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Hello K-Kit: A New and Fun Way to Enjoy Korean Food at Home!

My love for Korean food and culture grew even more especially during the lock down as I spent too much time watching Korean dramas and fangirling over K-Pop idols that I even wanted to try their food, too! I have always loved Korean barbecue but I wanted a whole new authentic Korean gastronomic experience. That’s when I learned about Hello K-Kit!

About Hello K-Kit

Hello K-Kit is the Korean management of Art in Island Museum’s way of introducing the Korean food and culture to everyone in a fun and trendy way. It is actually a Korean meal kit, a cooking kit or recipe box, that contains fresh ingredients, delicious seasoning sauce and easy recipes. Truly, it is the best way to enjoy the authentic Korean food as we get it to cook and prepare them on our own, too, at the comfort of our own homes!

What’s Inside the K-Kit?

Here's generally what you can find inside a K-Kit!
Here’s generally what you can find inside a K-Kit!

The content of the K-kit depends on the Korean food that you’ll order. Generally, though, it contains fresh ingredients, seasonings and recipes. Further, they had the ingredients conveniently pre-packed in right amounts. Hence, you won’t worry that much about how will it taste in the end! Usually, a pack is good for 2 to 4 servings.

Inside the cooking kit for the Rose Tteokbokki
Inside the cooking kit for the Rose Tteokbokki

My Hello K-Kit Experience

I’ve always wanted to try cooking Korean food until I learned about this. However, their delivery isn’t available in my location so I had to ask someone from the metro to take it to Tagaytay City where I’m based. Luckily, my dive buddy, Christian of There Cee Goes, was in Quezon City and was south bound on a Wednesday.

We got two cooking kits: The Gochujang Samgyeop and the Rose tteokbokki. I was extremely fascinated by how everything in the box is conveniently packed. They have provided everything: from the oil to the garnish! All I needed was a pan, a spatula, a stove and my hungry tummy. The cooking took me around 15 to 20 minutes only.

Indeed, it was a fun and special way to experience Korean food since I learned how to cook one, too! The takeaway is that, I need not to worry about where to get the other ingredients that may not be available at hand such as the gochujang for the pork’s seasoning and the powder for my creamy tteokbokki. Also, I learn about what’s in my food since the ingredients were itemized, too!

The Taste

The food itself is appetizing but the taste was exceptional! It’s just like how it does in Korean restaurants except that I prepared it on my own. the samgyeopsal (pork belly) is just perfectly seasoned with the gochujang. The crisp and pungency of the fresh leek perfectly matches the saltiness and spicyness and the tenderness of the pork. I also love the spicy, creamy and chewy tteokbokki. The fish cakes and sausage adds a different yet perfect taste and texture to it.

The K-Kits (Menu)

Currently, you have twelve K-Kits to choose from! The following are the most favorite Korean that you can cook out of their available cooking kits.

Hello K-Kit Menu
Hello K-Kit Menu

Delivery Details

The management would only deliver K-Kits every Wednesdays and Saturdays. As of now, it is only available around the Metro. In this way, they can ensure the freshness of the ingredients even upon the customers’ receipt. To order, you may reach them through their Instagram and Facebook page:

Instagram: @hello.kkit (https://www.instagram.com/hello.kkit/)
Facebook: Hello, K-Kit (https://www.facebook.com/hello.kkit/)

Hey, Here’s a Friendly Reminder!

The K-kits and its ingredients are in a plastic packaging. Manage the waste well! The main container can be used as a nursery pot for plants. You may also decorate it and use it as a box to put different stuff into! As for the disposable packaging, you may put them into bottles; hence, make an eco brick! Let’s change our ways and together, lead a Zero-Waste lifestyle. It might be challenging in the beginning, but I promise you, it’s going to be worth it!

Watch my Hello, K-Kit Vlog on YouTube!

Watch my full K-Kit experience on my vlog! I tried Hello, K-Kit’s Gochujang Samgyeop and Rose Tteokbokki!

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