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Domelis Camping Site: A Haven for Campers in Cavinti, Laguna

Ever since traveling has been allowed in pandemic, camping has become among the travel enthusiasts’ top favorite outdoor activities. Not only that it has been in the list of top favorites but it’s also among the safest travel-related activities to try since camping sites are characterized by wide and open spaces. Further, it’s not only good for distancing from people to avoid contracting the virus but also a way to distance yourself from the stress brought by your hectic routine and schedule. Since I’ve also loved camping due to its positive impacts on me, we’d usually go trying and hopping from one campsite to another almost every week. One of which that we’ve added to our top favorites is Domelis Camping Site in Cavinti, Laguna.

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What to Expect in Domelis Camping Site

Domelis Camping Site's rafts
Domelis Camping Site’s rafts by Caliraya lake

Domelis Camping Site is a haven for campers and there are few things that you need to know prior to your visit. Primarily, there might be no electricity but the whole place is just refreshing as you are surrounded by tall trees and the Caliraya lake itself. If you want to do something more refreshing than just relaxing and lying around, under the trees, you could also go on a dip by the lake. There are toilets and bathrooms but be reminded that the water that they use in here comes from the lake, too. They also have a small convenience store but the goods are only limited to snacks and water. There are no nearby stores so you really need to bring everything that you’ll need on your trip.

It gets really muddy on wet season. It was pouring a few days before our visit but we still pushed through as we were really excited about it. We almost got stuck in the mud on our way. Most of the guests had a problem getting their cars out and driving through the muddy road, too. Gladly, their staff would really help in pushing. While we could visit the camping site all year round, the best and safest time to visit the place is during the dry season.

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Domelis Camping Site Rates

Entrance Fees

  • 7 years old and below (day trip) – Php 30.00
  • 7 years old and below (overnight) – Php 90.00
  • Adult (day trip) – Php 50.00
  • Adult (overnight) – Php 100.00

Take note that day trip time is from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and overnight is from 4:00 PM to 8:00 AM. We lost track of time since we really enjoyed our stay despite the weather. We left at around 2:00 PM the next day so we paid both a day trip and overnight fee per person. They are very much strict with the time.

Other rental rates and fees

  • Table – Php 150.00
  • Table (with tarpaulin roofing) – Php 200.00
  • Tent Pitching/ tent/ day – Php 50.00
  • Tent rental – Php 300.00 to Php 1,000.00 per day
  • Car camping – Php 200.00
  • Rafting – Php 200.00 for one and a half hour

If you intend to bring your private cars at the camping site, you’ll have to pay an amount of Php 150.00 at the entrance of the Subdivision, by the gate of Sierra Lake.

How to Get There

By Commute

  1. From Buendia or Cubao, take a Worthy LLI, HM, JAC Liner bus bound for Lucena or Sta. Cruz. Get off at Sta. Cruz. The trip would take three hours. Fare is at Php 160.00 per head.
  2. From the drop off point, take a jeep bound for Lumot. Alight at Sierra Lake.
  3. Domelis Camping Site management offers pick up by the gate of Sierra Lake for only Php 100.00 per way. Prior to your trip, make sure that you’ll inform the management that you’ll commute. They use motorcycle as a transportation service for guest pick up and drop off.
Aerial view of Domelis Camping Site
An aerial view of Domelis Camping Site
Photo by There Cee Goes

By Private Car/ Vehicle

  1. Make your way to South Luzon Expressway and take the Calamba Exit.
  2. Drive through the towns of Los Banos, Victoria, Pila, Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan. Then take the road to the left of Church of Pagsanjan.
  3. Continue driving through Lumban’s National Highway then turn right to Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti road.
  4. Take the Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road. You’re a few kilometers away from the left turn if you see the Japanese Garden. Turn left and enter Sierra Lake.
  5. Continue following the subdivision’s main road until you reach this road on the photo below. You’ll pass by a short bridge before you arrive at this one.

Tips and Reminders

Bring your own Cooking and Kitchenware

The camping site does not have any utensils and stove available for guests’ use or rent. Thus, it is a must that you bring cook set and eating utensils if you decide to stay for long and cook your own food, too. Also, their water at the camping site comes from the lake so it is not advisabke to use it for cooking and drinking. Their small convenience store sells gallons of drinking water, though.

Bring your power banks and flashlights

There’s no electricity at the camping site so you would really need to bring power banks for your gadgets and flashlights for use at night.

Bring Waterproof Tents

The management would inform and remind you that weather gets really unpredictable in their area. So, it is a must that you bring waterproof tents. There are no shade but the trees and tables with tarpaulin roofing so you would really need one especially if you are to stay for a night. You wouldn’t really want to get you and your stuff soaked, would you?

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Bring your Inflatables and Life Jackets if you want to swim with one

They do not have anything for rent at the site so if you want to swim with one, might as well bring your own.

Kids are allowed at Domelis Camping Site

During our visit, we took two kids with us: a three-year old and an eight-year old. The management allowed us to bring them as long as we observe the health and safety protocols.

They do not accept walk-ins especially on weekends

The camping site gets packed on weekends so the management decided not to accept walk-ins. To reserve, you just need to send a message to their official Facebook page and pay an amount of Php 300.00 for reservation. If not paid in three days, they will cancel the reservation that one made. The reservation fee is non-refundable but they would allow you to rebook just in case you inform them before your booked dates that you couldn’t make it.

Domelis Camping Site Contact Details

For inquiries, booking or reservation, you may reach them at the following:

Address:  Domelis, Camping Site, Talaongan East Cavinti, Laguna
Mobile: +63 938 642 5331
Facebook Page: Domelis Camping Site

The Verdict

Did we enjoy our stay at Domelis Camping Site despite the undesirable, everchanging weather? Of course, we did. We just thought that it could have been more fun if we visited on dry season but still, we made the most out of it! We cooked, ate by the lake, slept under the trees and stars, went kayaking and a lot more! We were only anxious about the cars getting stuck in the mud but the staff were just so nice to help us. They also sent us all the reminders including the things that we need to bring so we really came prepared. We don’t mind the long drive because it was worth it.

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