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Organico Gourmet: An All-Natural Dining Experience

In this convenience-driven world, people turn into everything that is instant – most especially in food; (1) because it’s cheap, (2) because it’s served literally in an instant. Despite the awareness of the destruction it may bring to one’s temple, people seemed not to bother. Simply being mindless and careless about the food intake has alarming effects such as obesity and in worst cases, illness and diseases leading to death. Do you mind about what you eat? Reflect.
Amidst the never ending establishment of convenience stores and fast foods in this fast-paced world, there still exist restaurants offering all-natural, farm-to-table dishes which are cooked to perfection making it worth the wait and every penny you’ll ever spend on. One of which is the Organico Gourmet.

Organico Gourmet is a local restaurant focusing on Filipino Cuisine giving the usual home-cooked meals a great twist. It primarily aims to promote healthy dining through offering nothing but organic food to its customers. Does it have preservatives? Absolutely none. How does it taste then? Fantastic! They spice up their dishes with nothing but natural seasoning and herbs. People have this notion that organic food taste nothing or horrible. Well, a taste of any from Organico Gourmet’s menu would make one completely debunk this myth as it will falsify the idea right there and then. Another notion people have on organic food is that cheap ones are hard to come by. This is nothing to contest about. But dwell on this, the ingredients to these products are painstakingly cultivated and raised. However, if people would only think of paying for quality food and products, price isn’t something to think about.
Chef Gloria de Vera, its founder, was in a search for a location where another branch can be established aside from the one in Mandaluyong City to further share its mission to more people. Fitting perfectly into La Bella’s mission and objectives, Organico Gourmet South branch opened in April 2018 at Tagaytay City. The place gives a relaxing ambiance perfect enough for the guests to enjoy an all-natural gastronomic adventure.
Among the must-try’s in the menu are the Grass-fed Bulalo Steak (the signature dish), Turmeric Chicken Tinola, Fried Cauli Florettes and Sardines Pasta. As for the desserts, you must not forget the Choco Kisses Cupcake, Beehive Cupcake and S’mores Cupcake.

Abundance on a table,  these dishes are among the best ones Organico Gourmet has to offer

The signature dish, Grass-fed Bulalo Steak. Cooked for eight hours, the tenderness and succulence of the beef and its impossibly perfect savor would surely make you come back for more!

 Sardines Pasta. Give up the usual carbonara, spaghetti and baked macaroni. Give your taste buds a whole new experience by trying this Sardines Pasta.

The ingredients to their dishes were imported from local and organic farms. In this matter, they are working hand in hand through their products.
They also sell these local products from partners

Organico Gourmet Tagaytay Branch is located inside La Bella Tagaytay.
From Cubao, take a bus bound for LRT Leveriza. Alight at LRT. From there, walk to DLTB Co. Bus Terminal. Get into a bus bound for Nasugbu/ Lian or Calatagan. Tell the driver to drop you of Radar itaas. You’ll see Antonio’s Cabana sign in there and a tricycle parking. Take a tricycle to La Bella Tagaytay.
From Pasay, you can take a bus bound for Mendez, Nasugbu or Calatagan. Should you catch a Nasugbu or Calatagan bound buses, follow the instructions aforementioned. If you’ll be taking a bus bound for Mendez, tell the driver to drop you off Mendez Crossing. From SM Savemore, take a jeep bound for Alfonso or Nasugbu/ Boundary. Get off Radar itaas (Antonio’s Cabana sign). Then, from the drop off point, take a tricycle going to La Bella Tagaytay.
Organico Gourmet is open for parties and catering services.  For more inquiries and reservation, you may reach them at:
Telephone: (02) 721 – 0692
Mobile: (+63) 917 379 0888
Facebook page: Organico Gourmet
Their main office is located at 916 Luna Mercia St., Corner Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.
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