIY Intramuros Tour with Bambike 2023

I have tried exploring Intramuros before through a DIY Walking Tour. I have always loved the feeling of walking down the streets of it: wondering how does it look like before or how does it feel like to be living during those times. It was fun and fulfilling as I truly learned a lot about the history of the Philippines. However, it was quite exhausting. When we came back, we decided to rent a Bambike – the greenest way to go on a DIY Intramuros tour!

About Bambike

Bambikes are handcrafted bicycles out of bamboo by Bambuilders, a group of skilled people from a Non-Government Organization called Gawad Kalinga. Bambike, at large, is a company that contributes to poverty alleviation at the same time promotes ecological sustainability. It has helped its beneficiaries through dedicating its proceeds to scholarships and regular feeding programs at the same time establish a bamboo nursery.
In our own little ways such as renting the bambikes, we are also contributing to their mission. Among the many bambike benefits is that you lessen your Carbon footprints for not resorting to take the tricycle to get from a point to another. Also, it is a way to show your support to an animal advocacy by not taking the horse-drawn carriage or kalesa. It may look fun and inviting but not until the horses collapse due to extreme weariness.

At Real St. – the home Bambike Ecotours in Intramuros

My Intramuros DIY with Bambike Experience

From the corner of Real St., we cycled and explored the walled city – in and out. We first visited the points of interest inside starting with Baluarte de San Diego. Then, we cycled our way out of Intramuros and stopped by Aquino Shrine and a spot facing National Museum of Fine Arts. When we came back inside, we biked and made stops for several minutes at Puerta del Parian, Plaza De Santo Tomas, Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, Palacio del Gobernador and San Agustin Church. The trip took us an hour and a half.
Cycling outside Intramuros!
Photo by Jameson Go
The National Museum of Fine Arts right there!
Photo by Jameson Go

Bambike Ecotours and Rental Rates

1. Bambike Ecotours

You may opt to explore the whole of Intramuros by yourselves with the Bambike or you may also join their guided Itnramuros tours with rates inclusive of the bike rental and entrance fees. The guided Intramuros tour on bike is done with five to fifteen guests. The following are the rates of their offered guided tours:
1. Intramuros Experience – Php 1,699.00 per head
A guided Intramuros tour including Fort Santiago for two and a half hours anytime from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
2. Express Tour – Php 999.00 per head
A guided Intramuros tour for one a half hours anytime from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
3. Sunset Tour – Php 1,799.00 per head
This two-hour special Intramuros tour is offered only in the afternoon (at 4:30 PM) as it will also take you to Manila Bay to watch the glorious sunset.
4. Cultural Experience
This guided Intramuros tour lasts for five hours as it includes two and a half-hour tour and two and a half hours for lunch/ dinner buffet and a live music performance.
Option A: at Php 2,699.00 per head – tour starts at 10:00 AM
Option B: Php 2,950.00 per head – tour starts at 4:30 PM with sunset watching in Manila Bay

2. Bambike Rental Rates

As aforementioned, you may also explore Intramuros by yourselves with the Bambike. The following are the rental rates:
1. Single Bikes
a. Regular – Php 100.00 per hour
b. Student – Php 50.00 per hour
2. Angkasan Bikes
a. Regular – Php 150.00 per hour
b. Student – Php 75.00 per hour

DIY Intramuros  Tour with Bambike Itinerary

10:00 AM – Rent the bike
10:15 AM –  Baluarte de San Diego
10:40 AM –  Puerta del Parian
10:50 AM –  Plaza De Santo Tomas
11:00 AM –  Fort Santiago
11:30 AM –  Manila Cathedral
11:40 AM –  Palacio del Gobernador
11:50 AM –  San Agustin Church
12:00 PM – Return the bike
Note that this suggested itinerary only allows you to stay in the interesting point for few minutes or in passing. Knowing more about the place especially San Agustin Church and Museum and Fort Santiago might take more or less an hour or two. You may also want to try biking outside the walls. Just be cautious and always stay at the Biking Lane.

DIY Intramuros Tour with Bambike Budget

Bike rental – Php 200.00
Baluarte de San Diego entrance fee – Php 75.00
Fort Santiago entrance fee – Php 75.00
Total – Php 350.00
Passing by Plaza de Santo Tomas
Photo by 
Jameson Go

Things to Remember when Exploring with the Bambike

1. Don’t forget to bring a valid ID. They will ask you to leave one upon rental.
2. You may leave your stuff at their place but make sure that you’ll take the valuables with you. The management will not be liable nor accountable for damaged or lost items.
3. The guided Intramuros tours are available from Mondays to Sundays from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
4. All the tours and bike rental is are subject for availability.
5. You are required to initially deposit an amount of Php 100.00 to account for the first hour of rental. Additional amount that will be incurred if you extend beyond an hour shall be paid upon your return.
6. Wear sunscreen, cap or hat especially when exploring late in the morning til noon.
7. Be mindful of the parking, pedestrians and vehicles when biking around. Rules are still rules.
8. You may also explore with the bike outside Intramuros. Just be careful and stay on the Biker’s lane.
9. Those who are 17 years old and below and planning to rent a bambike shall be cycling with an adult.

Contact Details

For more details, inquiries, booking and update, you may reach Bambike through the following:
Facebook: Bambike
Instagram: @bambike
Twitter: @bambike
Youtube: Bambike

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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