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Dine Under the Stars in Tagaytay City by Taal Vista Hotel

There are two things about Tagaytay City that the tourists love the most: the view of Taal volcano and lake and the chilly weather. In the day, they would crowd those places by the ridge to get a good view of it. There really are lots of places to be and activities to do around in broad daylight as one enjoys that majestic view. At night, on the other hand, they would enjoy the cool breeze and the city lights from below. There’s not a lot to do but let time pass by in oblivion while exchanging stories and food in one’s favorite café or restaurant. Just recently, we found out a romantic way to make those cold evenings in the city less mundane. It’s the Taal Vista Hotel‘s Dine Under the Stars experience.

Dine Under the Stars Experience

The Ambience

It was a chilly evening in January when we walked to the Mid Garden for dinner. We paced to the only lit dome across the Botong tree with pretty dangling lanterns. They did well on the set up, I must say. The table looked elegant and the chairs were cozy and comfortable for a breezy dinner. We could only hear the wind softly blowing sending chill each time to our bones. We clearly underestimated the weather as we forgot to put on some extra layers. Gladly, the food provided us the warmth and comfort that we needed.

The Food

For starters, we had a plate of fresh salad and sour shrimps with a playful taste from the spices. The shrimps were fresh and juicy complemented by the crisp it comes with, the vinegar and the spices sprinkled on top. Then, they served us a warm mushroom soup with a whole new cloying taste. After stuffing us up with these, we had the mushroom risotto. I love how its tastes don’t jeopardize the other and how light they were; hence, more space for the main course.

My favorite part is when we were served with the lemon-basil sherbet. Our attendant told us that this would cleanse our palate and get us ready for the main course. It was sour, like a pure calamansi (Philippine lime) juice, but it’s oddly satisfying; thanks to the basil.

Dine Under the Stars' palate cleansing sherbet
The palate cleansing sherbet

Not long after we finished the sherbet, they served the dinner highlight: sibasi with mashed potato and olives, medium-rare NY strip steak with wedges and the chicken dish.

medium-rare NY strip steak
medium-rare NY strip steak

It was such a delight to our palate. Everything seemed juicy, tender as if they are melting in our mouths. It was an adventure of taste and texture from one kind of meat to another. The best thing about it? They were complementing each other.

We concluded the dinner with a triple mousse chocolate to satisfy our sweet tooth. It was quite a luscious and mouth watering dessert.

The Service

The service was exceptional, I must say. The staff who served us were really polite and they know very well what they are serving. Each time they come around, they would explain the food they lay on our table. They are readily available and attentive to our needs during the dinner.

Dine Under the Stars Rate

During non-peak season, you can enjoy a set meal, a bouquet of three long-stemmed roses, sparkling wine and a perfectly romantic set up for a fine dining al fresco style for only Php 8,800.00. During peak season, however, the rate is at Php 11,000.00 for a couple.

Inquiries and Reservation

Taal Vista Hotel’s Dine Under the Stars is available from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Take note that they do not accept walk ins for this experience. Thus, make sure that you inquire for available dates and reserve prior to your visit. To inquire and book, you may reach them at:

Telephone: (02) 7917 8225
Email: foodandbeverage@taalvistahotel.com

If you wish to add more on the set up or decoration, you just need to coordinate with the staff.

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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