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La Union’s Tangadan Falls DIY Travel Guide 2024

In my most recent visit in La Union, I made sure that I’ll make the most out of this trip seeing to it that I’ll get to experience a piece of its well-traveled towns as I didn’t get a chance to do so before. I went on a gastronomic walk in San Juan, a cultural and historical trip in San Fernando and Luna, grape picking and tasting at Bauang and an exciting trek to the famed waterfalls in San Gabriel. Among these activities, the one that I enjoyed the most is the trip to Tangadan Falls. I’ve been to this province a couple of times but the weather or my time wouldn’t always allow me to. If you’re also looking forward to visiting this falls, too, here’s a comprehensive, updated DIY travel guide to Tangadan Falls to help you with!

About Tangadan Falls

Tangadan falls is tucked in Brgy. Amontoc at the craggy, quiet town of San Gabriel, La Union. It is more or less hour away from the busy surf town, San Juan, that the tourists would often flock. Tangadan is a two-tiered waterfalls with the second one being the highlight as it has a wider, higher cascade at 40-feet and even a wider catch basin. Tourists can enjoy swimming in the cool and refreshing 20-feet deep waters down the second waterfalls. The first waterfalls may be small with a narrow pocket pool-looking catch basin but it’s quite an uncrowded spot to get a peaceful dip.

How to Get There

From San Fernando

  1. Make your way to Tanqui Terminal.
  2. Take a jeep bound for San Gabriel or Bacnotan. Alight at San Gabriel Municipal Hall.
  3. Pay the environmental fee inside the municipal hall and sign the registration form and waiver.
  4. Get a tour guide outside the municipal hall and rent a habal-habal or jeep that will take you to Tangadan falls.
  5. Trek for about 15 to 20 minutes from the jump off.

From Urbiztondo/ San Juan

  1. Take a jeep across San Juan Municipal Hall, at People’s Park. The trip may take 30 minutes with the fare at Php 25.00. Tell the driver to drop you off San Gabriel Municipal Hall.
  2. Pay the environmental fee inside the municipal hall and sign the registration form and waiver.
  3. Get a tour guide outside the municipal hall and rent a habal-habal or jeep that will take you to Tangadan falls.
  4. Trek for about 15 to 20 minutes from the jump off.

You may also opt to rent a tricycle from San Juan to San Gabriel. A round trip may cost about Php 500.00 for 1 to 2 passengers. On the other hand, if you are bringing your own car, you may drive up to the parking area on convoy with a tour guide. Be reminded that the road may be paved but it’s steep and narrow.

For the adventurous ones: Another cheaper option yet the more adventurous one is taking the more or less than an hour of trek to the waterfalls. The longer trail offers quite an adventure as it involves a longer trek and some river crossing at the Baroro River. This does not require a rental of habal habal nor the jeepney and you may inform your tour guide beforehand regarding this option as the jump off is different.

Things to Do in Tangadan Falls

  • Swimming. Get a refreshing dip in its 20-feet catch basin down the lower cascade or at the less crowded one at the first one. For safety, you may also rent a life vest for only Php 60.00 right before you go down to the waterfalls.
  • Cliff jumping. Take a plunge from either a 10-feet and 30-feet high rock down to the cool waters of its catch basin! You
  • Picture taking. Don’t be shy and snap away! There are lots of picture-perfect spots in the area and you may want to ask your tour guide for that as they know it very well.

Sample Tangadan Falls Itinierary

5:30 AM – Depart from San Juan
6:00 AM – Arrival at San Gabriel Muncipal Hall/ Registration
6:15 AM – Depart for the Jump Off
7:00 AM – Arrival at the jump off/ Start trek
7:20 AM – Arrival at waterfalls/ swim/ take photos
9:00 AM – Start ascent to the parking
9:30 AM – Parking area/ drive back to San Gabriel town proper
10:00 AM – San Gabriel/ Brunch
11:30 AM – Back to San Juan

It is best to put Tangadan Falls on the second day of a weekend visit in La Union. We were back in San Juan just in time to check out. After packing up, we then proceeded to visiting other tourist hotspots in the province before heading back to Manila.

Sample Tangadan Falls Budget

Fare (from San Juan, v.v.) – Php 25.00 x2 = Php 50.00
Guide fee – Php 700.00/3 = Php 234.00
Environmental fee – Php 30.00
Parking fee – Php 20.00
Habal habal rental – Php 400.00
Total: Php 734.00 (estimated budget for a person in a group of 3 tourists visiting Tangadan falls)

Important fees as of March 2023

Guide fee – Php 700.00 good for 1 to 7 persons; additional Php 100.00 per head beyond 7 pax
Parking fee – Php 50.00 for vans/ cars; Php 20.00 for motorcycles
Habal rental – Php 400.00 per head/ back and forth
Jeep rental – Php 1,800.00 good for 15 persons (from San Gabriel Municipal Hall to Tangadan Falls jump off, v.v.)
Guide Convoy (for tourists with private cars only) – Php 300.00

What to Remember when Visiting Tangadan Falls

  1. Getting a tour guide is a must and mandatory. You may contact the DOT-accredited tour guide who went with us on our visit, Kuya Lester Estolas at +63 977 2716 559.
  2. For more updates about Tangadan Falls, you may follow San Gabriel La Union – Tourism Office on Facebook.
  3. It is best to go there early in the morning especially if you don’t want to get caught in a trek under the scorching heat of the sun at midday.
  4. Bring sunscreen and waterproof bag for your essentials.
  5. Bring sun protection essentials like hat, cap or umbrella especially when you are about to depart late from San Fernando or San Juan.
  6. There are life vests for rent at the area for only Php 60.00. It is not required, though.
  7. Bring something to nibble and drinking water preferably in a reusable bottle. The trek may be short but it can get really tiring especially on the way back. There are few stores along the way and at the falls that sell snacks.
  8. Bring enough cash.
  9. There’s no network signal at the falls. It’s good to be disconnecting once in a while!
  10. Wear comfortable footwear.
  11. Be responsible with your trash. If you happen to have some, make sure to take it back to the parking area or have it disposed at the bins on your way back.
  12. There are shower rooms near the falls for a fee. You may bring your toiletries.

Where to Stay in La Union

  1. Thunderbird Resort and Casino Poro Point – Check rates and availability here
  2. Shorebreak Hostel in San Juan La Union – Check rates and availability here
  3. 3BU Hostel San Juan La Union – Check rates and availability here
  4. Isla Bonita Beach Resort – Check rates and availability here
  5. The Escape San Juan – Check rates and availability here
  6. Surfer’s Point Deck – Check rates and availability here
  7. Ciabel Hotel and Fitness Center – Check rates and availability here
  8. Monaliza Surf Resort – Check rates and availability here
  9. Casa La Playa – Check rates and availability here
  10. G Hotel – Check rates and availability here

Tangadan Falls, In a Nutshell

Tangadan falls is indeed one of the spots that one shouldn’t miss in a trip to the province of La Union. It is one of the many tourist hotspots that we can all explore as non-surfers! Is this in your bucket list, too? Let us know!

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