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Enjoy the Greens or Travel Back in Time with El Jardin De Zaida, San Juan, Batangas

The province of Batangas is undeniably a home to a great deal of adventure be historical landmarks, the marvelous peaks or the fascinating marine conservation. Travelers are welcomed and offered with a variety of points of interests especially those with close encounter with the nature that will surely cater to different hobbyists and weekenders. These places can either be a budget-friendly destination or a luxurious one. Name it, Batangas has it.

Batangas is personally my number one go-to. I have occasionally traveled into some of its places but never have I yet gone to every interesting spots in all of its towns in almost three years of traveling. There really is quite a lot to see and experience in this province in South Luzon. Recently, I had an opportunity to come back and was able to ride a chopper from Manila to a newly opened luxury resort in San Juan, Batangas. It was yet another chance to discover one of its gems. Nearby that resort where we went lies a haven tucked in the luscious green that is indeed a seat of calmness and serenity not to mention that it lets you travel back in the old times.

About El Jardin de Zaida

El Jardin de Zaida is an 11-hectare farm resort that is a fusion of modern rustic and antiquarian style. Some of its villas resembles the interior of old Filipino houses – from its concept, to the material, pieces of wooden furniture adding up to the sepia shade. If you’re seeking for an accessible hideaway  from the everyday life’s routine, this is the perfect place for you. 

The Gazebo. This spot overlooks the man-made lake. It is perfect for small intimate gatherings

The lot area where El Jardin de Zaida is located was nothing but a mere farm tended as a home to various plant species before. The Magno Family then turned it into a farm resort and named it after Mrs. Zaida Magno. Gradually and with the efforts of Mr. Magno, the head of the family, the area was developed featuring fascinating architectural masterpieces, infinity pools, breathtaking and relaxing landscapes and more.

Apart from an escape to Metro’s bustle, El Jardin de Zaida is also an ideal place to hold small gatherings or big events whether it is a formal or an informal one. You can either spend time together rest assured the event’s solemnity or party and dine alfresco in its gardens. 

What does El Jardin de Zaida Offer?

1. The Swimming Pools

To be honest, it gets too hot in that area of Batangas that a good dip in El Jardin’s pools would be the best option we could ever have. This resort and events place has two pools which both have the clouds or stars as the canopy and are surrounded by verdant. 
The Grand Sunset Pool. An infinity pool nearby the restaurant facing the gorgeous sunset at dusk.
The Private pool

2. Casa Molave

Their Casa Molave is too posh and fancy that it looked like a part of an exhibit or a museum. Staying in here would also give you a feeling like you traveled back in time as the pieces of the furniture, both the exterior and interior design and its location itself complete the vibe. 

This villa will make you feel like you are time traveling
A two-storey antique-inspired house

I was extremely fascinated with the details of its interior – from the floors, ceilings, pieces of furniture and the intricacy of its designs. You could really see how it was painstakingly done. What I loved even more about the Casa Molave is its location. It is situated far from the other suites and common area. It promises the  most relaxing spot in El Jardin as it is also surrounded its own garden. Small gatherings can be held in its garden as it can hold up to 100 persons. 
Outside the bedroom of the villa 

3. The Luxurious Premium Suites and Deluxe

Aside from Casa Molave with an awe striking interior, El Jardin de Zaida also include a classy minimalist-styled one like that of the hotels. Albeit modern in style, a touch of local and traditional Filipino design can be seen in its details. 

If the Casa Molave amazed me with its vibe and details, the suites made me fall in love with its bathroom. Sky is the limit in the bathroom’s roof – yes, it’s open. The bath tub is just exactly below the open space. What’s more relaxing than getting a refreshing dip under the constellations above you?

4. Rodolfo’s -The Restaurant

Perfect for small group gathering, El Jardin’s 40-seater restaurant situated near the Grand Sunset Pool offers sumptuous local and international food. 

5. Bahay Kubo

The Bahay Kubo features an antiquarian interior with fascinating intricate designs in all of its pieces and fixtures. It is located at the Royal Garden Palm which is good for big events as it can hold up to 250 guests. The Bahay Kubo has two bed rooms.

Contact Details

El Jardin de Zaida is considered as the official events place of the Seashore Beach Club. Big and small gatherings such as reunions, weddings, birthdays and any types of occasion can be held in the place. For reservation or more inquiries about the venue, you may reach them through the following: 
San Juan Office:
+63 997 530 5203
+63 929 220 4821
Alabang Office:
+63 956 2384 632
+63 929 2204 783

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.


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