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Throw away your doubts, wear that bikini!

When the warm days go in full swing, the ladies in bikini go sun-bathing and dancing at the beach. While a lot of women feel perfectly comfortable and confident with their beach bodies, some would rather hide in their closets as their self-esteem plummet at the sight of the flawless Victoria’s Secret angels-like figures everywhere – on social media, advertisements and at the beach per say. For some, the season is quite an onslaught because it constantly reminds them that they just can’t. In the past years, however, the beaches aren’t flocked only with the ideal ‘Coca-Cola’ bodies in that pretty little bikini but with a lot who also believed they can no matter what their sizes and shapes are. As a woman, it is among the most beautiful thing to see.

Now, if you are still one of those who haven’t stepped out of the closet, here are some tips on how you can boost your confidence enough to throw away your doubts about wearing that bikini at the beach!

Photo by Lauren Brown

How to be Comfortable in Wearing Bikini

Stay Body Positive

Wearing bikini isn’t only for those with the ideal vital statistics or the slim ones. Whatever size or shape you have, go for it! Screw the numbers that those scales and tape measures give you. These shouldn’t control you as this does not measure your worth as a person. Also, remember that even bikinis have various styles and sizes. Thus, it tells you that no matter what your size or shape is, you can always wear one. Be your own standards and don’t let the society’s conventional beauty and figure get you.

Photo by @scarrednotscared

It might also help you if you would follow the people on social media who are advocates of body positivity and take a break from those people around you who keep on making insensitive remarks about the ‘less-than-perfect beach body’.

Embrace your Flaws

Skin color. Dark areas. Scars. Stretch marks. Hip dips. Muffin tops. Cellulite. Flat bum or chest. Love handles or belly rolls. These physical flaws usually prevent the ladies from showing off some skin at the beach. Reality bites: People tend to be harsh on their selves by focusing and magnifying their own flaws. The thing is, right before others can actually see it, you have already fed yourselves with negative thoughts and judgments which eventually kill your hopes and the fun. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who wears her flaws confidently.

Photo by @therealsimonemarie

Surround yourself with Supportive People

Sure, the words of judgmental people may pierce right through you but remember that you also have the choice to not listen to them at the same time, you got friends! Focus instead on how your supportive friends hype you up and boost your esteem! Go to the beach with them and together, slay and bask in the sun in that swimsuit that you’ve always wanted to wear. Listen to no one but them and feed on their support.

Go for the Bikini that Make You Feel Fabulous

While you can basically wear any bikini, you may want to get that one that makes you feel fabulous the most. It may have something to do with the style, design, color, patterns, cuts or whatever that may suit your personality. Don’t be afraid to try it on. This will give you the feeling of which is the most perfect for you. You may also want to match it with some accessories and a wide-brim beach hat or a perfect rattan sun visor for more tropical chic vibe.

Get that Bikini Body, Now.

Let me tell you a secret. For you to be able to get that bikini body, you should do two things. First, get yourself that swimsuit that you’ve always wanted. Second, wear it. That’s it.

Parting Words

Screw the dark areas. I’m at a gorgeous beach in Siargao and I love wearing two-piece swimsuits! Waving goodbye to the insecurities!

You might say that all these things are easier said than done; that judgmental people will always have a say no matter how you worked so hard in building up your confidence and self-esteem. While this may be true, always remember that you are not doing it for them. Quit yearning for their validation and approval. Doing so is also like beating yourself up so hard. You can never change how someone thinks but you can always change your own perspectives.

Shine so bright instead under the sun that it outshines their toxic beauty and body standards. Also, start being kind to yourself. Speak more kind words and quit with the comparison. Most of all, acknowledge that everyone is different – every body has imperfections and it is beautiful in many different ways. You don’t have to fit into the society’s ideal beach body to be able to wear that size that you think the most people would only want to see. You are a work of art. You are beautiful no matter what your shape, size and color is.

You go, girl!

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

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