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Purple 7 Cafe: A BTS-themed Cafe in Quezon City

It’s been a year since we started fangirling over Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS. My friends and I have been crazy about them that when we heard about Purple 7 Cafe opening, we planned a date in there as soon as we have time to do so. After months of planning and waiting, we finally had a time just this July. Since we’re all coming from the south, we decided to make the most out of our trip to the Metro by visiting the BTS MOTS Pop Up Store in SM Megamall and this BTS-themed Cafe in Quezon City.

About Purple 7 Cafe

Purple 7 Cafe is a fan-owned BTS-themed Café located in Project 8, Quezon City. They opened last year, around the third quarter of 2020 and started only with the delivery due to the strict IATF guidelines. Then, at around December, they opened the Café for dine in.

The Cafe is open in most days of the week except Wednesdays. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, they are open from 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Every Friday to Sunday, on the other hand, they are open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You may visit on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday without reservation. Dine in services starts at 12:30 PM until 6:00 PM. They also have take-out and delivery services and there’s no need to reserve.

What to Expect in this BTS-Themed Cafe

BTS – their music, albums, posters, photos, merch. Everywhere. If you’re truly a fan of Bangtan, this will surely make your heart melt into two! There are huge FESTA 2020 Bangtan standees, BT21, a FESTA 2021 corner with signed albums, magazines, headshots and ARMY bombs – they’re literally everywhere even on the walls and ceiling and we’re not gonna complain about it! We absolutely loved it! There’s a corner by the entrance where both official and non-official BTS and BT21 merch for sale are on display. They may be limited, but seriously, at least we didn’t have to be hopeless about ordering them from WeVerse.

Their counter has Bangtan in Chibi, Tiny Tan figures and small acrylic standees. They also have a corner where you can print your photo from the store. We thought it was a photo booth, though. We were so ready to recreate the FESTA 2021 4Cuts photo booth poses. However, it’s a sort of phone-to-print kind where you have to upload the photo online for it to be printed on the spot.

Cafe Health and Safety Guidelines

Take note that only 18 to 65 years old are allowed to enter the cafe. The staff also reminded us that we are not allowed to take our masks off even when taking pictures except from when we are going to eat already. They also encourage the customers to observe social distancing.


Purple 7 Cafe does not accept walk-ins on weekends. You have to book first prior to your visit through this link. Check their page every now and then since they would announce when slots are full. There is a reservation fee of Php 500.00 per table of two. This reservation fee is consumable for food and drinks. A person can book up to 5 tables; hence 10 persons. Currently, they would only accommodate up to five tables. Guests can enjoy an hour of stay in the café. The management cancels the reservation if you fail to pay the fee in 24 hours. They also highly discourage changing of seats.

Prior to your visit, they would already ask for your orders. They will be sending the menu over through Messenger. If the Php 500.00 reservation fee is not enough, you may pay your balance at the Cafe during your visit.

Contact Details

For reservation and inquiries, you may reach them through the following:

Address:  88, 1106 Congressional Ave, Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Instagram: Purple7Cafeph
Facebook: Purple 7 Cafe
Twitter: @Purple7Cafe

If you are an ARMY, getting connected and following their social media accounts would be great! They post exciting promos and giveaways, too!


This BTS-themed Cafe offers Coffee and Milk-based Iced Drinks, Fruit Teas, Soda, Frappe, Cookies, Cakes in Jar/ tub or tin cans, Pasta and Garlic Buns. Price is pretty reasonable. We spent more or less Php 400.00 per head for a cake and coffee. We didn’t have to wait for our orders to be prepared as well since they have done it already.

The Verdict

We honestly enjoyed our visit in Purple 7 Cafe. The place itself and the staff are just amazing. One hour would never be enough given that we all came from the south, especially me who came all the way from Tagaytay City. The good thing about it: the place was not crowded and we almost had it to ourselves. We literally spent more time looking around, taking pictures, checking on the merch for sale than eating.

Their coffee and milk-based beverages and fruit teas are exceptional! I ordered a cup of Hazelnut latte and it was really good, I must say. My friends ordered Strawberry frappe, Strawberry milk-based and fruit tea and they said it was great, too. What we also loved about the store is that, each drink comes with a photo card! Also, I didn’t know that if we order beverages in bottles, it would be in a bottle with BTS Chibi doodle. Should’ve known about that. Their Banoffee Cake is a must-try! We had the blueberry cheesecake and red velvet and they were just okay.

We’re definitely going to visit again if we have time! Have you visited this Café already? Tell us about your experience!

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