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Naranjo Water Park: The Best Place to Enjoy and Explore Antique’s Bugang River

Shining out from being eclipsed by its nearby provinces namely Capiz, Iloilo and Aklan, Antique’s unspoilt beauty has been recently and gradually being brought into the limelight; patronized and shared by a lot of travelers through their visual stories and word of mouth.  
Antique is a province in the sixth region of the Philippines, geographically situated in Western Visayas. Well, there are basically a lot of stuff that you can do and places you can visit in Antique more than what you can imagine. But, stripping all the frequently tourist-populated ones and done in the list in this quiet and peaceful province of Panay Island gives us this – Bugang River. Dubbed as a ‘Hall of Famer’, this river which boasts clear waters surrounded by naturally thriving verdants and flora has been awarded as the cleanest river in the Philippines. It can actually be best enjoyed through visiting Naranjo Water Park – a resort located along the river.  The chill vibes it gives not to mention the customer service and the activities that will spoil every water sports enthusiasts are truly remarkable for these would really make you relax as the place don’t get too jam packed compared to the other points of interest in the province.


Kawa Bath – Good for 30 minutes only
2 persons : P300.00
4 persons : P400.00
Water zorb – P200.00 for a maximum of 15 minutes 
Trampoline – P50.00 for 20 minutes
P250.00 per hour
Half day (4 hours) : P500.00
Whole Day (8 hours) : P800.00
Stand up Paddle Board
P250.00 per hour
Half day (4 hours) : P500.00
Whole Day (8 hours) : P800.00
Pedal Boat
P350.00 per hour
River Cruise
Route: From the to Guia (Sto. Rosario bypass bridge and Bugang bridge)
Travel time: Approximately 45 minutes
Fare : P80.00 per head/ P800.00 per trip
Minimum passengers = 10  persons
Maximum passengers = 16 persons
Special Trip to be arranged
Other activities such as fishing can also be done. Fishing equipment are provided by the water park.
The raft used in the River Rafting water activity

 Keep rowing and you’ll see something interesting, they said. So we did!

Kayaking with 2GO Travel Trip of Your Life Winner, Van Tampoa.
Stand up paddle boarding (with style and arte lol)
You can actually go around with these stuff. In our case, we kept on paddling ’til we found a spot that is just so perfect and serene that we stayed there for like an hour. It was also during the golden hour when we got there making the lighting more perfect for pictures.
Here are among the photos that we took in the interesting spot that we found in Bugang River

You can never go wrong with Palm trees

Swinging, eh? Waters were actually too shallow at this time of the day. So someone had to get me back down

Rowing and paddling to this spot got us fascinated as we saw local kids swimming and playing around. They were all smiles at us and they even offered fruits as we passed by. On this very spot where I took a swing to the waters, there were also kids doing the same thing. They even let us try their playground. They are not the omly ones who got us amazed but the place itself. Every turn promises low lying nipa palms and mangroves that are just too pleasing to the eyes. The waters were too cold and refreshing too!

If you’re only spending a day on the place, you can just rent a picnic table or hut where you could leave your stuff. Should you choose to spend a night, they have rooms and tent accommodation for the guests. Food isn’t much of a problem for they can also cook for you. They are best known for their crocodile and ostrich meat dishes (but yea, I don’t really…I can’t even lol). If you want to take with you extra food they would allow you without requiring you to pay for some corkage fees.
Rates are as follow:
Picnic Table – P150.00
Picnic Hut – P300.00
Room accommodation – P1,200.00 for two persons (P150.00 top up per day for an additional pax)
Their rooms are very cozy. These are actually air-conditioned ones with two beds and mattresses and hot and cold shower. Moreover, there’s a veranda with tables, chairs and a hammock where you can chill at night.
 The arrays of their room accommodation

Inside the room

Their tent accommodation


There are no direct flights going to Antique. Instead, you may opt to fly to Kalibo, Caticlan or Roxas City, Iloilo then take a land trip from these points to the province. Aside from traveling by air, you can also travel by sea through 2Go Travel. You can sail from Batangas City Port to Caticlan then take a land trip to Antique.

From Kalibo

From Kalibo, hop into a Ceres Bus or jeep bound for Caticlan. Alight at Pandan Crossing. From the drop off point, charter for a  tricycle that will take you to Brgy. Sto. Rosario where Naranjo Water Park is located.

From Caticlan

From Caticlan, get into a Ceres bus bound for Iloilo or van going to San Jose de Buenavista. Antique).  Alight at Pandan. From the drop off point, charter for a  tricycle that will take you to Brgy. Sto. Rosario where Naranjo Water Park is located.

From Iloilo

Take a Ceres bus bound for Kalibo. Alight at Pandan bus terminal. From the drop off point, charter for a  tricycle that will take you to Brgy. Sto. Rosario where Naranjo Water Park is located.


For inquiries, booking and reservation:
Phone: (GLOBE)  +63 927 726 1394
Phone: (GLOBE) +63 945 306 7082
Apart from Bugang River and Naranjo Water Park, tourists also visit Malumpati Cold Spring  that is famous for the Water Tubing activity. Thinking of doing a Panay Island Backpacking? Read this: Three Days Panay Island Backpacking for a complete guide with itinerary and sample budget.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.


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