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Tanaw sa Anilao: A Native Filipino Beach House in Mabini, Batangas

I’ve always wanted to take my family into my “playground“. They have seen a lot of it on my photos, even heard from my stories but never have I had a chance to take them with me especially now during the pandemic. When we all got vaccinated, I had a little courage to take them with me. Part of me was still scared; so I looked for a private beach house where we could have the place all to ourselves. When we finally had a chance to go out again, we took that much needed getaway and stayed at Tanaw sa Anilao in Mabini, Batangas.

Arriving at Tanaw sa Anilao

Tanaw sa Anilao's main beach house
The Beach House

We came at around 4:00 in the afternoon, an hour past the check in time. From Tagaytay City, it took us more or less three hours due to some checkpoint shenanigans. Ate Mavic and Ate Joy, the staff-on-duty welcomed us with big smiles which turned all the exhaustions away in an instant. Further, we arrived at the view of the ocean and pastel skies as we settle at the receiving/ dining area. The distant sound of the ocean waves got us so excited after weeks of staying at home due to the travel restrictions. It was a refreshing view and feeling indeed.

Upon arrival, we stayed at the receiving area where the staff-on-duty took our temperature and guests’ details. Then, they showed us around the house. After a quick tour, we took a rest the dining area. Since we came late and we were too tired for a swim, we just enjoyed the sight of the beach and the sunset from there.

The Dining and Receiving Area

The part of the beach house that I love the most is their Dining and Receiving area. The food just tastes better with fresh air and a view. It offers an overlooking view of the rest of the resort and the coconut treetops by the beach. We could enjoy the sight of Maricaban island from there, too. A group of six could dine alfresco together in the table but there are other spaces to settle such as the dining table indoor and that of the receiving area’s.

Tanaw sa Anilao's Dining Area
The Dining Area

Since the dining and receiving areas are both open, we shared the space with the bugs and a few cats, too. As for the insects, they have installed a mosquito and bug zapper in these areas. The cats though were sweet and friendly! They just loved being petted.

The Kitchen

We basically got everything we need in the kitchen – a gas stove, refrigerator, rice cooker, drinking water dispenser, grill, water heater and cooking and eating utensils. They also have a shelf of snacks and liquor for sale. There are no nearby markets nor grocery stores; thus, it is a must that the guests bring everything that they need and want to eat. We have prepared our dinner at home and just brought it to the beach house. The next day, we just cooked and prepared our breakfast and lunch. We just stored the raw goods in the refrigerator.

The Kitchen and Indoor Dining Area
The Indoor Dining Area beside the kitchen

There’s also a bathroom at the ground level, in the kitchen. It also has a shower, toilet and bath tub.

The Rooms

The upper level of the house holds two fully air-conditioned connecting bedrooms with an ambient lighting from the elegant ceiling light fixture. The first room has two beds – a single and double deck one. The master’s bedroom, on the other hand, has a queen-sized bed. It’s amazing how their furniture, fixtures and all the added decorations made us feel like we’re going back in time. There’s a bathroom with hot and cold shower and bath tub with a view. We noticed though that the water coming out of the faucet is a bit salty.

Christian, my brother, mom and I stayed in this room. It could actually accommodate up to six persons, I guess since these were all double beds. It has a separate AC, too, and a stand fan.

Things to do in Tanaw sa Anilao


The resort has a two-seater Sit-on-top Kayak type available for guests’ rent and use. The management also provides two paddles and life vests for the users.

My brother enjoying the kayak

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If you’re up for a swim, you can walk to the rocky shore few blocks away from the beach house. There’s not much to see if you’re thinking of snorkeling. The area is surrounded by a sandy bottom though we saw few fishes in the area.

SCUBA Diving

Anilao, Mabini, Batangas is considered as the birth place of SCUBA diving in the Philippines. Hence, it is a must try to go on SCUBA diving when visiting the town. Though the beach is surrounded by a shallow sandy bottom, the wonder that lies farther and deeper would surprise you. If you decide to go on an underwater adventure, you may want to inform the management beforehand. They offer SCUBA diving for Php 4,500.00 per person inclusive of a dive master to guide you and gear rental already.

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Swing by the Beach

The management put up a swing by the beach that its guests can enjoy. It is the best spot to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. If you don’t feel like swimming at all, you can just sit by the swing and bathe into the refreshing ocean breeze and little splashes of saltwater on your feet.

Play some Board Games

Since we came late in the afternoon, we just stayed in and played some board games available at the beach house. There’s a chess board and sungka available in the room. Glad we had mom with us to teach us the rules of sungka.

Chill by the Cabanas

What we also loved about Tanaw sa Anilao is that the house and the beach aren’t the only areas to be. There are these cabanas perfect for siestas and morning meditation if you feel like it. There are two cabanas. Both have beds, fans, bedside table, a chair and a swing. The other one has a view of the ocean while the other tucks you in lush green.

Island Hopping

If the waves and the weather are friendly enough during your stay, you might want to go on an island hopping activity. Among the islands that you can visit are Sombrero, Portales and Sepoc Point. These islands and beaches offer a great place to snorkel or dive and a sandy beach.

How to Book Tanaw sa Anilao Bed and Breakfast

Tanaw sa Anilao Bed & Breakfast is listed on AirBnB. Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up (if you do not have an account yet) or log on to your AirBnB account and click the listing link.
  2. Click check availability to find the dates available for booking. Then, choose your desired dates indicating the number of guests as well.
  3. After clicking the Check In and Out dates, click reserve. Take note that AirBnB only accepts payment with credit and and debit card.
The view from the veranda of the beach house

Things to Remember Before staying at Tanaw sa Anilao

  1. Check in time at Tanaw sa Anilao is at 3:00 PM and Check out is 1:00 PM the next day.
  2. Bring food. There’s no market nor grocery store in the area.
  3. Bring insect repellent.
  4. If you decide to SCUBA dive, inform the management beforehand.
  5. Be in constant communication with the management. They will inform and update you with the travel restrictions (i.e. checkpoints) and requirements.
  6. The beach house may be private but the management would still encourage the guests to observe the health and safety protocol.
  7. They allowed us to bring our pets but informed us that they could only stay at the cabanas or at the receiving area (as much as possible tied and with diapers).
  8. Parking for guests is free. Up to three vehicles could park at the same time in their area.
  9. The town of Mabini requires the tourists to submit at least a three-day valid negative RT-PCR test result or a Barangay Health Certificate.
Seriously, even the bathrooms are pretty enough to take photos!

Contact Details

For updates and inquiries, you may follow and reach them through the following:
Mobile: +63 961 959 1282
Facebook page: Tanaw sa Anilao
Instagram: @tanawsaanilao

Tanaw sa Anilao: The Verdict

We honestly enjoyed our stay at Tanaw sa Anilao. The place was great and we all had it to ourselves. Their staff are really nice especially Ate Mavic and Ate Joy. They really made sure that they are just around whenever we need them. The owner is also responsive to our queries even before our stay. We’d surely be back.

Would you love to stay in this place, too? Tell us about it!

Let me take you into a virtual tour in Tanaw sa Anilao through my vlog!

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Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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