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Must Haves for your Outdoor Adventures

The outdoors holds a lot of adventures and possibilities that may be unknown to us. While it’s indeed a great provider of fascination, it may also surprise us with mishaps. Regardless, we may still turn it all around with good planning and of course, the right stuff in our bags. With that, here’s how you can travel smart through having these must haves for your outdoor adventures!

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The Must Haves for your Outdoor Adventures

First Aid Kit

No matter how careful we are during our trips, there would be these instances when we’d unfortunately get wounded or injured out of our excitement. A First aid kit and knowledge about first aid treatment, then, are of great significance in every outdoor adventure. First aid treatment, if done properly with the available and right equipment, could help prevent the severity of the injury. Hence, make sure that you include a first aid kit in your list of things to bring in your next outdoor adventure! At the very least, include first aid items that would be great in treating minor cuts and scrapes, aches and pains.

Dry bag

Exploring the outdoors also means facing its various elements. The weather could change in an instant. You could have not foreseen that you might cross a river in your trek. The waves during your sea travel could be wilder than usual. A smart traveler would have thought about it. Thus, he or she would keep a bag as well that would protect some important belongings that couldn’t be soaked and exposed to these elements. This is what makes a waterproof dry bag necessary.

Make sure though that the size of the dry bag that you’ll bring would be good enough to store all your valuable belongings that you’d take with you on your trip.

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Waterproof case for Phone

Admit it: we couldn’t just keep our phones off our hands during our trips as it serve us in so many ways. We take pictures with it; use it as a navigator; sometimes a flashlight or whatever purpose it may serve. Doing so, however, makes it prone to dust, dirt, sand and water exposure. To keep yourself off from pulling it in and out from your pocket or bag, a waterproof case for phone becomes necessary. Regardless of the element you are in, your phone will be protected from sand, dirt, dust or water splashes.


If you love to explore the outdoors day and night, a handy, durable and weather-proof flashlight is necessary. Having one would allow you to navigate in the dark especially if you do not have other source of light in your camping area. Also, this would help you check if there are impending dangers around the vicinty.

Dry-fast Microfiber towel

While towels are necessary for all types of outdoor activities, you often hate how bulky they are in your travel pack. Gladly, there are microfiber towels that you may switch into. More than just its space-saving and lightweight nature, the dry fast feature makes it less hassle for you to pack it in your bag even after few minutes of using it.

Apart from drying your skin, you may also use microfiber towels as another layer to protect you from the cold weather. Packing light, achieved!

Reusable Water Bottle

Bringing a reusable water bottle for your outdoor adventures is a must and smart in many ways as well. First, it’s sustainable as you need not to drink from single-use plastic water bottles. Second, you can save some bucks since you can just have it refilled from available drinking water sources instead of buying. Lastly, should you be on a long trail or stuck in a place with no water source, you at least have something to keep you hydrated.

Must Haves for your Outdoor Adventure: The Survival Kit

Tactics Water Gear's Survival Kit

I opted to grab these items included in Tactics Water Gear’s Survival Kit all at once. The best thing about it is that, these are all compact hence, space-saving. The more unfamiliar the paths of the outdoors that we venture ourselves into, the more exciting yet risky it is for us. Thus, investing on such items is worth it. These must haves are not just useful for all types of outdoor adventures but also in emergency situations everywhere.

How about you? Which of these must haves for your outdoor adventure do you already have? Let us know about it!

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